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Summary: 'Binary star system': "a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation."

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I don’t own any of the (implied) characters in this poem.

Yeesh. I go out to write a nice little A/M poem to challenge meself – I’m not a big fan of the pairing – and it turns out A/H . . .  Ah, well. The Dwarf is supposed to be Holly (Dwarf star? Get it?) before you all have a heart attack, but I suppose . . . hehe . . .

This can be interpreted a couple ways. Review and let me know what you think!Any questions and I will answer with what I intended, though it can always be interpreted differently. Con crit welcome! 




Caught by the gravity

Astounded by the light

Blinded by the opportunity

Of dancing ‘round the sky


Night is exponential

They create it with their eyes –

Twirling nodes of ­­swirling gas

Bantering with lies


Then one is drawn backwards

By the Dwarf with blue brights;

Knocked out of circuit to be

Gliding side by side


Now caught by the gravity

Still astounded by the light

Crippled by the opportunity

And abandoned to the sky


Yeah, I know it isn’t scientifically correct. WELL, I’M NOT AN ASTROLOGIST, OKAY?

Sorry, I’m just sick. And miserable. :/

Oh, yes, and Tress – I get it. No pressure. 🙂

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4 responses to “Revolutionary.” Join in!

  1. Absent_Minded_Professor September 18th, 2012 at 9:28 pm 1

    I have to say something, but I don’t want to edit because it will update . . . Anyway, I meant “astronomer,” in the author’s notes. Not “astrologist.” Hehe . . . whoops . . .

  2. the huntress (or tress) September 19th, 2012 at 10:47 pm 2

    1: oh.. haha, I did not even notice the astronomer thang. lol…

    2: The poem.. I LOVE IT!!! (I envy ye peeps who can do poetry..sigh…) I would totally give con-crit, but as I am unable to write any poetry, I can’t and won’t find anything wrong. 🙂

    And you better not write an A/M … grrrrr.
    A/H for ever!!!

    I’m sorry your sick. 🙁 Get Better soon!!!!

    …Oh, and has anyone noticed that the animporphs crossover seems permanently stuck there? It won’t leave… ???

    1. Thank ya for reviewing, as always. 🙂
    2. Yeah, me neither, until I’d ALREADY PUBLISHED . . . grr.
    3. Thanks! (for the compliments and wish-well)
    4. Believe me, I won’t try that again. It was horrifying. *shudders*
    5. I know! It’s so weird . . . Somebody should fix that.

    Popping in here. The system on her is being derpy(weird – not working right on and off) lately. I know, and I believe AA does as well. Remember: try to keeps your comments on topic with the story. Talking about the Animoprphs fic is off topic. 🙂 Anyways, I know there is a problem. Oh I see that you, Absent, approved this comment. Please leave that to the editors in the future. It’s part of their job.

  3. Deep, but stil cool. Cool title as well. You should enter one of those Scholastic writing contests.
    Get better soon, update, and yeah, I’m beginning to get seriously ticked at that glitch with the Animorphs crossover.

    Funny thing to cheer you up: Imagine your science teacher trying to convince the class she has unicorns for pets and breeds them as a second job. Also, they live right outside the window, but they don’t come near because we’re too loud. My science teacher, Mrs. Smith, actually did this in calss today. She’s possibly crazy. Refer back to the time when she said Dora the Explorer was her friend and mimiced her.
    *I’m sorry for having a long comment, just bored and carried away*

    Wow, thanks! I’ll consider that.
    AHAHAHA! Thanks, I love quirky teachers. One of mine put a stick on his head and walked out into the hall, then yelled at people who stared at him. Yeah . . . *off subject*
    And it’s no prob. The longer the better. 😉
    Thank ye the 2nd (real) review!

    To let you guys know about the ArtemisFowl/Animorphs crossover fic, I found the problem and fixed it. No need to worry. :]

  4. @AMP i figured out a way to uptade!!! what you do is you go to the uptade screen, edit it, let it autosave… then close it, then go back to the story editer and restore the story, then it will uptade 😀

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