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Summary: Artemis paused. He saw the thin tendril of foggy breath puff out in front of him and wind its way […]

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Artemis paused. He saw the thin tendril of foggy breath puff out in front of him and wind its way upwards through the trees of the forest. Why am I here? he thought. What was I thinking? She could never love me back. He still remembered the look on Holly’s face when he had told her. The look was one of horror, shock, surprise, fear… But it lacked the one emotion he was hoping it would show. His love was not reciprocated.”I’m so sorry, Arty. It won’t work out. We’re not even the same species,” she had said.”But it will work out. Don’t you see? Don’t think so hard about it. Just-”

“Artemis!” He noticed that she hadn’t used his pet name this time. He doubted she ever would again. “You’re always the one who’s thinking! And now, the one time you decide to stop thinking, I have to think for both of us. Right now, I’m thinking you had better stop if you want to salvage any relationship that we have left.”

“But Holly…”. He reached out his hand to put it on her arm.

“Don’t touch me!” she said, jumping away from him. Her tone softened. “Don’t encourage yourself for something that can never be.” She turned and left him standing there. “I have to go back to Haven.”

He had stood there, in stunned silence. He wasn’t sure how she would react, but this was definitely not what he had been expecting. He had stayed there, stupefied, for several minutes. Then he went down the stairs, grabbed his coat, and started to leave.

“Where are you going, Artemis?” asked Butler.


Butler frowned, but he knew better than to question his master when he was in this kind of a mood.

Artemis had started walking. He wasn’t sure where he was going, only that he would know when he reached it. “It” turned out to be a small pond. Artemis looked around. He did not recognize any of his surroundings. He must have been walking for a very long time.

He sat down on a smooth, flat stone by the edge of the pond and stared at its placid surface. It was getting awfully cold now. He shivered and pulled his coat tighter around him. He looked up at the sky and felt something hit him directly between the eyes. It was a large, wet snowflake. He laughed. It was a bitter laugh, a laugh that let out all his pain, all his misery, all his pent-up anger. He looked down at the smooth surface of the lake again. A thin layer of ice was beginning to form over it.

The snow was falling harder.

Artemis stared into the water. It was interesting how his mismatched eyes flickered in his reflection. He shook his mop of raven black hair so that it was out of his eyes. There it was. A little spark in each eye. If only he looked like that in real life. If only he had a flame burning in each eye, entrancing whoever looked at him. His thin, pale lips curled up in a rueful smile. But he could be like that. Didn’t he see?

He slid down from the rock, onto the bank of the pond now. He could be like that Artemis in the water. He laughed again, but this laugh was different. It was so simple, really.

Ice crystals began to form over the skin of ice on the lake above Artemis’ serene countenance, and the snow continued to fall.

A/N- I hope that wasn’t too depressing. Please review. This is my first story on the site. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. I love the way you smoothly continued the story, transitioning from one point to another. You might want to try for more interaction between characters and maybe write a longer chapter for the update. You had some top notch grammar and spelling, and I found that I was interested after a few words. You have a gift kid. A little more concentration and you’ll be writing like a pro.

  2. I especially liked the last chapter. The status is incomplete? Then I beg you to update. We need more people like you.

    Very in character, very believable, and of course, good grammar and spelling. It made for altogether great reading. 😀

  3. At FowlStar – Why, thank you! I would have tried more interaction between characters, but I wanted it to be more of a “him and his thoughts” kind of story as opposed to “him expressing his thoughts and laying his soul bare to whoever cares to listen” kind of story. In addition, this was written during a lengthy period of depression in my life, something which essentially amounted to leading a hermit life with an occasional “Grr, world sucks, people suck, life sucks. Now let me kill off fictional characters,” thrown in. The ridiculous lack of typos and whatnot is due to a rather egregious case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And, unfortunately, concentration does not come easily to Attention Deficit Disorder afflicted individuals such as myself. I think the update is a little bit longer, but I am not entirely certain. Thanks for all of the advice!

    At Helen – Thank you! I intend to in the near future. More people like me? *shudders* Dear God, save us. Good, excellent, fantastic, thank you very much!

  4. I think it’s a good one-shot. Don’t update. =) Write more stories. Your very good. =)=)=)

  5. OCD? Well, you just found another one of them. According to Wikipedia… I am most definitely OCD. But I refused to believe that until the large majority of my friends told me that too…

    Anyway, continuing on, this is a reminder to you to UPDATE, because you are so darn awesome and this story is darned depressing but also very awesome, so…

    I think I just ran out of words but whatever…

  6. At Helen – I got really irritated in The Atlantis Complex when Eoin Colfer called OCD a common disorder and acted like Artemis Fowl was far too noble to be subject to such an affliction. It isn’t just an everyday problem. It rather often makes my life hell, and I was about to punch a hole through my computer screen when I read that line. On the plus (or minus, depending on how you look at it) side, I could really relate to Artemis in this book because last year, my case of OCD manifested itself in multiple ways, one of the lesser of which was having to do everything according to the number eight or, as Artemis would say, “12 times 5 percent” more obnoxious than his problem. Although it was primarily based on actions as opposed to Fowl’s speech obsession, I still feel like I have bragging rights or something. And I intend to exercise them. Often. And yes, I shall update. Soon. If it makes you squirm uncomfortably, I already have the next chapter written. I am just seeing how long I can string you all along. >:]

  7. Hey! I’m Poodlepom40 or PP40. 😀 I really like the way you write and I hope you write more. Welcome to FanFiction!

  8. Ah, I get it now. This story was a product of your emotions. Good emotions, bad emotions. They all inspire works of art. I write poetry when I’m sad, and funny stories when I’m happy. I always say that the best stories either come from planning, or emotions. You better not try to “string me” for too long though, because I have the Atlantis Complex too and I get really ticked off if people keep me waiting. *Evil smirk* I have a star metal sword you know, and I’m not afraid to use it so update, and fast. 🙂

  9. Artiholi180 iz watchin you ^_^ August 20th, 2010 at 5:01 am 9

    Great job, Reynolds, great job. =)
    -Dex out-

  10. I can’t bear the thought of Arty dying. Or Holly. It’s too painful. Whenever I try to think up a story of Artemis dying(gulp)I always have to do a spectacular rescue just before otherwise I will sit down and CRY. Before I read the Atlantis Complex I had heard Eoin Colfer read a chapter(1). I tormented myself before getting it.(:))

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