The Cross Species Battle (resumed from Trust Issues) Pointless

Summary: Author’s note: It’s late night here and I’m sleepy, but a true weirdo NEVER SLEEPS! Yeah! And here’s the next […]

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Author’s note: It’s late night here and I’m sleepy, but a true weirdo NEVER SLEEPS! Yeah! And here’s the next part! And yes, there’s a warning, Holly is a bit OOC over here. Actually, if this did happen, that’s probably what she will do… 🙁  Yes, Arty is OOC as well. And so am I. And so is Foaly. And so is……no, not really.

WARNING: CENSORED BAD LANGUAGE. not too bad, but it’s relevant…

“I don’t see what your problem is, Mud Boy!”yelled the elf.

“It’s more than just a problem!”he yelled back. The rest of the room’s occupants, including Cheeta (who didn’t get a word of what was being said) were immediately silenced. Except Loken, perhaps, who face palmed himself and moaned. “I make all that effort and and when he comes along…”

“That’s not the case! I do not…”

“You do. I know why you don’t trust me, Holly. I’m human.”

“Yeah, that’s reasonable enough,”muttered Loken, under his breath. And then aloud; “Shall we stop this already? Precious time is being wasted.”

“Yup,”agreed Silver, attempting to break up the fight. “At this moment, Zidan can be planning his next attack.”

“I don’t give a s*** about Zidan!”shouted Artemis. “I never cared about him in the first place. I didn’t waste my mind on him. Holly means everything to me, and now…”

“And now you’re ruining it,”completed Shaadia. “Hey, listen up, Artemis. You’re not accomplishing anything here. All you are doing is wasting your own chances.”

It seemed instantly surprising to everyone that Shaadia had just said something useful.

“Uh…that’s true,”said Piper. “Maybe we should, you know, start training or something? The whole of our retrieval squads have been complaining about boredom…”

“I’m gonna leave now,” mumbled Foaly, heading for the doors. “Might be a good idea to leave those two alone. Meeting dismissed, folks.”

Nobody paid any attention to him. Holly stared sternly at Artemis, but shakily nonetheless. The human stared right back.

“It’s not because you’re human,”she whispered.

“Like you can give me a better reason.”

The elf suddenly covered her face with both hands, sobbing gently. Piper placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay,”she said, softly. “It’s all going to be fine, Captain, trust me.”

“That was stupid, Fowl,” hissed Silver. “You should’ve just shut up.”

“Right, and I should’ve kept lying that I’m alright with all this c***. Not this time.”

“Watch your language,”said Shaadia. “I’m eleven.”

Loken scowled. “All this drama. What’s it all in aid for?”

Artemis snorted. “See that, Holly? Does it look like he cares?”

“Why would anyone care about your pointless drabbles, human? You started this.”

“This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you making that big show of beating Zidan!”

“I beat him, didn’t I?”

“Oh yes, and what’s the armor for? Is it some attempt at looking-”

“This armor is not for style, human. And I see know point in arguing, your kind never listens.”

“Hey, that’s not fair, I’m human as well!” protested Shaadia, making a face.

“I don’t mean you,Shaadia,”said Holly, frowning at Artemis. “But Humans are such jerks.”

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Grr! I am mad at him now! He made Holly cry! Ugh! At least I got to help her. Anyways, it was good altogether. Update soon!

  2. SilverGoddess May 10th, 2013 at 11:53 pm 2

    Yay, you updated!

    ARTEMIS YOU…!!!…(fill that in with what you all KNOW you’re thinking)

    NEVER make a girl cry. Especially one who can break every bone in your body in under a minute. And posses a Neutrino.

    Just, no. Shame on you Arty.

  3. Yeah, Arty. We’re mad at you for what you did. There’s no need to be such a jerk. And SERIOUSLY. Next time you start thinking something like that, listen to Silver and keep quiet!

    I’ll update soon!

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