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Half of my Heart

Summary: Just one more pointless piece of poetry from yours truly.

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“Sorry, Artemis, I was late,” Holly gasped, breathless, as she rescued herself and her friend from the rain. They stumbled together into the huge Fowl Manor door, Artemis’s face half-hidden by shadows and a soggy green hat, his suit mud-splattered and rain-warped. He–pardon the pun–was lugging his luggage, gasping and shaking himself.
“No, really, it’s no bother,” he muttered, unable to look up into her eyes, certain he must look terrible although he knew that she had seen him looking worse. “You weren’t all that late,” he added, feeling like an oaf and wishing, for not the first time, that Orion had been there to handle the situation with grace.
“Anyway, you’re out of the ward!” Holly said brightly, her smile turning to confusion as Artemis’s weary mismatched eyes rose up to meet hers. He had been scarred, physically and psychologically, by every ‘healing’ event that had taken place in Jerbal Argon’s ward. Holly did not know this–indeed, no one knew this. But Artemis had been extremely jarred by Orion’s death. He had lost the use of his primary emotions–love, hate, fear–and it had taken him a while to find the motivation to eat or drink. Only residual feelings for Holly herself, every time she had come to visit him, had meant the reluctant return of his emotions, and only in a small quantity. Artemis needed help, but he was loath to return to the ward.
“Are you okay?” Holly asked, anger becoming apperant on her face as Artemis looked down and didn’t respond. “If Jerbal hurt you…” Her hand went automatically to the buzz baton on her belt, and Artemis winced. “He…didn’t hurt me. Intentionally,” Artemis added.
Holly’s mouth opened, questions ready to pour out of it. Then she closed it reluctantly. “Okay. But if you need help, you only have to tell me, remember? And also remember that if you want, I can easily get Argon arrested…”
Artemis shook his head. “No. Argon has done nothing wrong.”
Holly nodded slowly, but said nothing. She simply let it go. “Artemis, call me, okay? Let me know how you’re doing.” She began to walk out the door.
Artemis was in no mood for banter, but he managed to call out at Holly’s retreating back, “Stab Foaly for me, please.” Holly’s reply was a half-hearted, worried chuckle. Then she turned her shield on, and she was gone.
Artemis knew that fairy law deemed that Holly was never going to be able to see him again. He was almost reluctant to close the door, and he almost went into a fit.
Artemis closed the door behind her with a sigh. There goes half of my heart.

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  1. I was going to say “welcome to the site” until I realized that the stories under your name are actually Ohan’s stories. So you’re OHAN! No wonder it’s so good XD.

    It’s kinda weird that everything’s centered, but I don’t mind too much. Everything is IC and fluffeh, and it makes sense. TAC spoiler alert, though. Actually, is there anyone who HASN’T read it yet?

    Only mistake I found was that apparent is spelled as so. That’s it. Very nice, Ohan, very nice.

    I like the new username, by the way.

    I’d say update right about here –> but it’s a oneshot.

    FCD. Great job(AGAIN)

  2. Thanks! The new username was actually a mistake. I didn’t notice it till now. *blush*

  3. great job!!!!!
    (i have a headache so thats it)

  4. Beckett Simpleton December 28th, 2010 at 1:27 am 4


    Sorry, but seriously, 5/5 man 😛

  5. Mr liki. This fic makes me want to cry, not that’s it bad.
    If any fic makes me want to cry, then it’s really good.

    Although, how did Orion die? And why can’t Holly ever see Artemis again? Well, it’s one shots, so I guess I have to my imagination.*****/*****
    -Diana Fowl 😀

  6. Beckett’s right. We SHOULD have a favorite button on this site. 🙂 Great job. I didn’t see anything wrong, (gramatically speaking) and it was just…wow. I love the ending.

    Yay for Ohan. :mrgreen:

    -Star* (Merry Christmas and a happeh new year.)

  7. *weepy* That ACTUALLY just about made me cry. Spectacular writing! Very grammatically smooth. IC, very IC. You nailed the emotions without being too sappy. Two thumbs up! Also two big toes up! (If that’s not too weird. 😉 )

  8. I loved the ending. 🙂
    But I also agree with Diana-what happened? Please don’t make this a one-shot, I won’t be able to bear it.

  9. A strange thing, but I do enjoy one-shots. Your story was interesting and gave me a frightening future for Artemis.

    Some strange use of words, like “Loath” in the beginning. Not the right word I believe to use. Also your third paragraph is a little muddled with the emotion talk with Holly. I got the idea anyhow. And a lot of use of the word “reluctant”. Such as unwillingly, or averse.

    Still a great One-Shot and a deserving 5 star story.

    -Mr. Butler

  10. Orion is dead.You can’t kill me off!!!!I am a prominent character 1n AF:book 8!!!Oh,well….I’m dead….How did I die,anyway???

  11. Oh, I’m sorry, Orion! I hope you’re okay, even though you’re dead…

    Good story. Poor Artemis. Very touching, you could do a sequel where it all comes rushing back… Or you could leave it like that.

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