Artemis Fowl and the Neon Crystal (PART 3)

Summary: Author’s note: this time I promise I’ll reveal what the neon crystal is. Enjoy! OPS BOOTH,HAVEN CITY ‘Where’s Holly?’ asked […]

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Author’s note: this time I promise I’ll reveal what the neon crystal is. Enjoy!


‘Where’s Holly?’ asked Foaly.

‘I don’t know,’admitted Artemis,a line he rarely used. ‘As soon as we got down the shuttle she ran off somewhere telling us not to talk about it.’

Foaly hmmed. ‘Something to do with the neon crystal,I guess.’  Artemis groaned. ‘Nobody told me yet what the neon crystal even is!’

Foaly shook his head. ‘No can do,Artemis. This is our problem,we have to solve it.’

‘You have to tell me,centaur. If you don’t I shall hack into your network and find out myself.’

Foaly gave up. ‘Alright, alright! Just don’t hack,ok? You can be so annoying…’

Artemis grinned, satisfied.

Foaly cleared his throat and reluctantly began the story.

‘Alright,Fowl,Butler,Beckett,Myles:  (Grr,there’s so many people here…) Anyways, D’Arvit,since you’re forcing me to do this…

The neon crystal saga started soon after the battle of taillte. The people weren’t forgotten by the humans yet,there were still a few above ground who remembered the existence of fairies,and you know the whole part about the berseker gate and blah blah blah. So,basically,one such group of humans wandered the planet looking for magic. I know, humans are so stupid…(*Artemis cleared his throat*) Well,most humans are so stupid,they thought they could actually FIND magic. Call them what you want,but in the end,they did find the most powerful weapon that ever was to exist; a crystal that glowed bright violet,capable of granting any desire of whoever possesed it.

The humans formed a military organization in order to wipe out every other being on the planet. With the crystal’s power,this was possible. Our race was nearly destroyed,but one of the LEP’s most respected majors at the time, an elf by the name of Neon Short,saved his people by getting to the crystal before humanity could,and since he could not undo the wish the humans had already made-the neon crystal should only benefit themselves- he wished that the neon crystal’s power should be trapped within his own soul,which wasn’t exactly a benefit. So,the humans didn’t get what they wanted,and for half a century it was peace.

Though,however, on his deathbed, Neon Short realized that the power of the crystal within him could not die,so he passed it on to his son. This went on until today. And…’

Foaly’s speech had ended with a whimper rather than a bang. He looked at the humans’ reactions.

Artemis broke the silence. ‘So the current fairy who holds the neon crystal’s power is…’

There was a silent voice from behind.

‘I know,’said Holly,quietly. ‘Me.’


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  1. Yay! I know what the neon crystal is know! Thank you! 🙂 Hey I’m the first to comment. Awesome! Great story so far. When is part four coming on? Hmp. I’ve got to now what happens next! I need an update. So UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH! 🙂

  2. WHOA. Mind fudge. This is really creative! I like how you had the power passed from fairy to fairy. Some of the proper names need to be capitalized, like Taillite, for example. Oh yea. Touchscreen. But still, I like this story!

    Separate question: why do you make new posts instead of adding chapters? The code for it is: all you do is add it at the bottom.

    Of if you already knew that… I’m still curious

    Sorry for spamming, add to my other comment if you want to.
    @CaptainS#10: UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH is Hermione Fowl’s thing. Unless you are Hermione Fowl and just created another… I’ll shut up now ;P

    Shaadia: you two are really supportive! thanks!
    actually i posted part 4 a few minutes ago. i guess you already saw that.:D

    Shaadia, please do not approve and unapproved comments, that’s an Editor’s job.

  3. Okay. I have no idea what is going on here, but this story seems really good.

    Thanks, I guess….-shaadia

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