A Minerva story. A songfic for Sea

Summary: Yeah so I noticed how many fics Sea wrote dedicated to others but the lack of fics dedicated to him […]

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Yeah so I noticed how many fics Sea wrote dedicated to others but the lack of fics dedicated to him (I’m not trying to guilt anyone, it’s my explanation) so I had an idea for a fic, asked him if he’d mind me dedicating a crappy bunch of rubbish to him and he said he’d be honoured so here I go. Well anyway Sea I have no idea what you listen to or who your favourite character is…sorry…but I do remember a conversation on FG (no not the one when I found out your real name). On ‘Like I like my coffee’ you said that the submarines were good inspiration and you were right. Oh and everybody I’m not a minerva hater I just really cant imagine Holly acting like this.

Without warning I’m here alone

High in the basement

Wondering what you meant by good bye

Cause I stopped listening.

“Goodbye” Artemis whispered, letting go of her hand for the final time. Minerva stood with her mouth wide open as confusion took over. For the second time in her life she was speechless.

“Wha?” She was disgusted with herself for sounding so weak, so broken. Like a wounded animal.

“I’m sorry Minerva, it’s Good bye for the final time” He pulled that breath taking smile, only this time it was filled with sorrow and…was that regret or guilt? He strode out of the room, head held high without a backwards glance.

You’ve got a way with words

Just sentiment without

revealing how you feel

Or if you plan to live without me now.

Did he leave her? She tried to recollect the thoughts that flew around her distraught mind. Only his voice returned, in the deepest part of the night when she tried to retrive the conversation that had left with it’s owner. His voice was kind, quiet and yet the face that came to her in her dreams was expressionless and cold. Her brain could not figure out what had happened, how could he have left her without showing the slightest of sentiments?


Good night baby if you can hear me

How has it been

Since you came looking and saw

Me as I really am?

She whispered in her sleep, so much so that her parents called the best Psychiatrists from all over the world. Only one word escaped her lips.


He had come once, seen her with her wild hair and clouded eyes. Lips raw from words of nonsense. A broken woman.


Then I should look up

And see if you’re gone

No sense in pretending

Down here all alone

How can I fall when

I’m still underground?

But I can’t admit where

We’ve gone wrong.


“Artemis?” She woke wondering where he had gotten too, searching high and low she realised it was all a dream. He had not come back, a deep sense of falling erupted. How could the memory of how he had left her cause her so much pain when she had relived the moment over and over again? The scar he had left behind deepened when her hopes were shattered. Where had it gone all wrong? She had bee the perfect girlfriend, the perfect opposing debater.


Well I’ve already heard the truth

And what you thought I couldn’t know

You talk to a pretty girl

But somehow you’re already on your own


She had heard the truth. His time was spent talking to a girl. Probably a bimbo with no brain. One who fell for his sweet talks and charming looks. One that concentrated more on his looks then the words that left his mouth. Just like she had. She had fallen for the good looks and heart-stopping smile; his intelligence had forced her to ignore his faults.


Good night baby

Good night baby

You got away with words

Just sentiment without

Revealing how you feel

And since you plan to live without me now

I’m on my own.

She would say goodnight for the last night, shed one more tear to his memory. She could live on her own with only recollections of his expressionless face and mouth that only voiced empty words.


Sorry Sea, I know it sucks but I’ll make a better one once I get rid of all that bloody stress. Sorry once again, I’ll start planning a better one so that you wont be disappointed next time XD

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  1. Hermione Fowl April 27th, 2010 at 6:38 am 1

    Sorry! I’m so jealous! That was awesome! Your doing what I hate most-being modest. As stated before, that was awesome. 1st comment dance!!=)=)=)

  2. :O wow. Not bad, hitsugayatoushiro, not bad at all! In fact, it’s quite good! Really good!
    Sweet. I want to hug you right now! I love you so much I really needa write one for you too! :O

    () ()
    (0.0) Wow. :O

  3. Sea, You Are So Lucky to have somthing so good dedicated to you. It’s awesom, Tou!!!

  4. You did give me an e-hug! You PMed me one which was good enough!
    Aww Sea you dont have to write one for me, I’m happy enough with a hug!

  5. *grumpy* I could have SwOrN i commented on this!!!! DaRnYOupCs!!!! Anyways….

    Great job, Tou! This really IS amazing! 😀


  6. I’ll approve it on the control panel CC
    Thnks for the comment(s) tho XD

  7. Aww man. D: SO sad.

    But I think it needed to be expressed a little more. The sadness, suffering of Minerva, I think it needed more expressiveness.

    But other than that, it’s great. Good job!

  8. Believe me AF14, , I’m such an emotionless git I’ll actualy have to try very hard to get more pain into that.
    Tahnks tho, I’ll keep that in mind for the next fic I have lined up 😉

    Thank u.

  9. I didn’t even read the full of it, but it gets my stamp of Epic.


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