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Chapter one: Visit

Artemis Fowl looked up from his laptop. “Captain Short, I think it is time you stopped entering through the window. You already know that everyone in this house is aware of your existence, and nothing is accomplished by your secrecy.”

He felt a hard punch on his shoulder, and then Holly pressed her lips to his cheek as she slowly unshielded.

“What a way to greet people,”commented the elf, pulling off. “Doesn’t your mother teach you social manners?”

Artemis smiled. “Give her some credit for trying. Now, Captain, the purpose of your visit. I presume there is a serious situation going on below ground.”

“Nope, this is a social visit.”

“I…Ah, is that so? I should have been informed.”

Holly scowled. “Oh yeah? Let me guess, some business trip, isn’t it?”

The human stood up, laptop aside. “It’s good to see you too, Holly.” He suddenly leapt forward, grabbing her in tight embrace.

The elf allowed a grin, then shrugged him off. “That was strange of you.”

“Well, I couldn’t do it last time because of the twins’ presence.”

“I’m pretty sure they’ve planted a camera on your wall, mud boy,”laughed Holly.

“I’ve checked. No, they haven’t.”

He sat on his swivel chair, once again facing his screen. “I think Foaly’s trying to hack my systems. Unsurprising.” The elf sat on his lap, slim arms wrapped around his neck. “Well? What’re you going to do about it?”she asked. Artemis turned to her. Their faces were just mere inches apart. “I’m going to do nothing. I already have a password built into my firewall and he will not guess it.”

“You’re that confident?”

“I am Artemis Fowl. What did you expect?”

He looked back at the laptop. “D’Arvit! How did he–”


Foaly’s face filled the screen. There was silence, as he carefully observed the two’s positions. “Hmm. Interesting.”

“Foaly! Did–what the heck are you doing, spying on us like that?!”yelled Fowl.
“Hey, can you blame me?”said Foaly, innocently. “I couldn’t resist. I mean, you looked like you two were gonna kiss or something!”

They hurriedly pushed off each other, blushing furiously.

“We were not intending to do such a thing, centaur!”argued Artemis.

“Do you always have to ruin a perfectly romantic moment?”said Holly, without thinking.


Foaly chuckled. “You want more private time? Fine, but don’t think this news will not go up on my website.”

He cut the line with a mock salute.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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  1. Mastermind Excello May 24th, 2013 at 12:57 pm 1

    Multiple alternate personalities… this is interesting.

  2. Interesting indeed. I like the rewrite. This one is better than the first, in my opinion. 🙂 Update soon!

    thanks! i promise to update as soon as possible.

  3. hey fans! heehee….sorry for not updating in a while but i swear, when my mom gets back from hong kong i WILL use the powers of the laptop to update! keep you eyes open for these awesome alters! Capricornus:freako who sees the supernatural, and other alters are jealous holly cares about him/Scorpio:soft spoken boring in a way/Tarus:intelligent nerd/Libra:stupid guy with a 1secons memory span/Leo:physical guy/Pisces: guy who is slightly perverted, hates his name/Saggitarius: awesome person who nobody yet knows what his personality is/Virgo: girly and embarassing/AND i cant remember the other names, there are 12 alters. all zodiac style. and dont forget opal koboi, she is out for revenge and this leads to an all-out adventure where Haven, Atlantis and the human worlr face a threat. artemis and the alters have to join in on the adventure with holly, my favourite foaly, mulch and trouble kelp. we also get to see the alters of these chatacters as well! foaly has a stupid side! and whats more, can artemis really save the world when he is stuck in his own mind most of the time? read, comment and i will update!

  4. Silver is too lazy to log in June 5th, 2013 at 8:09 pm 4

    I only noticed that comment now. The ones you missed are:

    Cancer(the crab) *my sign!*
    Gemini(the twins)
    Aquarius(the water bearer)
    Aries(the ram)

    If you want more info on what personality type correspond with which astrological symbol, email me and I’ll send you a list.

  5. No, I did use ’em. Observe carefully and you’ll see it.

    I missed Aries on purpose. He comes later on, and he’s like evil. Wouldn’t wanna ruin the surprise!!

    PS: since I’m outta ideas, what kinda person dya want cancer to be?
    (I like that kinda speaking)

  6. Mastermind Excello June 7th, 2013 at 2:18 am 6

    I think Aqua is supposed to be Aquarius. Where’s Scorpio? That’s in the Zodiac, right?

  7. yes! someone finally got it! aqua is indeed aquarius. man, did i really miss scorpio?? i cant believe it. *dies of embarassment* comes back to life and glares at mastermind* never, never point out a mistake like that again!

  8. Silver is still too lazy to log in June 7th, 2013 at 5:02 pm 8

    I meant the ones you missed in the comment.

    @ME- Scorpio was in her comment.

  9. stop confusing the princess y’all. she’s had a long boring day at school with a busy week ahead, so my loving fans: i might not be on for a while, but when princess gets back awesomeness will too!

  10. Haha! Yeah, lucky him. 🙂 Good work! Update soon!

  11. Thanks for the review!

    SMILEY TIME!! 🙂 🙁 😀 :p :mrgreen: 😈 😀

  12. Haha! Awesome work, shaadia. I think you’re definitely getting better. Lots of A/H, too, which I love. 😀 Update soon!

  13. Great work on there update! I totally bet that he will be like ten times hader to work with than Artemis would… that ought to be good… update soon!

  14. What the….?! Are you saying that for Artemis to escape, he has to let the complex take control of him again?? Wow.. What is gonna happen???

    You had better update soon! 😉 I’m watching…

  15. Ha ha, don’t worry I will!

  16. Update soon. I love how you did the whole multiple personalities on your symbols of when you were born. This is great!

  17. Oh cool, you added it here on Fangathering. I can’t wait to see Leo and Pisces and Gemini and Libra take control. I wonder if Artemis has a ‘Butler’ side… Or a random girl side. Can’t wait for the update!

  18. okay, maybe tonight if possible!

  19. Please,please uptdate!
    No one writes anything on this site anymore.
    I have to rely on, which is SO untrustworthy.
    by the way, good job.
    Taurus reminds me of myself.
    BTW, Saggitarius should be insane.
    That would be cool.
    Peace out,Artemis.

    And real!

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