Search for Life (Part II)

Summary: Artemis Fowl had never felt inadequate. He had never felt lost. But Holly was gone. Yet the magic told him she wasn't dead.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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(A/N) Hi again!! This is part two of my story Search for Life (duh)… so you really won’t understand it without reading part one, which I really recommend!! Enjoy!!

Technically, this is chapter 11.

Artemis felt the passage of time, but he couldn’t begin to imagine how much. The silence was broken only occasionally by a rasping cough from Holly, who’s condition was worsening again. Opal won’t find any bodies… he thought. And then she won’t give up until she does.

At some point, Holly pressed her body against his. “We’ll stay warmer like this,” she murmured, and Artemis felt her shivering.

The pair drifted in and out of sleep, dark thoughts swirling in the silence between them.  Then, the terrifying sound that they had both been dreading: the pound of boots.

Holly and Artemis instinctively pressed closer together, and the young Irish boy felt completely cornered. His body curled automatically around Holly’s smaller one.

Opal’s shrill voice, too far away to make out the words, was carried down the passage, making Artemis’ spin tingle with dread. She’s found us…

“We have to go down,” Holly whispered.

Artemis stiffened. “Down? Holly, are you crazy? That’s a sheer drop!”

“And that,” she said, indicating the direction of Opal’s voice, “is certain death.”

Artemis saw that there was no other way. Truly, that was the only option.


Holly stood. Or tried to. That was the most frightening thing about the situation.

Holly couldn’t stand.

Her legs folded under her, and she fell with a barely audible thump. Artemis almost cried out.


Holly grunted. “I’m fine… my legs are just asleep from sitting for so long.” But when she tried again, her strength failed again. Artemis saw, in the dim light, tears of frustration, dread, and perhaps pain in her eyes.

“Come on,” he said softly, and picked up his elfin friend, slinging her onto his back.

Holly stiffened with surprise, suddenly finding herself on Artemis’ back. She could feel his heart pounding, hard and fast with fear and determination.

Artemis reminded himself to thank the twins for the endless hours of piggyback rides. Who would have thought it would come in handy? Well… if he ever got a chance to see the twins again. He felt Holly’s heart beating out a quick rhythm, and took strength from her. No problem… she weighs less than Beckett… that can’t be healthy, even for a fairy… he noted, sparing a moment for concern. Worry about health problems later. Worry about not dying now.

Flattening his stomach to the cold rock, he edged backwards, urged on by the ever closer pound of boots. He felt Holly tense on his back as he met with empty air.

Artemis Fowl slipped off into the chasm.

Clinging as best he could to the vertical wall, Artemis took a deep, steadying breath. Though he couldn’t see, the emptiness itself seemed to have a presence, and a sort of vertigo clawed at him. Holly’s fluttering heart was the only thing that kept him steady, and reminded him that both their lives hung in the balance.

They began their decent.

Artemis’ fingers gripped at the sheer rock, soon becoming slick with blood. The pace was agonizingly slow, but it was the best Artemis could do. Every inch of his body burned with strain, bones creaking and muscles stretching. Eventually, his shoes got in the way, and he kicked them off. He counted 10 seconds before they hit water. Water… there’s no way to even know if there’s any solid ground below us…

The ledge his foot was resting on crumbled. He felt his body lurch, and Holly’s heart sped. Digging his fingers in, every iota of pain vanished as he focused on protecting Holly. That meant slowing their decent.

Well, their decent didn’t slow until Artemis’ feet hit a large shelf of rock. He fell onto it with a thud, first to his knees, then his hands. Holly scrambled off his back, acutely aware of all the blood.

“Artemis? Artemis?!”

Artemis struggled to his knees with a groan. “I’m fine…” he grunted, tearing strips off of his jacket to wrap his hands and feet.

“Don’t you have any magic left?” Holly asked imploringly.

Artemis shook his head. “No…” For a moment, he was back on that frigid train, and reminded himself of the magic he had taken from Holly. He would save every spark he had no for her.

Pulling the makeshift bandages tight, he stood up. “We should keep moving.”

No sooner had he said it then a light pierced the darkness. Both human and fairy looked up to see a search light shining from the tunnel.

“Get down!” hissed Holly, her training kicking in. Artemis didn’t need to be told twice, his legs already week with fear and exhaustion. He flopped to the stone, allowing Holly to collapse on top of him.

The light hit them, accompanied by a high-pitched cackle. “Look at the lovely blood! We’ve found our corpses!” Opal giggled, sounding delighted.

