12 Days of Valentines

Summary: 12 semiconnected ficlets of lurv 🙂 #1 Roses and Dreams Febuary 14th. Shouldn’t I be excited? Well, I’m not. Because […]

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12 semiconnected ficlets of lurv 🙂

Roses and Dreams

Febuary 14th.

Shouldn’t I be excited?

Well, I’m not. Because the only person I want to see this V-day is on the flippin surface.

They say God has a sense of humor. Ha ha ha, I fell in love with a human who only wants to be friends with me, apparently. (Unless Orion gets a say.)

Yes, I have stopped denying my attraction for the Mud Boy. I mean, I’m not shouting it from the rooftops or anything, but it got kind of obvious when I started dreaming about him. Every night. Over and over and over and…

Yeah. You get the point.

I walk to the front door. The mailman should be here right about…


Holly shook herself out of her reverie, reminding herself for the millionth time to change that stupid sound. Jacob must hate ringing her bell.

She pulled the door open. “Hey, Jake!”

“Hey, Holls,” the sturdy mail-elf replied. “Package. Specially requested to come today.” He winked. “Looks like someone’s got a crush…”

She blushed. “Oh, shuddup. It’s too early for teasing.”

“And I need to be on my way. See you.”

Waving and closing the door, Holly gazed at the package. Trouble, Foaly, or Chix would have presented her with the gift at work. So the likeliest option was…

No! No hoping. I’ll just bet it’s a bomb, courtesy of Opal.

Tearing the tape just a bit at a time….

Telling herself NO, it was not a gift from him. That would be too…. too…..

Too perfect.

Closing her eyes, ripping it all the way open, and grasping…

Oh, gods! YES! It was him!

An airtight bag, with three blood-red roses, held together by a gold ring.

So Holly did what any love-drunk female would do–put the flowers on a vase, slip the ring onto her finger (of course it would fit perfectly. That was just so Arty), and dance around her flat for a good 15 minutes.

Then she saw the card.

It was in the box still, forgotten in her haste to touch the surface plants. Now she picked it up and slid it out of its envelope, nodding at its design. A simple red with black scroll patterns. Not busy, but not plain.

Breathing heavily, wondering whether to open it. If she did,and it didn’t contain what she wanted it to, she would be highly upset. But if it did contain what she wanted it to…

Bliss. Pure bliss.

She opened it. It was handwritten, naturally, in a small but flowing cursive.

Dear Holly,

I hope you are doing well. I am quite sure that I will not survive this holiday without injury, as Mother is once again berating me about my lack of female contact. I assured her not to worry, but I doubt that she will take me seriously. She has tried to ‘set me up’ with everyone from Minerva Paradizo to Juliet Butler (who is, if I may remind you, seven years older than myself). I assured her not to worry, and that if my current interest got any more defined, I would myself seek out a particular girl. Honestly, Holly, what is she thinking?

The next paragraph was darker and thicker. Written more slowly and carefully.

I do believe that I may have an interest in a female. But of course Fate would make it doubly complicated. For one thing, I cannot imagine what she will say if I admit it to her, making me extremely nervous. I am shivering as I write. And second, we are different species.

Holly dropped the card. Frozen.


“Oh, gods…” Her heart swelled inside her, warmth building in her chest. She dropped to her knees, scrabbling for the note. There was only one sentence left.

Give me a chance, Holly?

Forever yours,

Artemis Fowl II


HAH. I intended for that to be a drabble.

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  1. Absent_Minded_Professor February 4th, 2012 at 11:33 pm 1

    Holly seems OOC to me. And a bit confusing when it changed over from first to third person, though the DONG!!!!!! transitioned it over pretty well. But still very good.
    A drabble, huh? Well, I think it’s better longer like this, more detailed.

  2. Not bad. I always liked the pairing of Artemis and Holly. Try to keep it up.

  3. Very good! well written, I love Artemis/Holly, a little confusing when it changed to third person though… but over all that was awesome!!!

  4. the huntress (or tress) February 5th, 2012 at 2:41 am 4

    I agree with torry…. A/H forever!!! it was slightly confusing when the view switched, but i liked it. I dont think Holly sounds OOC. She sounds like an enthusiastic holly.
    ….Anyway….. isnt that how any girl acts in a situation like this?…. 😉
    Great job!
    …… and so it doesnt feel incomplete…
    UPDATE!!!!! (please???)

  5. LEPofficerHollyShort February 15th, 2012 at 5:37 am 5

    OMG please update!!!

  6. I loved it. I am definatley a A/H kind of guy. A/H together forever!

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