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Dead To Me.

Summary: Warning: Minerva. Artemis took a deep breath. He smoothed out the creases on his jacket and opened the door.  “What […]

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Warning: Minerva.

Artemis took a deep breath. He smoothed out the creases on his jacket and opened the door. 

“What do you want, Minerva?” his voice was cold. Heartless. Like what he used to be. 

She was looking out the open window, wearing a white dress, fluttering at the mercy of the cold night wind. The moonlight highlighted her pale features,  her blue eyes, they seemed so… Hollow. 

Artemis looked at her. She was a ghost. She was merely a ghost, he told himself. 

“You know what I want. Because you and I, we’re no different. You know how I work, how I think, and I you. ” she turned towards him. 

“You see, Minerva, that is exactly the problem. I’m tired of me. Let alone another replica of me. ” He turned away from her. ” Goodbye, Minerva. ” 

“You’ll regret ever having said that. Because when I’m gone, there’ll be no one who will ever truly understand you. ” She looked at the desk, a pistol… So, so tempting. 

He turns around, yet again, at the sound of a soft ‘click’. She held the gun to her head. ” Oh you’ll miss me when I’m gone. ” She smiles so wickedly, so sure that he would. Right?

His lips curled into a slight smile as he walked towards her. He grabbed her wrist as she gasped. 

“Pull it. ” He dared her to. 

“W-what?” She was lost, confused. And she was so sure… So… Sure. 

“You heard me. Pull. The. Trigger. ” His face inches apart from hers. If this was any other situation, she would’ve been thrilled. But she was terrified. Her heart pounded so hard, in a different manner of how it used to.

“I- I…” She staggered. 

“As expected of you. ” He smirked, yet again, and flung her to one side. 

She fell, as did her heart, and held onto the desk for dear life. She looked down, her wrist had a red band around it. Marks. He leaves so many. 

“Minerva,” He kneels down in front of her andlifts her face with his two fingers, forcing her to look at him. “Listen, you don’t need to kill yourself. Especially not to prove such an absurd point. ” 

He stands up and walks away. “Because no matter what, you’re already dead to me. ” 

She rests her head against the foot of the desk, staring at him. Walking away. Walking away. Walking… Away.

Dead… To you?        

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  1. shadowsnake451 May 28th, 2010 at 9:07 am 2

    Crikey! I was crying over Minerva! That’s a first!
    I adore this fic. Beautifully written, t was actually a genuine tear-jerker!
    999 stars

  2. Once again: Brilliant. Sea, you take my breath away. Your writing is simply beautiful, the imagery so reallistic. I can see it. I can see HER. Her horrid beauty in what she has become. I can feel her sorrow, regret, and pain. I can just see her laying there, shock evident upon her features as Artemis walked away.
    Perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Your pieces just… FLOW. Like a river of sapphires under an allabaster moon. Pure genius.


  3. Beckett Simpleton May 28th, 2010 at 8:22 pm 4

    one mistake i found. shelifts. You missed the space. The only other thing was that a speech mark was in the wrong place, but the site usually messes that up. But other than that F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S! Exelante! amazing. Stories when Artemis acts on such a manner are usually out of charicter. I don’t know how you did it but. It rocked. 5 stars!

  4. Wow. wOW. WoW. Just . . . WOW. You have furthered you esteemed amazingness tenfold, by this tenfold-worhty-amazingness. The grammar/spelling was fabulous, the storyline was heartbreakingly beautiful, and her portrayel was fair. I’m a bit fuzzy on location, but I absolutely love it!!!

  5. I love the warning XD

    That was great, man. I know it’s so unusual for you to write stuff I love 😉 but still. Excellent. These reviews from me, I fear, are beginning to grow redundant…

  6. Woah. that is deep, dude. Really, really amazing!! I love it!

  7. Ohansahyosheli May 29th, 2010 at 2:19 pm 8

    Lord. In. Heaven.
    That was the best, most well written, Minerva bashing fanfic EVA. I salute you.
    Meet my bunny. Her name is Annabeth.

    That was THE. BEST. MINERVA. BASHING story ever!!!!

    I LOVE IT!
    Sea ur writing is awesome.
    Haha, I nearly threw up in class, cant eat and want to sleep and yet u’ve just made my day by writting this.

    U are a genius Sea, the way you write leaves us all opened mouthed.

    Meet my hamster 0 0
    It’s a weird version of my actual Hammy Princess Bubbles (I DID NOT name her, my older sister *who by the way is 17…shame..I swear I’m the sane one* named her)

  9. Hermione Fowl May 29th, 2010 at 11:57 pm 10

    That’s really good!! =)=)=)=)
    Toushiro(spelt right?)When you get older you start losing your mind. Trust me.

