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A Foiled Plot

Summary: Disclaimer: I do not own Artemis Fowl. Ever since Artemis Fowl the Second walked out the door of J. Argon […]

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Disclaimer: I do not own Artemis Fowl.

Ever since Artemis Fowl the Second walked out the door of J. Argon Institute, he was a changed man. No longer was he plague by vicious fours, nor was he the lovesick fool Orion. Fives no longer fazed him, as they were nothing but a mere number.

However, in spite of all this, he was somehow different. In the eyes of his closest friends, Artemis seemed younger somehow. More like the sly little boy he once was.

Anyways, THE PROJECT still occupied quite a chunk of his time. In fact, he was in the process of obtaining The Council’s stamp of approval. Unfortunately, the presentation he had done for Vinyaya, Holly, and Foaly didn’t count, as Vinyaya was dead. Foaly and Holly were considered as slightly untrustworthy sources, since they had apparently ‘developed an emotional bond with the despicable Mud Man’, or at least, according to the members of The Council.

As you may be able to see, The Council did not like Artemis, and they weren’t anywhere near approving one of his wild plans. But, if Artemis Fowl the Second had anything to say about it,they soon would be.

Artemis straightened his tie as he stood before the group of elderly fairies. The Council. They were all looking at him, some expectantly, many disapproving, and almost none seemed glad to see him.

Should I really do this?Artemis pondered, After all, it is quite wasteful to spend all my wealth on the environment…”

A gnarly looking elf growled, “Hurry up, we are very busy people, you know.”

Artemis took a deep breath and began.

“Earth. She feeds us; she clothes us…”

Juilet was at an old irish cafe, drumming her fingernails on the red plastic table. It was empty of people, except for a single waiter, who looked as if he wouldn’t notice anything, even if his pants caught on fire.

She scanned the cafe expectantly, waiting…waiting.

“Boo!” whispered a voice behind her.

Juilet whirled around, expecting the worst. Instead she was face to face with a little girl wearing a floppy hat and overalls. Or so it seemed. But Juliet know better.

“Holly!” she shrieked, “I’m so glad you came!”

Holly plunked down on a stool right next to Juliet.

“It wasn’t easy, either. I had to fake a runaway goblin to come out here on the surface. Anyways, what did you want to talk to me about?” Holly smiled.

Juliet sighed, “It’s Arty. He…he’s not like himself.”

“Oh no…not the…Atlantic Complex…again?” Holly paled.

“No, its not like that. He’s eviler, I guess.


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  1. continue, you had me hooked, until you said you might not continue

  2. BoboParadizo May 28th, 2011 at 7:01 pm 2

    Ya, I think I’ll continue…btw does anyone know the exact words that Arty uses in his PROJECT’s presentation in book 7? cuz my library doesn’t have the book, and neither do I. 😀

  3. I would have to look, but when I do I’ll post in your comments

  4. Fowlfan4ever May 28th, 2011 at 9:30 pm 4

    Go to Barnes and Noble (or any book store) and buy it.
    Love it!!!!!?!!!!!!!

  5. XD I can’t find any books so sorry Bobo please comtinue though wait go to the origanil and read the first chapter to the book

    I just signed on to (Look for FFcrazy15 !) and it turns out I can’t post anything for 2 DAYS!!! SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATED!
    Anywho, yeah, definitely continue! I REALLY liked it!

  7. @ M. Fowl- thanx so much i looked and i found his speech, im going to go update now 🙂

  8. I SOOO wanna read this… CONTINUE!!!

  9. Update!!!!!!

  10. FowlsGirl123 June 28th, 2011 at 1:22 am 10

    okay, there is a fruit fly crawling on my computer screen. *shouts to sister* shut the door when you go outside, would you?!
    Anyways, I luv this! I would get the speech for you, but I probs won’t be able to get to the library soon. You might be able to find it online, though.
    This was amazing! I give you five stars. UPDATE!

  11. Updates!

    Please, please, please try to add constructive criticism to your comments. Thanks. 😉 ~Fowlie

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