Artemis Fowl’s reaction to popular fads

Summary: Artemis, on a bored day, decides to check out some popular fads in teenagers.

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This is my first AF related fanfiction. If I forget any detail, please explain since it’s been a while since I read the first few books to remember a couple of fundamental things.

Artemis Fowl Jr sat in his study, at the Fowl Manor. It was a Saturday, and once again Artemis had finished all of his homework assigned yesterday night and began to start to read another Stephen King novel, to only be completely bored. He was sitting in his own chair, behind his mahogany desk. The shelves were bulging of books, some on the ground, which he refused to clean up, since the twins were always in his study.

“Who is this Justin Bieber girls at my school keep talking about?”  Artemis thought to himself as he put the book away and turned to his personal computer, with his own operating system and browser installed. He went onto and typed in Justin Bieber, in which 262,000,000 results appeared. Artemis didn’t like using Wikipedia, but he clicked on Wikipedia’s article on Justin Bieber and began to skim through it.

“A Canadian singer with weird haircut? And why the heck is he popular with the ladies?” said Artemis to himself as he scrolled down and continued to read the article.

“His singing, to say the least, is mediocre. ” thought Artemis as he sighed, after seeing Baby and other songs by Justin Bieber on Youtube. He winced a couple of seconds after listening to the music, and he thought of the other users that wrote on the comment section below that said they had an eargasm in a negative way. He had to agree with them and decided he had enough with Justin Bieber.  Artemis closed off the tab of his custom made browser, and looked around his study, to see a familiar video game that was popular with school boys worldwide.

“Call of Duty…Modern Warfare 2.” Artemis read the video game box to himself, as he began surfing the internet, and on Youtube of video game clips of the popular video game.

“To say the least…the game is overlooked. I mean, all you do is kill people, just to gain ‘experince’ points so you can get better guns? It confuses me that boys my age LOVE this game.” Artemis scowled after finishing his sentence and neatly put back his copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on the shelves where he kept his collection of video games.

“Maybe one last fad before I get back onto my novel…” Artemis could not think of a popular fad, and decided to read the novel.

“That’s it! Vampires.” Artemis muttered to himself, after reading a couple of pages, and looked around his study for a familar book popular with teenager girls. He typed in Twilight on Google, 78,700,000 results appeared.

“Love story about a human girl that falls in love with a vampire…sounds cheesy. They even made a live action film on it, mainly filmed in Vancouver, a Canadian city.” said Artemis after he finished reading on Wikipedia and other books and articles related to the book.  He was bemused on how teenage girls and Minerva fell in love with the series.

“There’s nothing cute about it either…girls are very confusing.” Artemis sighed, as he turned off the computer monitor and glanced down back at his book.

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  1. LOL! It was so funny! I did not notice many mistakes, well I would not notice many mistakes since I am a newbie. Please call me goddess of the rabid jellybeans. Don’t ask. Goddess of the rabid jellybeans says peace out!

  2. Hey Jelly? Hi, yeah, I’m Fowlie, an Editor (I keep the place running smoothly for you guys!), welcome to the site. I’m going to ask you to review the rules and the help an how-to’s page, kay? Make sure that next time you comment, you include constructive criticism. 😀

    As for the fic, Immy… I feel that this isn’t written up to your true potential… honestly, I found it hard to read. I’d have liked a more in depth exploration of Arty’s thoughts… I just found this a bit boring, and kind of cliche, to be honest. You can do better than that. There were errors as well as awkwardly constructed sentences:

    “It was a Saturday, and once again Artemis had finished all of his homework assigned yesterday night and began to start to read another Stephen King novel, to only be completely bored.”

    Very… chunky? I dunno.

    4/5 stars. If you made this… funnier or added more detail, I’d like it… but honestly… *shakes head*

  3. FantasyDevourer October 17th, 2011 at 2:51 am 3

    Ditto on Fowlie. 🙂 (I can’t think of any more crit to say/post/comment!!)

    Hiya, I’m Fantasy. One of not many people who are still here from May. I am also the person who controls the phoenixes and dragons, and the one who gets irked from spelling problems.

    Honestly I doubt Arty would listen to Justin Bieber, even if it was to see how bad he sings. He’d listen to maybe 10 seconds, then switch it off and then angrily proclaim how annoying it was.

  4. Heya! I’m Fowlfan4ever but everyone here calls me Evie. You’ll see lots of my comment on here 5-6 times a day. Really!

    I personly LOVE it and I agree with Arty about Justin Bieber. *Shudders at the name* I’m not a grammar Nazi so I didn’t see any mistakes or anything. This is REALLY good for a newbie! My first story was well….. lets just say it was so bad that I deleted it. You could do a couple different things with this story if you want to continue it. I hope you will. 🙂 🙂 •_• •>•

  5. Yo, ’tis WE. I know you’ve seen me on the forum before, so hai!

    FS is right — the paragraphs seem choppy and the whole thing isn’t structured so well. Add more detail, or try to do it with dialogue — perhaps have him talk to another character? They could argue about the fads and whatnot. Best I can say is to lengthen it, I suppose.

  6. Fern Razorblade December 23rd, 2011 at 2:40 pm 6

    Heh, this Is how I feel about everything popular too!

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