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Summary: This is Artificial Asian's prompt story. I hope you like it!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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   Artemis smiled. A genuine smile, this time. Beckett tore through the living room on his pudgy toddler feet, giggling maliciously with a stuffed monkey in his chubby hands. And he was gone as fast as he had appeared, apparently running from nothing. But Artemis knew. He always did.

Left in silence, Artemis returned to his essay. Soon, the teachers would realize that with every assignment, Artemis’ papers became more and more complicated. Especially considering that Artemis was smarter than all of his ‘teachers’ combined. None of his professors had established that yet.

Artemis didn’t wait long. Another small boy, nearly identical to the first, lumbered into the large family room. He was obviously exhausted, yet going as fast as his short legs would allow.

“Artemis, Beckett stoled Professor Primate,” gasped Myles, his tone dripping with desperation. Artemis’ grin broadened.

“Why don’t you steal it back?”

Myles was a natural scientist, made of the same stuff as Artemis. That also meant that, unlike his twin, Myles had virtually no physical ability. Beckett held a large advantage over his younger brother, and wasn’t afraid to use it.

“I’m tieing, Artemis!” whined Myles. Artemis still wondered if he had sometimes slurred his words when he was little, as Myles often did. Beckett, however, had lost that habit about three months ago.

“Well, tell him that if he doesn’t give Professor Primate back, then you won’t give him a Christmas present this year.” It was December 9th, and Christmas was on its way. Angeline had put up the Christmas tree several days previously, and she had decorated the house like the North Pole. Artemis wouldn’t be surprised if Santa thought he lived there.

“Okay, Arty-miss!” Myles raced off with new-found energy. Artemis shook his head. Children.

Myles strode into the living room some thirty minutes later, a large stuffed monkey seated on his shoulders. A dejected Beckett followed with a defeated look on his small face.

“Arty-miss, what’s back rail?” Beckett tiptoed to the chair Artemis was sitting in and climbed upon his lap.

“Do you mean blackmail?” asked Artemis as he gently stroked Beckett’s sticky blonde curls. He immediately wished he hadn’t. Would he ever learn?

“Yes,” whispered Beckett. Myles had done something to him. Beckett rubbed his face against his elder brother’s shirt.

“Simple-toon,” muttered Myles. He stalked out of the room, towing his primate prize.

“Er… perhaps I’ll tell you some other time.” Artemis carefully set his brother on the floor.

“Myles said I wasn’t gonna get any presents from him this year,” Beckett croaked.

“That just means you’ll have to write an extra-long letter to Santa Claus.” replied Artemis jokingly. But understanding and confidence adorned Beckett’s features. He raced from the room, only to return moments later with a pencil and a notebook. Myles poked his head into the lounge, his eyes harboring confusion and curiosity.

“Will you help me, Artemis?” begged Beckett, his eyes pleading. Myles strutted across the room, only to stand behind his twin.

“What are you helping him with?” questioned Myles. Inquisitive boy.

Artemis stood and took both of the boys by the hand. “I’m going to help you two write letters to Santa.”

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. awesome!please keep writing i think this will blosam into something even better.and naughty artemis…d’arvit.YAY!!!!first comment

  2. Ahahah! That’s awesome! *hugs CC*
    There’s a few spelling mistakes peppered around here and there, though nothing too major… I don’t think I caught any grammar errors… just the tiniest little bit OOC, but since it’s minor and it’s for A/H I don’t care at all XD… awesome! I really like it.

  3. Beckett Simpleton February 19th, 2010 at 6:56 pm 3

    I annonimously rated. Sorry I couldn’t be bothered to comment then i slapped myself for being a meany so I rated it 5/5 coz it was brill. Why the title?

  4. iwa the Chris Tormentor February 20th, 2010 at 5:47 pm 4

    3rd chapter::::: HE SAID WATS UP! XDXDXD 😆 😆 😆 😆

  5. Soooo Gooood… Get a move on I want more!

  6. 😀 Thanks guys. This is kinda my own little world where Artemis considered “friendly.” Sorry for the OOC-ness. I can re-write it if you prefer. I’m still molding the idea for this. 😀

    @af123: Gracias! And if you have any ideas, help me water my story!!! 🙂

    @AA: 😀 This is all for you. As long as you like it- or even remotely like it- I’m good. 🙂 Anything you want me to fix, I’ll do it. I’ll spell check it manually, so I may miss a few. I’ll try my best. 😉

    @BST: Thank you! 😀 And as for the title, since this is AA’s x-mas fic, that’s wat I called it. Really, I couldn’t think of what to call it in drafts, so I called it AA, and the name stuck. 😀

    @iwa: Yes. Artemis is NoRmAlIsH now. 😀

    @artemis: umm… I’ll get a move on. 🙂 Glad you like it. 😀

  7. Aw, so cute. 😀 This is a great Christmas fic. Wonderful, CC. 😀 😀

  8. Hey, did ya know? This is on the Top Tens for votes! Congrats, buddeh! *hugs* 😀 😀 😀


  9. *huggles star* Yay! Never knew that!

  10. I have a tendency to go into the top ten’s and select a random top ten fic and read-glad I did too. This is sooo cute and makes me feel ridiculously gooey and christmassy-and it’s summer 😀
    5/5-if you write an update 😉

  11. Beckett Simpleton July 4th, 2010 at 10:07 pm 11

    you didn’t update… 🙁 oh and thinks for clearing that up!

  12. I’ll update soon… I promise. 😀

  13. There are a lot of spelling errors, eg “Er… prehaps I’ll tell you some other time.”


    Anyway, I didn’t find it OOC at all. I mean, he turns nice in the last few books, no? Awesome fic. I shall wait until you sort out the mistakes, then I shall rate it five for ever.

  14. Like it now update or else… 🙂

  15. That’s soooo good!! You know what’d be a really sweet ending? Arty changes his letter to ‘All I want for Xmas is for Holly to come back’.

  16. Becket and Myles are so innocently evil!
    We are looking at the future of crime and fighting.

    Becket and Myles are very IC, but poor Professor Primate. 😛

  17. I loveloveloveLOVE the update! Brilliant, as always. Then again, give me one good reason why it WOULDN’T be amazing. It’s you, after all. 😉 Excellent job. I look forward to more of anything from you. *approving nod*

    (count the “love”s) 😉

    OMG great story

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