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A Man In A Suit

Summary: OK, Only read this if you know what doctor who is, and what the crack in Amy's wall is. Otherwise, it won't make any sense.

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A man In a suit

Bow ties are cool

Meets an anomaly

He fell in the pool

Artemis looks out

Four times he knocks

Apearing out of nowhere

In a blue box

Those who know

Will soon forget

The end of time

Is already set.

And It’s Coming…

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  1. Huh! No offense but that made no sense what so ever! Help!! *hides under the table* counfsion attack!!!

  2. Okay, wait. This is how I see it. A guy in a suit falls into some kind of tank. Artemis sees him, knocks on the glass 4 times, and then everyone forgets about him. Is that what it’s supposed to be? I’m confused.

  3. Doctor WHOOOOOOO! XD
    More! Write more! I dun get it, but it’s DOCTOR WHO!

  4. UM i dont GET IT!!!!!!

    *Hides in closet!!! is so counfused??? finds AF book reads finds the words Artemis,tie, and box. runs out looks out the window sees pool!!!RUNS IN BATHROOM!! IS SCARED!!*

  5. THe waay I see it is, The Doctor Apears after he regenerates in the fifth season at artemis’s door, the Master comes, and somebody is erased from history by the end of time, and everybody forgets that the person was there. I KNOW my Dr. Who.

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