Artemis Fowl and the time paradox part two(part four)

Summary: CHAPTER ONE:D’ARVIT 12 YEARS AGO. ‘i’m not falling for that,mud boy,’said the Holly short of the past,once the situation was […]

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CHAPTER ONE:D’ARVIT 12 YEARS AGO. ‘i’m not falling for that,mud boy,’said the Holly short of the past,once the situation was explained. ‘because one,i don’t trust humans,and two,time travel is illegal anyway,so saying that isn’t helping.’  Foaly seemed more convinced of Artemis’s story than Holly was. ‘He’s doing this to save you,captain. I think we should trust him a bit more than this. Well, I mean,he is a human,but it all makes perfect sense.’  Holly snorted. ‘Like it’s even possible to escape the time field. like it’s possible for a mud man to discover the people. like it’s possible to steal magic. Are you serious, Fowl?’  Artemis’s reply was a “yes”.

  ‘Come on, Holly,let’s give this human a chance.’

‘Foaly,for the last time,he’s a D’Arvitting  liar!’

‘Holly, this is serious.’

‘No,it’s *bad word*not!’

‘It’s about your own d’arvitting sake,captain!’

‘You actually belive all that junk?!’

Artemis grimaced. ‘You’ve changed a lot during the past twelve years.Gosh *bad word* !Why aren’t you listening to me,Holly?’

‘Because.You.Are.A.D’arvittin’ human!!’


‘I already told you. Now get outta my sight before I vaporise that smug look off your D’arvitting mud man face!!’

Artemis moaned. ‘For the last time,Holly, I don’t D’arvit!’ (Artemis had no idea what D’arvit actually meant but it was definetly something unpleasant)

i’m going to take Falcon and Amy’s advise now and try to add a d’arvitting chapter!


      Alright,authors note time. Upto this point i didn’t mention what the ‘cure’ was.So, I’m gonna mention it when the time comes. You are allowed to think that I’m a bit whacko-yeah right,a bit-and hate me!(do not exceed a limit,though. i generally hate people who hate me.)Also thank you everyone who commented on part 1 and 3.

 ‘Really, human.I’m not going to believe a thing you say.Especially if that twin of yours says something.’

Artemis caught the last bit. ‘Who?’

Holly pushed open a door that seemed to be seperating Foaly’s lab with another room. behind the door stood a person Artemis recognized very well.


Orion had a in your face,Arty grin. ‘Yes, it is I, Artemis.Orion Fowl.’

Artemis sighed. ‘I would have been more impressed if you had said, ‘it is i, Artemis Fowl, Orion’ Obviously because you are a loser and we all know it.’

Orion wasn’t the least bit discouraged by being called a “loser’. ‘Really,Artemis. I am doing this to annoy you. And to save Holly. And to have a look at the past. And to-‘

Artemis groaned so loud it sounded like the motor of a truck. ‘Get out of here,Orion. Stay out of that body that looks like mine.And you aren’t helping to save anyone, you’re just getting in my way.’

Alright everyone, thanks for reading.Thanks to Falcon and Amy about the chapter advice. I’ll try to update. Right now my brother is asking for the laptop. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CRITICIZE!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi people and guess what,the chapters didn’t work. d’arvit,gimme a break. i can blame myself,though,it’s harder than anything to follow instructions! anyway falcon thanks for the email. i have no idea how to add chapters yet. sorry everyone,if you actually care bout all that.

  2. Hi I’m new here but when I signed up I spent a little while figuring things out. There is a button on the tool bar that adds chapters. If you can’t find it there’s a help box.

    Shaadia: yeah…but it’s not that easy. i was using a touch screen divice to do most of this,which is probably why it didn’t work…but you know silvergoddess(i like that name) if you didn’t like this story,just say so, ‘K? i don’t mind,i’m actually looking forward to some criticizm(are my spellings right?) leave some suggestions, and PLEASE HELP me with a better title.

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