Artemis Fowl Finds FG

Summary: Artemis sat at his desk checking his email. when suddenly he got an email about a site called Fan-gathering, he […]

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Artemis sat at his desk checking his email. when suddenly he got an email about a site called Fan-gathering, he decided to check it out. At the top of the screen it now said ‘Artemis Fowl FanGathering, where the fowl fans gather. Artemis was confused, he had a fan site? He decided to check out the forum thread, and saw 3 people on it (this part i dedicate to the 2 best friends Ive ever met on FG) there names were: Holly, Whosasking and Finn the portal master. Artemis almost chuckled at the name of the 3rd one. He typed in the name “Artemis Fowl” and said ‘Hello?’ Finn said ‘hello and welcome to artemis fowl Fangathering Fowl and my insaneness (starts laughing then turns maniacal). the one named holly said ‘hello new person!’ then the last one, Whosasking said ‘Hi! i like RPing you?’ Artemis decided to stay away from Finn as he had read one of his fan fictions, it was called ‘Artemis truth or dare fanfic’ (i think it was that *derp* i dont even remember) Artemis typed in ‘hi’ and wasnt confused why they didnt think artemis wasnt artemis. Finn said ‘*whispers to self* shutup mind, im not stupid. yes you are. no im not.’ Artemis then decided never to talk to him, he was mentally insane as it seemed. Holly then said ‘dont worry about him, hes just insane’ then Finn said ‘Thankyou!’ whosasking then said ‘sorry i poofed’ Artemis decided to get away from them. then he checked the fanart, threw up when he found the ones of him and Holly, the fairy one.

*meanwhile on the forum threads*

finn ‘Got his IP address! now i can use my insanely crazy mind to track artemis Fowl down’ Holly ‘…you took his ip?’ whosasking ‘awwwww i didnt get to talk to him… wait, you have his ip address?’ Finn ‘ya :twisted:’ Holly ‘*whispers to whosasking* i dont think he took his medication. Finn ‘How did you know i take medication’ whosasking ‘what?! we said nothing’ Finn ‘oh ok. yes! got it, now we just do this, and we have full color security of his house. Not a single place we cant see him. except for his bathroom, never going to moniter that’ Whosasking ‘let me see! *looks* Holy crap’ Holly ‘*facepalm* really guys?

*meanwhile at Fowl Manor*

Artemis looked up and saw a camera, he took it, instead of crushing it, he traced it. Apparently the Finn kid took his IP address and found his house. Artemis decided to do the same thing and put cameras in his house. he also decided to go to his house and punch him a few times, Artemis wasnt very strong, but neither was Finn, actually lower than him (true story, but sometimes i have strength bursts from nowhere)

*Finn’s house*

Artemis walked in and basically went to the first bedroom he found, and found Finn, on a computer, gun pointed toward the door, exactly where artemis was “how did you get permission for a gun?” Artemis asked “really? what have you done for the past 18 years and still doing it?” Finn said “you stole it?!” artemis said “no im going to give it back, its the houses gun anyway, i was testing your knowledge on lying.” Finn said and shot. Artemis fell like a rock… opened his eyes, and looked behind him, he shot minerva… “YES!!!! shes dead!!!” Finn said and danced around. “ummmmmmm why?” Artemis asked “So no one ships you two anymore, and shes annoying, but now you will have to marry holly HAHAHAHAHA, minerva/Artemis loses!!!” finn danced around “i knew you were insane” artemis said “yup” finn said, popping the ‘P’

i tried introducing myself as a bad guy, and it was pretty good to me.

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  1. imfowltothebone October 19th, 2012 at 3:58 am 1

    this is just something random i thought of in 5 seconds, hope you enjoy it!

  2. I just scanned over this and I wrote something similar to this, about Artemis finding FG… 😐 And he finds it in an email.

    Where did your inspiration come from? To make this.

  3. imfowltothebone October 20th, 2012 at 9:13 pm 3

    oh you did? ok i swear on my life and god i did not copy it from you, and i really dont get inspiration on some of my stories, it just pops up in my mind at some points, others are inspired by what im obsessed with at that moment. anyways, if you did almost the exact same thing do you want me to delete it?

    No, no, no! Don’t delete it, I was just wondering. 🙂 If I sounded mean. It’s just hard to type something when there’s a five year old singing the a Barbie version of Glad You Came. Dx Sorry is I sounded mean – or anything like that.

  4. imfowltothebone October 20th, 2012 at 11:04 pm 4

    oh no no no no no, you didn’t (man i love Firefox’s spell check) sound mean, i just thought you thought i might have plagiarized, and if you want a story that something actually inspired me for, look at my newest one, it has better grammar than any of my story’s too! :D. only because i only now started listening to con crits XD… wait there is a barbie version of that? *gets out flamethrower*

  5. It’s alright grammar but could be improved and the story line looks good. ^^

    By the way, you should have asked who and Holly before using them… just saying.

  6. You know me so well. But, you should have asked before using me. I would have said yes.

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