Beckett And Myles: Preview

Summary: A preview. That is all.

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   Existence. It has lasted longer than time itself, considering if nothing existed,time wouldn’t either. Elementary, really…

  Quantum lecture aside, existence has been around for quite a while. Any fool who would go on some deranged, destruction-of-existence mission would soon (or eventually) realize that one could not destroy existence, no matter who you were.

Nonetheless, it was attempted, and almost successful. But the plan was infinitly flawed . Destroying existence meant self-destruction, and was just plain stupid. (Quantum lecture is over. Honest.)

So I guess you could guess who was behind this.


Here’s a hint.

It happened approximately ten years after the Great Techno-Crash…


There were three figures in the room. One was a stocky individual, rhinoceros-like gray-armor plates with striking orange spirals, similar to that of a Catherine Wheel, on his arms, torso, and forehead.His eyes were also orange, which was almost a breath-taking feature, in contrast to his face.This creature, a demon, a demon-warlock,was known as No.1. A gentle yet powerful magician, No.1 was, as of this moment,conversing with the other two figures.

Explaining these two figure’s features individually would seem repetitive, considering the fact that these two figures were actually twins. Identical twins. The only variation between them was that one was blond, and the other had black hair.The blond’s physical definition looked, and was, slightly more athletic than the other, which was fine, because what the black-haired boy lacked in physical development, he made up for in intellect.

Mr. Blond and Brawn was known as Beckett Fowl.

Mr. Black-hair and Brains was called Myles Fowl.


” Are you certain this is necessary?” asked Myles.

“Of course it is. Otherwise I would never attempt to do this,” replied No.1.

“Let’s just get this over with, okay? Tick-tock goes the clock,” said Beckett.

His statement, although faint at heart, was true nevertheless.

“Alright. Ready?” asked No.1.

The silence was enough of an answer.

“Ooooh!” exclaimed Myles.” A luminous butterfly! You know you never see those underground…”

No.1 was surprised. Usually it was Beckett who said those kinds of things.But, No.1 was glad for the distraction.

If they don’t see it coming, he reasoned, it won’t hurt as bad.


No.1’s forehead spiral began to spin briefly, then blasted the twins with fully concentrated magic that would probably drain his magic tank for a while.

They shouldn’t feel a thing.

They did.


It was a difficult sensation to describe. There was obviously pain, but there was also this caffine/adrenaline feeling that reminded Beckett of his toddler days. But it seemed to Myles a  (As he later put it)  “euphoric-sugar-rush-of-insanity-powered-by-a-nuclear-explosion-on-steroids.”


It also seemed as if they were being taught something, as if they were being taught something. And even if their brains didn’t remember, the rest of their bodies would have. It went something like this:

The Lower Elements. Air, water, earth, fire, electricity, life, and death. A legendary power second to exsistence itself. It is rumored that this gift was given to earth by Danu himself. There is a signifigant cycle.

It starts with the first of the Lower Elements. Earth, combined with fire, creates friction between the shifting plates, in effect causing electrity. The lightning then moves upward, traveling to the surface, renting the air with thunder and burning anything it touches(Death).( Fire plays multiple roles in this cycle.) The fire then creates steam, forming clouds. The rain water then seeps through the earth, hydrating life. The moisture then causes the earth below to loosen, allowing it to move with friction. “Fire” below-ground also contributes to this phenomenon. The element of Life is created with electricity, water, earth, and air. The Death element is created when the Lower Elements are combined with semi-opposites, such as water and electricity, or fire and earth. Air maintains Life. Death maintains the cycle. The cycle creates Magic…

Curiously, they had memorized all of this, word for word.

Though Myles swore he could hear “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

And Beckett saw the entire Universe. All at once.


“So, are we alive?” asked No.1.

Myles opened his eyes.

“I think so…” he replied.

“Dude, I just saw the entire Universe flash before my eyes!” said Beckett.

“Well, if it worked, Happy Birthday….” started No.1. When there was no reply, he simply added:

” What are you guys, like, nine or something?”

This got their attention instantly.

” FOURTEEN,” they both snapped with simultaneous precision.

No.1 ignored this.

” So did it work?” he asked curiously.  Then, Beckett did his trademark interjection.

” Brilliant!”

Beckett’s hand was glowing with blue fire. It wasn’t the fire that amazed Myles, it was just that Beck had used a big word.

“Does it hurt?” asked No.1, concerned.

“Nope, but it’s awesome!” said Beckett.

Myles took the time to examine his own hand, and, not suprised, Myles saw white electricity jumping from digit-to-digit. He knew that Beckett would probably punch him in the gut if he made a lame comment, so he just said one word.

” Brilliant,” said Myles, as the tiny bolts moved across his hand.

***************************************************************************************  Author’s Note: Okay, since you people did NOT appreciate my purposely pointless poem, I shall not make anymore (Pointless ones). Anywhat, I just wrote a friggin’ romance story for a FanFic. So, if you will please excuse my slight blunder in writing… I shall get back to work so you people can read. Just wait until you read what Holly does to… I’ve said to much already. Enjoy!

                                                                                                         — O. Hood

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  1. Wow. I did enjoy this (although it may have been the music I chose to accompany my reading). It was long for a preview, but that’s not a bad thing. The characters were slightly OOC, but I trust you are willing to take my advice and fix it in later updates. The first page doesn’t define how a story is written. Overall, not bad.

  2. Just curious, What were you listening to?

    Hey Amy here, remember to put constuctive crit. in your future comments. Thanks! 🙂

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