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Meeting Him

Summary: I  look up at my writing partner, then around at our desolate room. It’s square, 10×10 feet, with a circular table […]

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I  look up at my writing partner, then around at our desolate room. It’s square, 10×10 feet, with a circular table in the center, shackles attached to the wall facing the small door, and two chairs. My partner and myself have brought laptops, and we’re expecting a guest…

The door opens. I gasp, and struggle to control my adrenaline. This meeting is neutral…supposedly.

Artemis Fowl walks in, and I nearly faint. He’s every bit as gorgeous as I dreamed. His black hair hangs loose, and he sweeps it away from his beautiful mismatched eyes with one hand. He’s wearing a white shirt with a red tie loosly wrapped around the collar and black pants.

I glance over. My friend is mesmerized–no pun intended–too.

I nudge her. “Crazy!”

She blinks. “Sorry. He’s just…”

“I know.”

“If you two ladies in the back row will stop whispering…” he says.

I titter. His face… the angles, the open look… he really is losing it. Isn’t he supposed to be as open as… what was it… a Swiss vault at night? Though we both are relatively cute teenage girls, albeit the fact that I’m goth, and he is a breathtakingly amazing teenage guy…

I run a hand through my short spiky black and red hair and check my skull watch. “Okay, Arty. We’ve got 4 hours.”

I expect him to bristle at the sound of his nickname. Instead, he seems to relax.

“Very well. What would you like to know?”

I let out a tiny squeal, then clap a hand over my mouth. Compose yourself, I think. I take a deep breath. “Well, we’re trying to be unorthodox here, so we’ll skip your relationship with the captain….. How is Minerva Paradizo? Have you seen her since the incident with the demons?”

“I did, actually, and I may as well give you the details before you ask…”

He speaks…. and speaks…. and when he’s finally done, I’m gaping like a beached fish.

“You……DATED…..Minerva…..Pardizo?” Crazy says, a bit more articulate than me.

I choke.


I swallow quickly, and bite my black lip. “It didn’t go well, though, and you dumped her… roughly.”

“Do you intend to repeat my story back to me?” Artemis asks lightly. I start to perspire, and tears gather in my eyes. Artemis Fowl is right in front of me… and I’m not doing anything?!?

I leap away from the desk, to where he’s standing, leaning on a chair, and plant my lips on his. I can see the shock in his eyes for the split second before I close mine, but he doesn’t pull away or even shudder, staying still as stone. But he doesn’t respond, either. Frustrated, I open his mouth with my tongue, flicking it in and out of his mouth.

That gets him going, and his mouth is suddenly crushing mine, molding it.

I moan, and just barely hear Crazy mutter, “Get a freakin’ room.”

Suddenly, long-fingered hands grip my upper arms, and I’m wrenched away from the genius. I glance at my shoulders, then up at Artemis. “You’ve gotten stronger.”

A firey passion burns in his eyes, and he’s struggling to get a hold of himself. “After,” he gasps. “After the interview.”

Crazy nods. “Now, next question. Why don’t you like lollipops?”

Sooooo, any ideas? What’s the story behind the most famous AF quote ever?

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  1. Hmm… very nice, if a bit strange. I don’t really understand where you are or whatever, but the idea is kinda cool. I’m interested to see where the rest of this goes… And I’ll wait to rate since this is so short.

    Oh, and when you say Crazy, do you mean AFcrazy15? Cuz I haven’t seen her on here in forever…

  2. Yes, I mean AFcrazy15, who wrote the much-loved Last Chance. (Go to my profile, I have the entire story in my Favorites.)

  3. in love with Arty 6302 September 5th, 2011 at 3:18 pm 3

    I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to be in your place right now!!!

    So far it sounds really good. I can’t wait to read more of it. And i also don’t know who Crazy is supposed to be.

  4. Errr…..

    That was unexpected. …

    Anyway, no mistakes that I saw, and it’s really well written. But it’s short.

    5/s (I can actually rate cuz I’m on my desktop. Yay!!!)

  5. Fowlfan4ever/Evie September 14th, 2011 at 9:01 pm 5

    Yeah! Oh. My. Freakin’. God. That is awesome!!!! You had better update soon! This is totally going in my Favorites later. I love this part-

    After” he Gasp “After the interview”

    and the part before that. I want “Details about you-know-what. I am so weird! (!)

    Good job!

  6. I know it’s short, I never meant to click “Publish” in the first place. *crosses eyes* I am such a dunce.

    @FantasyDevourer: LOVE the avatar. Love it.

  7. What IS FantasyDevourer’s avatar? Anyway, great story!If not a bit odd, still pretty good.

  8. Okay, people: I KNOW it’s short. I was not meant to be published until it’s completion.
    If anyone has ideas for questions to ask Artemis, shoot em off.

  9. Fowlfan4ever/Evie October 3rd, 2011 at 8:47 pm 9

    lets seeeeee…. why won’t he wear regular clothes?, why do you anlong with Mulch? (It is a little.. wierd!), what are you and who ever just kissed you going to do?. Good? and pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeee update! this is awesome!

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