This might just work… Artemis thought hopefully.

“But we’re too deep for our instruments to work reliably… let’s just make sure, shall we?”

Artemis felt himself tense, and opened his eyes a crack just in time to see the neutrino blast that hit the rock shelf. The stones crumbled, and he found himself in freefall.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. CLIFFIE. ANNOYING. But a good cliffie.

    TYPOS: I got really annoyed that you kept spelling “descent” decent. Other typos, as well, but perfectly intelligible.

    IC. Good writing. Pretty angst. Also short. Very professional. ‘Tis great. I am happy that you’re STILL WRITING THIS! HAHAHAHAHHA

    Dramatic. Good use of descriptions.

    FCD (I was first commenter on Part I too! XD)

  2. Oops… I’ll fix that… ^^; I blame spell check and auto-correct…

  3. Oh mah goodness its amazing!! thx for updating, and DO IT MORE. The story sounds like it should be in a proffesional novel! good job!
    **2nd comment dance**

  4. Oh my gosh! This one was really short but it was REALLY good! Please update soon!!


    And now I will spare a second to sound like a twittering, annoying songbird: “Quality, not quantity!”

    Foaly forgive me, Trouble forgive me, Julius forgive me, THAT WAS PERFECT. IT WAS GREAT! It was something I hadn’t foreseen, deferring to OPAL.

    The second-countdown was good as well, but not as good, because it’s been used a lot. You used it well, though, I’ll give you credit for that.

    Some typos got in the way of the fluency, and generated a temporary and annoying moment of confusion. Nevertheless, I’m glad you’ve pressed on for updating, and the work “rock” was overused a bit. Some descriptives were confusing, but I figured it out and it’s fine.

    Usually, I get annoyed if it says “black blanket of sleep draped over,” “blackness claimed him,” but with the water thing, it really worked out.



  7. OMG! NO ARTY CAN’T BE DEAD!!!! Oh and, please update soon! It’s so good!!

  8. Please update soon!! It’s really really good!!

  9. UPDATE or feel the wrath of sunclan!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. are u a fan of warrior cats

  10. I am!! I already said but please, please, PLEASE! Update soon!

  11. Hey, don’t beat yourself up. It was fine!

    Ok, it was short. Sigh.

  12. sunclan is pleased … for now

  13. @ BTAF
    Haha, thanks! and yeah, I’m a HUGE fan of Warriors! lightningpelt is the Warrior name I made up for myself! lol, glad you’re enjoying the story!!

    @ wrr0rzxpurrt
    haha, thanks…
    sorry… I’m trying!!

    And to EVERYBODY…
    I’m sorry this is taking so long… I have major writers block… I’m going to try to get the next chapter up tonight or tomorrow… promise!!

  14. I knew it! Moment I saw your username, I was like, Sounds… Warriors-like. I don’t know if I already told you this, but my username stands for Warriors Expert, therefore my nickname is WE.

    Lightningpelt is a VERY cool name. On the name generator, know what I got? Hawkshadow. How emo is that? And even worse, I get ShadowClan for my Clan. It makes me seem so EMO!

    To tell you what I actually thought of the update, the ending was very good. Only healing externally? Hmph, didn’t think that was possible, but it’s definitely an interesting thought.

    But Holly doesn’t need to know.

    Amazing cliffhanger… If I liked cliffies. Which I don’t. I can appreciate their quality, but it leaves me sad.

    Plus, since you haven’t posted it last night, that means it’ll be up TODAY!! WOOT! I’ll be watching this…

    -Stares at the computer and keeps refreshing every other minute-

    Well, that would be a bit creepy… But I will be watching. *cackle*

    Also, nice way of portraying anger. The furious-ness part. Yeah.

    Also, I’m the only person who doesn’t give you freezes! Sheez guys, at least put some thought into your comments!

    Quote BTAF: sunclan is pleased… for now


  15. I’m very sorry for doubleposting, but Lightningpelt, I think (coughIKNOW) you promised an update…

  16. I’m tripleposting now… getting desperate. DUDE, ARE YOU THERE!?!??

    And sorry AA, but this needs to be revived. WHERE ARE YOU!?!?
    WE, y’know, for someone who complains about spam, you’re beginning to do it a lot.

  17. i agree with WE


  19. I really enjoyed it! Watch your grammar though. I can’t wait for more! Pls post more!!

  20. Fowlfan4ever June 21st, 2011 at 2:26 am 20

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. FowlsGirl123 June 21st, 2011 at 2:49 pm 21


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