  10. To late, I’ve laready lost it. Haven’t been able to find my mind for the last couple of years.

  11. My mind was never found.
    *mum’s mumbling*
    *sighs* you used to be such an adorable child when you were 5. When you turned 6, oh dear!
    *mumbling end*

    I laughed when I heard that. I went crazy after I turned 6!
    Thanks a lot guys. 🙂 Ohan, cool bunny, tell Elsa bout it, she’d be happy to know. 🙂
    @Hermione: yea true that! And thanks. 🙂
    @Hitsugayatoushiro: 😀 you’re too nice, I swear you’re too nice!
    @BST: you’re right… I’ll fix that in a bit. 🙂
    lep officer, ss451 & Ann: thanks. 🙂
    @CC: your comment alone just pwned my story! XD
    @ TWS: trust me, you’re awesomer. 🙂
    @AA: don’t worry, your comments always make me feel happy. 🙂 and yea, I actually kinda like my warning too! XP
    () ()
    ($.$) Bunny loves food more, actually. 🙂

  12. What do u mean I’m too nice?

    *Mum starts mumbling* You were so sweet and quiet wen u were 3, then u had to get ur tonsils out…shame *ends mumbling*

    I’m serious I was so quiet that I’d just sit there on the living room floor. Wen my mum took me and my lil sis shopping my lil sis would’d pile everything on the trolley, mum would ask me if I wanted anything and I’d just shake my head. Then I had my tonsils out…..turned into a maniac. Now my 22 yr old bro thinks I’m one of the those scary type people who are quiet but one day will crack and push som1 dwn the stairs.

    I am not nice. Believe me Sea, everyone else is nice. I’m just plain scary.

  13. Did I seriously not comment on this? I could’ve sworn I did… 😕

    Anyway, Sea, this was absolutely brilliant. The imagery, the way you described Minierva, the warning… XD It was sheer genius. Excellent job. 😉

    XD, remember Lola? Man, that feels like such a long time ago… 🙂

    -Star (I rated it 5 *s.)

  14. ow man, Minerva didnt shoot herself!!!

  15. I hope that one day, I will look upon this story and know that I have come almost kind of close to its quality.

  16. I just found this story, and it’s amazing. I feel so bad for Minerva…been a while since I’ve felt that…Excellent! Simply marvelous!

  17. Congradulations on making the top tens! *Lucifer Dance clap* Congradulations on pushing WE’s drabble off the list! This is possibe the best drabble ever. I can almost say I would rather read this stuff than manga but can’t quite pull it off because manga has pretty pictures! I love it but I still can’t see why everyone hates Minerva… I think I should hide from the serial killers for about a week now…*flees*

  18. The Ghost of Miss Muri November 27th, 2010 at 3:06 am 19

    *giggle* Nice warning.

    And, absolutely BRILLIANT story!! ‘Tis perfect in every way, (But, I challenge anyone to find a story of Sea’s that *isn’t* perfect) and Muirrin loves it and shall give it 5 stars when she logs in!

    (Hmm…I do wish there were a “Rainbow cake” button to push for exceptionally good stories…ah, well…)

    Rainbow cake, anyone?

    -Miss Mureeh, out!i

  19. *munches on rainbow cake*
    thanks Muri.

    it’s on the top tens? o.O

    *goes to check*

    owh.kay… it is on the top tens. I, for one, did not know that. xD

    I, personally, don’t like it. At least not as much. I think I could’ve done a better job. Hm. Maybe I will. You know, rewrite it and stuff. Hm. Just a thought.

    I’ve gotta edit it.. maybe delete this one… *mumbles*

    anyways, thanks, guys. :]


    Kays, I didn’t like the period in the title. Some punctuation was off, you forgot a space, and-

    -nitpicking scan, nitpicking scan- *clear*

    This scanner must be malfunctional. Sheez, that’s it! Really! All the concrit I have.

    Your sentence variation was perfect. It always grumpifys me how you can pull off short sentences and repitition like that. Change it all you want, Sea, but I don’t see why you need to! Want to.

    Yesh, congrats for TT. You pushed me off, but hey, you deserve it. It’s yours. -virtual handshake-

    And *gasp*- a bashing fic, with GOOD GRAMMAR!Usually bashers simply insult. This was just artwork.

    I can’t comment any more. I can’t describe this fanfic without feeling like an idiot.

  21. Pure slice of incredible-ness. That’s all I can say.

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