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Summary: “I’m so sorry, Holly. I really wish I hadn’t been the one to tell you,” said Trouble Kelp. “It’s alright. […]

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“I’m so sorry, Holly. I really wish I hadn’t been the one to tell you,” said Trouble Kelp.

“It’s alright. I just need some time to think,” replied Holly.

“If there’s anything I can do…”

“No, Trouble. I’ll be okay. Just please go.”

Trouble turned and left, closing the door behind him and leaving Holly alone.

Artemis is dead, she thought. He’s dead.

That word kept ringing in her head.




She remembered the last conversation she had had with him.

“I love you, Holly. I always have and I always will,” Artemis had said.

“I’m so sorry, Arty. It won’t work out. We’re not even the same species.” Holly’s heart wrenched at the memory of her use of Artemis’ pet name. Arty. Her Arty.

“My Arty…” she whispered. “My dear, dear Arty.”

D’arvit. What have I done? What have I done…

Holly stood and left her desk. Unconsciously, her legs were taking her away from the LEP office, away from Haven. She barely realized that she was on her way to the Surface, and when she did, it came only as a dull shock. She didn’t notice the snow crunching beneath her feet, taking the same trek Artemis must have taken. She couldn’t feel herself sitting down on a rock by the edge of the same lake where he had been found.

A reflection on the thin ice over the surface of the lake caught her eye. She saw herself, her mismatched eyes. One her soft hazel, the other his piercing, midnight blue. Blue as the water of the deep lake. She sighed. For several minutes, she remained lost in thought while staring at herself in the lake.

Gradually, she began to realize that a misty object was materializing over her reflection’s left shoulder. The apparition was blurry at first, as if seen underwater, but it steadily became clearer. First, a pale face became visible, then a mop of dark hair, followed by a serious, handsome face.


Holly saw Artemis put his hand on her reflection’s shoulder. She instantly felt a weight, small, but substantial, on her own shoulder. She drew in her breath sharply. Reaching up to hold the hand she was sure she would find, she was surprised when she grasped nothing but air. The Artemis behind her reflection smiled sadly. It looked back over its shoulder, then turned to face Holly again.

A wan smile crossed his face. Not his usual vampiric grin, but a real smile. A smile filled with tenderness and love, remorse and regret. A smile that let himself shine through. A smile she was sure he had never used when he was alive. He let go of her shoulder, and Holly felt the comforting weight on her back disappear.

“Don’t leave me, Artemis. Don’t leave me…” she whispered.

Artemis paused, then gave her a sad wave and turned away, melting away into the murky depths of the water.

“I love you, Arty. I love…” Holly trailed off as a sob wracked her body.

She wished she could trade spots with her reflection. Then she could turn just as he had and fade away.

She reached out a single, trembling hand towards her image in the water. As she touched the skin of ice covering the lake, it broke, sending ripples across the entire surface. Her face in the water blurred. She thought it was from the ripples, but she realized she was crying.

“I’m coming, Artemis. I’m coming.”

The water of the lake caused Holly’s hair to billow out around her face like a cloud, but it could not obscure her lips moving.

“My… Artemis.”

A/N- This is definitely the end of this story. After all, I can’t very well possibly kill off any more characters, can I? Although I suppose I could just massacre them all in a Friday the 13th-esque manner, I don’t think it would be good for anything but laughs. In addition, I feel that, despite having written it five days after the first, this chapter was much, much worse than the previous one, so I figure I had best end it now before it goes too far downhill. You know what I’m talking about, like those TV shows which started out great and ran for a season too long (X-Files, I’m looking at you…) or those comics which just aren’t funny anymore (Non Sequitur, anyone?). But anyhow, I will stop now before the author’s note becomes longer than the story itself. Comment and make me happy. Don’t comment and… and… well, fine, just be that way!

– R. Reynolds

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. I love the way you smoothly continued the story, transitioning from one point to another. You might want to try for more interaction between characters and maybe write a longer chapter for the update. You had some top notch grammar and spelling, and I found that I was interested after a few words. You have a gift kid. A little more concentration and you’ll be writing like a pro.

  2. I especially liked the last chapter. The status is incomplete? Then I beg you to update. We need more people like you.

    Very in character, very believable, and of course, good grammar and spelling. It made for altogether great reading. 😀

  3. At FowlStar – Why, thank you! I would have tried more interaction between characters, but I wanted it to be more of a “him and his thoughts” kind of story as opposed to “him expressing his thoughts and laying his soul bare to whoever cares to listen” kind of story. In addition, this was written during a lengthy period of depression in my life, something which essentially amounted to leading a hermit life with an occasional “Grr, world sucks, people suck, life sucks. Now let me kill off fictional characters,” thrown in. The ridiculous lack of typos and whatnot is due to a rather egregious case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And, unfortunately, concentration does not come easily to Attention Deficit Disorder afflicted individuals such as myself. I think the update is a little bit longer, but I am not entirely certain. Thanks for all of the advice!

    At Helen – Thank you! I intend to in the near future. More people like me? *shudders* Dear God, save us. Good, excellent, fantastic, thank you very much!

  4. I think it’s a good one-shot. Don’t update. =) Write more stories. Your very good. =)=)=)

  5. OCD? Well, you just found another one of them. According to Wikipedia… I am most definitely OCD. But I refused to believe that until the large majority of my friends told me that too…

    Anyway, continuing on, this is a reminder to you to UPDATE, because you are so darn awesome and this story is darned depressing but also very awesome, so…

    I think I just ran out of words but whatever…

  6. At Helen – I got really irritated in The Atlantis Complex when Eoin Colfer called OCD a common disorder and acted like Artemis Fowl was far too noble to be subject to such an affliction. It isn’t just an everyday problem. It rather often makes my life hell, and I was about to punch a hole through my computer screen when I read that line. On the plus (or minus, depending on how you look at it) side, I could really relate to Artemis in this book because last year, my case of OCD manifested itself in multiple ways, one of the lesser of which was having to do everything according to the number eight or, as Artemis would say, “12 times 5 percent” more obnoxious than his problem. Although it was primarily based on actions as opposed to Fowl’s speech obsession, I still feel like I have bragging rights or something. And I intend to exercise them. Often. And yes, I shall update. Soon. If it makes you squirm uncomfortably, I already have the next chapter written. I am just seeing how long I can string you all along. >:]

  7. Hey! I’m Poodlepom40 or PP40. 😀 I really like the way you write and I hope you write more. Welcome to FanFiction!

  8. Ah, I get it now. This story was a product of your emotions. Good emotions, bad emotions. They all inspire works of art. I write poetry when I’m sad, and funny stories when I’m happy. I always say that the best stories either come from planning, or emotions. You better not try to “string me” for too long though, because I have the Atlantis Complex too and I get really ticked off if people keep me waiting. *Evil smirk* I have a star metal sword you know, and I’m not afraid to use it so update, and fast. 🙂

  9. Artiholi180 iz watchin you ^_^ August 20th, 2010 at 5:01 am 9

    Great job, Reynolds, great job. =)
    -Dex out-

  10. I can’t bear the thought of Arty dying. Or Holly. It’s too painful. Whenever I try to think up a story of Artemis dying(gulp)I always have to do a spectacular rescue just before otherwise I will sit down and CRY. Before I read the Atlantis Complex I had heard Eoin Colfer read a chapter(1). I tormented myself before getting it.(:))

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