Artemis Fowl and the time paradox part two(part three)

Summary: ALERT MINOR TLG SPOILERS so my first fanfic shall continue with new characters from the past

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HAVEN CITY,TWELVE YEARS AGO                                                                                                            

  Artemis fowl woke up to find himself in what looked like Foaly’s lab but seemed much older. Of course,he thought.This is the past.  Two figures bent over him,peering curiously. ‘Is that thing actually a human?’said the figure who had only two legs. ‘It can’t be,captain.This is some teenage fairy faking it to look like a human,’replied the one with four legs.  ‘I doubt it,centaur.’ that was the two legged humanoid figure. It was obvious now that this was a female. The other,a centaur,snorted. ‘Wanna bet?’he murmured.                                                                                                                                                                  ‘That’s no fairy,you D’arvit.’   ‘Do you even know what that means,captain?’  ‘The humans would call it the worst word in the world,but honestly who cares?’     Artemis finally opened his eyes enough to see who these fairies were. A centaur and and elf. Foaly and Holly Short.  Holly was dressed from head to toe in full LEP battle gear. Surprisingly enough,her hair was not as usual short and messy but elbow-length and not all that spiky.And she obviously didn’t like it that way.  ‘I need to get rid of all this hair,’she grumbled. Foaly wasn’t surprised. ‘Get used to it,Holly.It’s bad enough you grumbling all day long,but-‘  ‘Shut up,Donkey boy.’  Artemis Ahemed .’Have you forgotten about me already?’ The two stopped arguing and glared at him. ‘No.But soon you’ll be hurt and your backside’s gonna ache when my nutrino-‘  Artemis sighed. ‘I’m doing this for your own sake,Holly.Be grateful.’   ‘I don’t even know you.And I don’t care what sort of  pacifist  you are,mud man,you’ve still got to explain yourself,get mind wiped and wake up in your bed above ground feeling squeamish and sick-‘                   Artemis groaned loudly.This Holly of the past seemed to be hard to get through.She wouldn’t even let him complete his sentences.  ‘Great,’he said .’just great.Number one,you’d better be ready to apologise when i get back.’

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  1. Hey Shaadia, Amy here. This comment is for the three parts in this fic.

    -Try putting them all in one whole story using the chapter. This is a little bit of spam for the site since each chapter is a bit short.

    “did you like it? who am i kidding,you obviously won’t. i have no experience in this stuff which is why there’s all these grammar mistakes and all that. apologies. will continue soon”

    -The comment you did made for part one is an Author’s Note. Please add it onto the story then delete the comment. If not, I will do it, if I feel I should.

    If you’re having trouble with making chapters, here is a link to the “How-Tos” for making chapters.


  2. put it all in one?actually that’s what i wantd to do but you must’ve already noticed this part1,2 and3 were written in the same day,but i kinda had to stop part one at home and do part two at my grandma’s place.please don’t kill me if you find me annoying.i’ll try when i have more time.

  3. Hi, there.
    I’ve read through this, and this has a lot of potential! 🙂
    First off; grammar. I know it’s difficult, but it’s a necessary evil. Here’s a hint: run this through Microsoft Word if you get a chance; not only does it correct spelling mistakes, but it can also do grammar checks! (At least mine does. I have noticed mine likes me more than others like their owners ;))
    The chapter thing. The stories can be written on site and usually are, so there isn’t really any reason you shouldn’t be able to work on a story on one computer and then finish it on another, unless your computer has gone all AI on you.
    May I suggest finding yourself a beta? Not only do they correct grammar and spelling, they give you an idea of the response a story will have and can help you figure things out while you get your bearings here.
    All in all, though, I liked the story. It was interesting and enjoyable. Keep writing! 😉

  4. Hi people.thanks for reviews. but im in a fix here and am asking for your help. alright,i’ve finished part four but now i can’t find the publish button! seriously,it’s just gone missing. help please

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