Artemis Fowl and The Final Battle (Last 8 Chapters)

Summary: Koboi Labs: Haven City                  Artemis was making the best of a very dangerous situation. True, he hadn’t expected the […]

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Koboi Labs: Haven City
                 Artemis was making the best of a very dangerous situation. True, he hadn’t expected the second Koboi to tranquilize him, but they failed to notice that both of his eyes were blue from the LEP contact lenses. The coloration difference had caused a fault in the link system, keeping Artemis from relaying a direct feed from his lenses, but he could still send messages, view in infrared and x-ray, and zoom to analyze small objects. At present, Artemis was meditating in the middle of the biotech lab at Koboi Labs, contemplating both his plan and his friend. Artemis found himself thinking of Holly more often than he would like to admit, occasionally thinking of what his chances were of ever going out with her. “None, you imbecile!” his realistic side blurted out, unable to stand the emotional weakness. Artemis had long since accepted Holly as his best friend, and after their last mission together, he had confined his hopes to just friendship. Artemis knew that it could be dangerous, and the Artemis of three years ago never would have considered such a thing, but he had changed. Holly had changed him.                

                “What has happened to me?” thought Artemis. “I’ve become a caring individual, no longer capable of deception or devious plotting. No, I’ve simply gained a soul. What a curious though, me with a soul. Holly’s morals seem to have left a bit of an impression on my formidable mind. I am still capable of complex reasoning, logical observation, and impossibly difficult calculations, aren’t I? My matter mixer proves that, does it not? Such complicated formulas don’t even exist in time travel, and nobody but Foaly and Minerva had figured that out, and they had help. I am still the most intelligent creature on this planet.” stated Artemis, this time aloud.


                Hearing his own voice brought him back to reality. “Damn!” thought Artemis. “I lost focus again! I need to focus on the plot. Alright, we have an advantage In that both human and pixie Opal believe this building secure. Holly should be here soon and create enough of a distraction to give me time to break out. How do I do that?” questioned Artemis. A quick survey of the lab revealed it to be scoured of anything useful. But this lab was biotech, right? Maybe there were some plants left. Artemis scoured the lab for anything useful, and came up with a jar filled with liquid francium, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid. Perfect for a bomb, if he could find a containment unit. Perhaps a coconut would work for a container, but there wasn’t one there. “Come on, think!” commanded Artemis. What could house an explosion? The jar was too fragile, it would break too soon. Artemis needed a device that could withstand a throw onto a metal floor. Carbon Fibers could work. Artemis used his contacts to view the room in x-ray, scanning for anything he missed. A small room in the corner revealed itself. Artemis ran over to the corner and threw open the door, revealing an equipment closet. Artemis found a carbon fiber tube, detachable cap at one end; perfect for a carrying container of chemicals. First, the francium and sodium bicarbonate: two substances that didn’t react. Artemis held the cap in his hand as he poured the citric acid in and then slammed it on tight. He tossed the container into the giant vent that all labs had in case of gas leaks. A few seconds late, a giant fireball blasted through the grill covering the vent, giving Artemis a way out. “The beauty of chemistry.” whispered Artemis. The water created by the acid and the sodium bicarbonate had reacted with the francium, creating heat and hydrogen. Once the hydrogen caught, the container exploded in spectacular fashion.


                Artemis climbed through the vent a ways, listening for any commotion outside. “Holly must not have come.” thought Artemis. Then an elf dressed in a full recon outfit flew around the corner. “Artemis!” yelled Holly, overjoyed to see him. She ran up to him and jumped into his arms.


                “Holly, you came!” said Artemis, feeling very calm now. He didn’t expect the slap. “What on earth was that for!” shouted Artemis, releasing Holly and recoiling, rubbing his face.


                “You asked for a kiss, you idiot! I’m a grown fairy and you’re a human teen. We may be friends, but you’re pushing your luck.” chided Holly. Then she hugged him again. “I can’t be angry at you for long, though. I’m so glad you’re safe.”


                “Where’s Opal?” asked Artemis. “I haven’t seen her since she locked me in the lab.”


                ‘I haven’t run in to her, and Mulch or Doodah would have called me if they found her.”


                Artemis’ phone rang, alerting him of a visitor at Fowl Manor. He opened the video link and stared in shocked hatred as the human and pixie Opal walked into his house, laughing at the situation they had created below ground.


                “Holly, is Foaly home?”



Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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  1. Wow. I wish you would make a whole new story, telling about what happened to everyone. Like a huge epilogue. You know? A chapter for every character telling about whats happening to them now. I think lots of people would enjoy that. Beautiful piece. Good job.

  2. Thanks. I can add a few more epilogue parts, I guess. I’ll have to think of them, though….

  3. Awesome story but where are Butler and Juliet?

  4. This was written over a month ago and has four comments. WHAT?!?!! It’s awesome! I like Fowlstar’s idea though, with the ginormous epilogue.

  5. Aww! I really really like this story!!

  6. ditto@ wrr0rzxpurrt

  7. Fowlfan4ever June 3rd, 2011 at 2:27 am 7

    Awwwww! Love it!

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