Artemis Fowl and the two roads (UPDATED again)

Summary: Holly  The fake sun just started to set when Holly got back to Haven. She had been doing tests on […]

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The fake sun just started to set when Holly got back to Haven. She had been doing tests on some more of Foalys inventions since she woke up this morning. Walking up the steps to the front door of her house she noticed that the door was already unlocked. Opening the door she stared at her ransacked home. Her pictures of her mom and dad lied on the floor with the frames broken. The stories she wrote about the adventures she had with Artemis looked like they were tossed everywhere. Steping into the house she noticed all the chairs cushins had been pulled off the chairs and ripped open. Her computer was on and she could tell someone had gone though all the icons on the main desktop.

Walking further into her home Holly saw her bedroom door ajar. She stood as still as she could listining to the sounds around her. Not hearing anything she slowly opened the bedroom door. The window was raised and the cool air was coming in. More papers were on the floor. Holly moved to the center of the room. The door closes behind her. She feels a prick on her neck. Reching up to feel the stun dart Holly falls to the ground. Another dart and she falls to sleep.


Sitting up in a bed that isn’t his, Artemis shakes his head, trying to remember what happened. The room is pitch black, and he can hear the sound of rain tapping on the tin roof. A veary faint blue light was coming form what looked like the outline of another bed. Tripping over his own feet, Artemis climbed out of the bed. Only to find out that if he moved to much, a almost unbearable pain would pass through his chest. Pictures flashed in his head.


The power had gone out in the manor, and Butler had ran to the store with the twins. Artemis was reading a book in the back garden, when he felt a prick in his neck. Artemis closed his book and stood up. Just to fall back to the ground. A pair of black high heel boots come into sight. “Goodnight Artemis” , a female voice said.


Holly was awake but she didn’t dare open her eyes till her magic healed her completly. She could tell she was in a human bed, and by the sound of the rain on the roof, she could tell it was tin. She remembered the darts and the way her house looked. She felt her magic sparks sting her skin and then fuzz out. The healing was almost done. A loud noise came from the other side of the bed. It almost sounded like someone tripping over their feet.

The magic stoped dancing all over her skin, and without the warmth of the magic Holly could tell the room felt like an igloo. Two more sparks over the places where the darts pricked her neck and the sparks died. Slowly opening her eyes, Holly saw nothing but blackness at first, but as she opened them more she could pickout objects.”Kidnapped again,” sighed Holly. “Holly is that you,” Artemis’ voice came from beside her.


It was Holly in the bed beside him. She had found the light switch, and after trading stories on how they had gotten here she had blamed everything on him. Not that he hadn’t gotten them in some tight spots, but he didn’t think it was his fault this time. With the light on the room seemed bigger than it had when it was out, and he could see that there was no door to get in or get out. “Holly, you can’t possibly blam this one on me. I mean I’m sure you have made some enemys of your own” Artemis said while looking at Holly’s mismached eyes.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Wow. This is a wonderful idea, but it lacks consistency, it has slight jumps or plot holes, the spelling and grammar is irritating but you could overlook it and there are obvious mistakes but your first words kept my entranced. Over all, a three. But it needs some serious revising and editing. I know you can do it. You’ll be a pro in no time with just a little practice. 🙂

  2. I’m curious to see what’s up, but like Fowlstar said, I saw a lot of punctuation mistakes. The sentences are a bit repititive. Update and then I’ll decide what to rate it.

  3. Yes, re-read and it’ll be much better. You rushed Artemis’s a bit. Holly’s was much better. UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!!!

  4. Needs editing, but… GOOD JOB! clever idea, too! Brilliant!

  5. Beckett simpleton August 31st, 2010 at 3:21 pm 5

    Manservents needs an apostrophie and you spelt cushions wrong and you said leid rather than lay.
    But other than that, wonderful

  6. update now…

  7. FoalyIsagenues- you are such a spammer. You always say that and nothing else. Anyway seriously, you should update. It’s not bad or anything

  8. Ok i changed the Artemis part….. i didnt like it. just remember that i cant update all the time.

  9. That’s much better. =)=)=) UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!!!

  10. Ok that’s more like it. Little more details, lot more updating, and why it’s called the two roads, I’ll rate it something.

  11. Its called the two roads for a good reason….. but that comes later in the story…..and as for updating it, im trying to think

  12. update now or else i will detroy this planet
    p.s. i you dont come from this planet i destroy all of them…

  13. including yours????? ok i updated some more…..hope you people like it

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