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One Last Adventure

Summary:   If you ever asked a man what one of his greatest influences was, he would most likely say, “My […]

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  If you ever asked a man what one of his greatest influences was, he would most likely say, “My father!”. But what about young Artemis Fowl? His evil, cold, father, tying his family to the irish mafia, bringing great danger to his son, makes people wonder if part of Artemis was chosen by his father, and if the other part of his direction in life was simply just proving Holly Short wrong, romancing Holly Short, Or basically just doing somthing with her. But mostly, just proving her wrong.

  Funny I should mention Artemis Fowl, who was aside Holly as Butler prepared them dinner. She glanced at him.

“Artemis, Are you okay this evening?”

“Yes, I’m quite fine”

She studdied him closely

“Your nervous…” She looked closer at him “… About somthing”

“Why would I be nervous?”

“Your Artemis Fowl! mud boy, I can sense when somthing is about in your brain” She tapped delightfully on her pointed ear, as if to warn him. But very few things annoyed Artemis, Let alone an ear.

Butler walked over, holding two trays of all vegitarean food. Particularly, Holly’s favorite vegitarean food. It was strange to Holly, but then again, Artemis might have been making some attempt to be a proper host to those of the elfin sort.

“Thank you Butler…” Butler gently placed two plates in front of Holly and Artemis, including one for himself.

“Will you be jioning us tonight Butler?” Holly asked jokingly, pointing to the plate.

Butler nodded his head in agreement- “I must always be by Master Artemis during important discussions”

“Hilarious Butler… now, are you going to eat with us or not?” Holly asked, beaming.

“Holly… I’m serious”

She gulped. Oh gods… what was his plan this time? She could just imagine the possibilitys of what Artemis was going to ask of her:

“Holly, can you help me defeat elf tracking satelites on the moon?”


“Holly, can you help me dig to the center of the earth so I can get a rare type of metal to built a time machine?”


“Holly, can you express my hatred towards Minerva to her face for me?”

Actually, she liked that one.

Butler sat down , glancing over to Artemis as a que.

“Holly, as you may have noticed, my parents arn’t here this evening because they are at a five day convention in Milan to promote my fathers new energy efficient line of cars”


“You might have noted, I assume, that my father has came a long way from what he was to what he is today after that statement. But netherless, mistakes that we have made in the past will always somehow, in the slightest way, effect the way we act, feel, or impact in the future. This is the time Paradox, as we have learned this past year- think about it- if I had ceased to go back in time, would I ever have the subconcious drive to find you?”

Or if I hadn’t kissed you, then I wouldn’t be wanting to have dinner with you, Holly thought.

“But still, even though my father has made the world a better place, he was still always a criminal first. When I was born Holly, My father had just made a bargain with the irish mafiya. He was still unassure about whether or not to go through with the plan of porting the tax-free cola to the bay of Kola- so as a back up plan, if anything were ever to fall through, I would have to become a part of the irish mafiya. Even though my father didn’t, well, lets say turn out the way he planned about that decision, they started to look for me. But then, I started doing research. With mother isolated to her quarters, I was able to rome the house, reading all the mythology books and theory books I could get my hands on in fathers study. It was the last part of the house that reminded me of him- I stayed in there for hours, reading. After many books, and testing Charles Darwin’s theory of revolution, I concluded to hunt for your kind…”

The word hunt made Holly shutter.

“… By then, the house had sunken in debt. The mafiya would not take me if I was that needy for finaces. All I wanted was my father back, and for the mafiya to not be a path I didn’t even choose for myself”

For once, Holly saw somthing in Artemis expression. Pain. She was struck… Artemis? in pain by simply recalling a darker time in his life? he must have somthing important for her to accomplish.

“After your kidnapping and receiving the gold, I became quite rich yet again. Plus, mother was better, so she could help straigten things out. But somthing was still missing. My father. He was the whole reason our family was the way it was. I had to decide how to spend my money: For my father, or for the path father choosed for me. I decided over my father. And now, our family is better. We have Myles and Beckett as a family addition, increased stocks, and more money than ever thanks to my father helping the world in return for his wrongs”

“What is the point your trying to make Artemis?” Holly asked, glancing at him suspiciously. She had not a clue what this was leading too.

“Not all of my fathers wrongs are over… with more money than ever, the mafiya is in highest demand for me. They say my father still owes him”

“But… they said only for somthing to fall back on”

“But only for his plans to ship tax-free cola. Nothing else. Not for the intentions of if my fathers enviromentally friendly car sales dropped, or if suddenly the Fowl’s stocks dropped drastically. Only for the purpose of in case my fathers cola plan didn’t work out. Which it didn’t. So now, I have to settle with a path my father made for me… the irish mafiya”

“Artemis!” Holly said, concerned “This is the mafiya! what if this all has to start all over again because of this one decision?”

“I never said I was jioning it” He remarked casually “Actually, the exact opposite. I’m going to make a compromise that won’t even have me with the slightest ties to the mafiya”

“That’s even worse!” Holly exclaimed

Butler looked sternly directly into her eyes “Holly, Artemis will be fine. The worse that will happen is a few gunshots to his chest, but probably not when I’m around. He’ll be safe… you can even heal him when he returns”

“… when he returns? I won’t be even able to be with you! why did you even tell me? now I’m worried sick for no reason!”

“Why are you worried? You heard Butler. I’ll be fine”

“I’m worried beecause…”

I couldn’t stand losing you

“… it’s… it’s… it’s just not a safe thing to do! I’m not even sure anymore why I’m involved in this situation!”

Artemis chuckled delightfully, as if everything was nice and dandy.

“Because while me and Butler are gone, you’ll be watching the twins?”

She groaned. Who was she? a babysitter?

“Who can I thank for this honor?” She asked sarcastically

Artemis tapped his fingers in harmony, a matter-of-fact look on his face

“My father. And like many fathers, they lead you to things that you must handle in life in order to pull through”

“Many fathers?” Holly asked

Artemis glanced at her ” Correction. All fathers”

“I’m not totally agreeing with you Artemis”

He chuckled again. There must be some humor in this conversation that Holly just couldn’t pick up. Either that, or Artemis had a bad sense of humor.

“Think about it Holly. How has your father impacted your career?”

She didn’t wanna think about it.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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  1. Awesome! Yay, first comment dance! Great story! Update soon!

  2. Beckett Simpleton July 16th, 2010 at 4:17 pm 2

    I have bed concerntration today and gave up at the first long paragraph. Sorry, it’s Friday, I’m always like this ’till about eight o’clock. 🙂

  3. Ok. I have only now red the first chapter. I must say tht this is very interesting. If I don’t zoom out, then I shall keep reading!!

    A few things: A the end of some quotes, there didn’t seem to be punctuation. Also you wrote “jioning” instead of “joining.” Sorry about that. I nitpick. 🙂

  4. It’s great love it but you could use some puncuation help.

  5. Yes! Thank you for taking my advice! Now use it again and UPDATE! It is very very interesting. Keep up the good work.

  6. OK,take it yet it again and UPDATE! Lol

  7. And once again. Hehe. I love your stories. A few spelling mistakes but nothing to irritating, I love it. Update soon.

  8. I love this story! The twins sound so cute! please update soon!

  9. UPDATE!! Please….

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