Artemis Fowl #8: The End of Ages (#4) Flames of Ice and Fire

Summary: Hello. CELERY IS GOOD FOR YOUR RETINA!!! Anyway, I present the next installment in AF: The End of Ages. AF: […]

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Hello. CELERY IS GOOD FOR YOUR RETINA!!! Anyway, I present the next installment in AF: The End of Ages. AF: TEOA: Pt.4: Flames of Ice and Fire. BTW, this story is divided into three-chapter parts. Seeing as this is the first chapter of the second part, I made it with love, car, and more than a hint of UTTER CONFOUNDING INSANITY. Oh, yeah, and it ends one plot point, starts eighty more, then shows that previously ended plot point was never really ended at all, therefore making my first point unimportant. And it also Involves a lot of A/H. Or is it A/OOC? Or both? Or neither, or it could be A/??????????. Or…A/Opal? But Opal’s in prison? Right? RIGHT? Find out in this exiting second part of the AF: TEOA series!


Chapter Four: The Madness of Sanity

The Deeps Maximum Security Prison, Atlantis

Opal Koboi knew what pain was. It was being defeated time and again by a teenaged human and a decorated LEP hussy. But this was it. The final insult.

Shortly following the Turnball Root incident, she had been moved to maximum detainment. Four guards patrolled her cell, with almost no shift breaks except for a two minute window where the guards switched with a new shift. High-tech security cameras scanned all the persons’ in the sector’s DNA profile every five seconds. If they didn’t have the special DNA tracker embedded in the guards blood every two days, a platoon of guards would rush in to detain the interloper.

No one could escape. It was the greatest prison above or under the world. And Opal Koboi knew this. She wasn’t even allowed out of the cell. Food was fed to her via a small holo-vid directory, where she could choose any food she wished.

Only the best for the worst.

Opal scowled as her custom-made order of orange juice, salad, and chocolate truffles slid in. She ordered this for lunch every day. Reaching out with her left hand, her two-sizes too big blue prison jumpsuit obscuring her pale, small arm, Opal picked up a truffle and bought it towards her mouth.

Suddenly, the door burst open.


She lifted her eyes. Trouble Kelp stood in the doorway, a LEP platoon assembled behind him.

“You’re under arrest for the attempted abduction and murder of Artemis Fowl.”

Opal stared at him, and continued eating her truffle.

“One, if you haven’t noticed, Kelp, you pompous idiot, I’m in a jail cell, and two…I have no ide a what you’re talking about.”

This stopped Trouble in his tracks. Opal may have been a liar, but she usually admitted to a crime when confronted. He shrugged and made a slight morion with his hand.

The LEP soldiers charged. Grabbing Opal by the shoulders, the forced her out of the door of her cell.



short, I know. I’ll update later….



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    Good story, though. I look forward to the update.

    “I have no ide a” should be “I have no idea.”

  2. I agree 100% with ILoveFowl…. except I must add that if you do not update, I will shoot you with a burning rose-petal charged Neutriono.

  3. Why is she being arrested again? Did I miss something? I have no knowledge of Artemis being kidnapped/murdered. Or nearly being kidnapped/murdered.



    No doubleposts, please ^^ ~WE

  5. Couple typos. Not much. Too short.

    Just saying, celery also has negative calories — it takes more energy to eat it than it gives to you. Know what I’m saying?

    Read it over once to cath all of the mistakes. And then update.

    ~WE, out

  6. When he vanished, and when he reappeared, he was half-dead. Therefore, abduction and attempted-murder charges.


    Oh, sorry for the double post, but…UPDATE, UPDATE!! It’s that time of year again, When orion comes back from the endless torture of school an grounding and actually UPDATES something!!!

  7. Interesting,but much to short. I think you should write more before you post. Lacks much description

  8. what the hell man excellent story but i couldn’t find part 5!is there a part 5?i have no idea what update means but if it’s “continue” then do it!

    Hi, welcome to FG, I see that you are new here, so again, welcome. I am Amy and editor here. Update means the same as continue. Here are some rules.

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