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Summary: *slight spoilers for EC* Occurs after Eternity Code. In this story, The Opal Deception doesn’t happen. This is three years […]

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*slight spoilers for EC* Occurs after Eternity Code. In this story, The Opal Deception doesn’t happen. This is three years after EC.

The captains and three commanders of the LEP, along with Foaly, were gathered in the council chambers. A danger unlike any other faced the fairies, their worst fear. Human discovery. As they sat, the humans were gathering forces to wipe them out. They had to come up with a plan and fast.

Council Chambers, Haven (4:30 P.M., human time)
“We have no choice but to negotiate,” Captain Baum announced.
“We are not negotiating!” barked Commander Root.
“What else can we do, Commander.”
“We could always go to–” Holly inserted.
“We are not going to Fowl! Besides, he doesn’t even remember us.”
“We could give him reminders,” she offered.
“What reminders, we got rid of everything!” Holly looked down guiltily. “Captain, we did get rid of everything, right?”
“Yes, Commander we got rid of everything, but apparently he had some tricks up his sleeve.”
“Captain, what is this information that you seem to have that could restore Fowl’s memory?”
“I don’t have it, Mulch does.”
“The convict!” shouted Root. “He gave it to the convict?!”
“Yes. He trusted Mulch would find the appeal of working together irresistible, he was right.”
“Okay then, get Mulch and go to the surface to get Fowl. We don’t have much time.” Cahartez ordered.
Root started to argue but Holly was already up and headed to get Mulch. He glared at Cahartez for a moment then got up to follow.

Fowl Manor (7:30 P.M., human time)
Artemis Fowl II, now sixteen, was home from school for the holidays. After the memory wipe, he had, as the Psych Brotherhood had predicted, maintained his newly developed personality. He was still a criminal, but had the problem of a conscience. He mainly did forgeries and the like; anything else was geared toward giant corporations. But it had been a couple of years since he had been active in any criminal activity.
The fairy magic had brought out the kinder part of his father, and this, in turn, brought out a less criminally active Artemis. Artemis was sent to school like a normal boy and had become normal. At least, as normal as a sixteen year old genius with a criminal past can be.
He sat relaxed at his super computer. He was working on the information he had found while hacking a government computer. Apparently, they had found fairies living underground. He was quite a bit more interested in learning about them than attacking them as so many others were preparing to do. As he studied the small amount of information he had been able to find while confined to his home, he felt a small flicker of memory. He had grown used to this over the past three years, and it infuriated him that he could not recall the memories that had apparently disappeared.
His gaze had turned to a glare when Butler’s voice sounded through the walkie-talkie the bodyguard had asked him to carry. “Artemis, you’re parents are leaving. Do you want to come down and tell them good-bye?”
He sighed and picked up the device, “Yes, Butler. I’ll be down momentarily.” His parents were off to visit some family member, but he had opted not to go. He wanted to research the fairies.
He stood up and clipped the device to his belt. Sighing again, he left the office and headed downstairs.
When he reached the bottom, his parents were waiting by the door. “Are you sure you don’t want to come, Arty?” his mother asked.
“Yes, Mother. Good-bye, I hope you have a safe trip.”
His parents smiled. “Okay then, stay out of trouble.”
It was his turn to smile, “Of course, Father.”
His parents walked out and climbed into the Fowl Bentley. His mother waved as they pulled out of the driveway, he waved back. When they pulled out the gate, he closed the door and began walking toward the stairs. There was one problem, two people stood in his way.
Butler immediately sprung into action. He pulled out his Sig and jumped in front of Artemis. Three years ago this would have been a bit of a feat, but he had grown used to the breathing problems created by the Kevlar he did not know about and preformed this task with relative ease.
The people held up their hands. “It’s okay, Butler. We do not intend to hurt Artemis,” the girl informed him. Confusion crossed Butler’s face, ‘they know us?’
“It’s a long story, Butler.” The girl held up a small, round, golden thing. “The whole thing is on this disk.”
Artemis struggled to see around Butler. The two figures made a memory flicker, but, like most things that did, kept the memory just out of his reach. “It’s okay, Butler. If they wanted to hurt us, they already would have.” He stepped around the manservant and walked up to the two people. There was a man and a woman, neither were over three feet tall. Both had pointed ears and were dressed like officers. They wore name tags in a language he could not identify, but, like the people, trigger a flicker of memory. “Who are you and how do you know us?”
“I’m Holly Short,” the name rang a bell, “and all your questions will be answered if you watch what’s on this disk.”
Artemis took it from her and examined it, it was a laser disk. “Artemis, it could be a trick.”
“What trick would they be attempting to pull? What could possibly be on the disk that could be detrimental?”
“A virus.”
“Possibly, but I don’t think so. To be safe I will use the laptop the school gave me so it doesn’t erase anything important.”
Butler could not think of an argument for that, so he closed his mouth and examined the two strangers. They looked familiar, but he could not place them. He stayed downstairs with them as Artemis left to retrieve the laptop he had deemed useless when they gave it to him.
The girl shook her head, “A teenage Artemis, that must be a nightmare.” ‘The girl obviously knows him, but how? I do not know her and Artemis did not seem to either.’ It was only moments before Artemis returned. He walked to the drawing room and sat the computer on one of the tea tables. He started it up and put the disk in the drive.
The disk pulled up a huge amount of data. He started filtering through the information. The more he searched, the more memories came back. He could remember everything. A total recall. “Butler, look at this stuff,” he ordered. Butler cautiously obliged. It was not long before the manservant had experienced total recall as well.
Artemis sat back and let thoughts shove each other in his mind.
“We need your help, Mud Boy,” Commander Root’s voice interrupted his thoughts.
“Yes, it would seem so. Several of the world’s armed forces are preparing to attack Haven. I cannot see much of a solution. All I can think to do is show the world that you are not dangerous and negotiate terms for humans and fairies to live together.”
“That’s all you have? Negotiation! We could have thought of that on our own!” Root’s face was turning a reddish purple.
“Yes, I’m sure you could have. It’s too far out of hand to resolve any other way. And, with Butler and I, they could hear that you are not dangerous from humans it might seem a bit more believable. I just have one question.”
“Where is Mulch? I gave the disk to him, not you.”
“He’s being held until his trial is over, he’s too much a flight risk. So, how are we going to get a chance to negotiate with the Mud Men?”
“Simple, we request a conference to settle the matter peaceably. Bring a couple councilmen and maybe one or two more LEP officers and talk with all the people in charge. No mesmer, no magic, just conversation and negotiating.”


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  1. This your first?

    If it is, welcome.
    I’m new too, technically, but feeling old ‘cuz there’s so many other new people.

    Not many typos, that’s a good thing. I think you put it on Word and copy-pasted because the spacing is different. I like how you used an alternate ending to the series, but it’s really too short for a longer comment.


  2. Uh…WE, I don’t think that would be called short. It’s awesome anyway! Good job, newbie! I do suggest updating about…hmmm, let’s see….ASAP. I would like to see what happens next!
    And a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) update!!

    P.S- has anyone noticed that there is little new romance stories? 🙁

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