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Better Man.

Summary: “In order to live in this sad, sad world, the first and foremost skill you must have, is to learn, […]

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In order to live in this sad, sad world,

the first and foremost skill you must have,

is to learn,

to live a lie.”

“I’ve changed. I’ve changed, I swear to God.” He puts his hand on her shoulder, a desperate attempt to make her stay.

She turns around, pushing his hand off roughly. The anger in her eyes, it was terrifying. But, was it as terrifying as the person standing right in front of her?

“Changed?” She snorts. “Changed? You? How so?” She rolls her eyes.

“Don’t you see?” He holds onto her arms. “Don’t you see it?”

She pushes him away impatiently. “No, Artemis. No I don’t.” She shoots him her coldest glare, it still was no match for his.

“I’m trying, Holly,” His voice has a hint of desperation in it. “I’m trying so hard, you know how I don’t do any crime anymore, and you know,” He looks her in the eye. “You know how I’ve been donating to charity….right?”

She becomes furious, how could he? Did he think that if the media thought he was a good person, then he was? It was about his image. It was then, and it still is now.

“Oh, Artemis, oh I see.” She uses her index finger to poke his chest, gradually increasing in strength every time.” I see how you, don’t do anything big time, I know how those ‘charities’ are just you cover ups.” Her voice raises gradually, like how the Sun does, and it’s burning harder than Summer. She cringes in disgust at the sight of him.

“Holly… you’ve got it all….” He hesitates.

“Got it all what, Fowl? Got it all what? Wrong, is that so?” She glares daggers at the boy. He dare not breathe. “ I didn’t think so.” She walks away.

He runs forward and embraces her from the back. “No…No…don’t go…Stay…” He whispers. His breathe sending shivers down her back. A lump forms in her throat. No she won’t fall for it, not again. It’s for his sake. It’s for her sake. It’s for their sake. “I’m sorry…” She barely whispers it, before struggling free from his grasp.

He stands there, watching her go. Free of him. Is that what she wants? To be rid of him? Tears trailed down his face gently, like how her smooth, petite hand used to. He wipes them away with the back of his hand.

Lord I’m trying, all I can, to be a better man.


 Not my best. Definitely, well, I don’t really like it, to be honest, but ah well.

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  1. That’s soooooo sweet! =)=) 1st comment dance! =)

  2. It isn’t your best, but your writing is like pizza (if you’ve heard the expression). Even when it’s not at its best, it’s still pretty dang good. Coupla grammar mistakes, nothin too major… breathe should be breath, that’s the only one that really struck me, the others are very minor. Nicely done. Nice mood, good emotion… goodliness!! 😀 I liek it.

  3. Beckett Simpleton February 12th, 2010 at 7:19 pm 3

    mostly of what AA said. It was very emotinal. And, hay, it’s good enough for me to want to read it a couple o’ times.

    When I saw the title my jaw totally dropped. Coz there’s a song called Better Man that’s in my drafts for a songfic.

  4. Nice job, Sea. 😉 Minor mistakes, and not too many of them, either. 😀 I’d like an update, por favor. 😉

  5. True, there were one-or-two things, but otherwise faboo. I think it’s a bit cute how he tries to change for her. I have to agree, it’s “like pizza” (no, I’ve never heard the expression :/). It’s also pretty realistic (as much as this fandom can be).

    So yaaay for your pizza-esque fic. Not just any pizza; that kind where they put, like, ziti on it XD

  6. *grumpy* Thanks, TWS. Now I’m craving pizza. Ziti pizza. At 7:46 AM!!!!!

  7. Just a passing bookworm February 17th, 2010 at 4:36 pm 7

    Well done, ‘SeaBlue’ XD
    Yes, you know who this is. I just dropped by to say that I think this is good. One of the few angsty fics that I like. If we were on FF Net, I’d favorite it. ^^
    Anyway, I shall hide in the darkness, awaiting your reaction when you see this review. I’ll say it again: Great job.

  8. hi,
    best kinda pizza eva!!!!
    I want more… if u don’t mind

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