The day my life changed forever

Summary: A/N: This takes place after the first book. I know Myles and Beckett are there, but I like them, so […]

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A/N: This takes place after the first book. I know Myles and Beckett are there, but I like them, so they’re in my story.
When people told me, “You’re evil,” I always took that as a compliment. I never thought to consider the fact that being evil is not all how it’s cracked up to be. When you’re evil, you’re always on the run from someone, usually the police. When you’re a professional criminal, you are running away more infrequently, as you are almost never caught. Being bad is the thing I have wanted for years as I grew up. When I finally stole my first precious item, I was overjoyed. When I kidnapped Holly, I felt… different, odd. That didn’t feel right. So when I released Holly, I wished that we would one day reunite. I know it sounds touchy, coming from me, but it is the sincere truth.
The morning of the terrible accident was the same as they all were. I woke up and put on my suit. I went downstairs and ate some caviar. I was nearly run over twice by Myles and Beckett. Ah, tradition.
“Arty, there’s someone at the door,” Mother called. I opened the heavy wooden door. There was no one there. I turned away, only to find a slight pressure between my shoulder blades.
“Come quietly, Mud Boy, and you might just make it to see tomorrow,” I heard. Holly.
“I thought there was no resentment lingering between us, but I guess I was wrong.” I said without turning around.
“Heh! I’m not that sniveling pipsqueak Holly Short! I am General Liza Vaxweb! Fear me!” It appears I was wrong. This wasn’t Holly. It was…something else.
I noticed that the gun had stopped vibrating. So the faerie had unshielded. Good. I turned around. The creature behind me was not an elf. It was a goblin. Oh no…
I pressed the tracker watch Butler had given me. When I pressed it, it meant I needed his help. He could track it and get to me. I heard something pounding down the steps. Butler. Good.
The goblin laughed at my excitement, but abruptly stopped when she saw Butler. She shielded,and I frowned. I hadn’t thought of that. Butler came within one inch of me and stopped.
“Artemis?” He asked, looking around “Where are you?”
I realized that I was vibrating too. It seems that the goblin was shielding me as well as herself, so Butler could not see me. I now admit it. I am doomed.
General Vaxweb took me to her lair. It was simple, with a bed, a table, and a little cushion on the floor.
“That’s where you sleep,” she said, pointing to it. She climbed under the covers of the bed, and I tried to get comfortable on the cushion.
“I’ve always wanted a Mud Man as a pet,” she announced later in the night. I blanched. Her pet? Butler was not going to save me. I’d have to get out of this myself, if I could, and I think General Vaxweb is stronger than me. Much stronger. I’m never going to be free.
I waited until General Vaxwebvl was asleep.

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  1. Too short. Interesting. Wants update.


  2. Ooooh, alternate after-1st-book story! This is a good start. Good grammer and punctuation. Just one suggestion: putting tabs in at the beginning of new paragraphs would make this easier to read.
    Otherwise, great work! Very intriguing. Keep writing! Pleez!

  3. Not to sound stupid, but i *ahem* have no idea what a tab is. 😳 And I WILL update…soon…i think…

  4. It’s OK, I don’t know either.
    Very, very good. I love B + M too. UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!!!!

  5. Oh! Sorry. A tab is where the first line of a paragraph begins a bit ahead of the margin,
    like this, showing that a new paragraph has started. It makes things easier to read, like when a new character starts talking.
    Of course, this site doesn’t let you tab, so you have to do it using the spacebar. 😀 Really annoying, I know!

    *growls loudly* I’m so sorry for the double post, but my comment got messed up!! Sheesh, I can’t even tab here! Okay, just look in any old book, you’ll see what I mean.

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