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Going Cold

Summary: Please, R&R! And tell me, should I add more of a story to this in my spare time?  Holly  When people […]

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Please, R&R! And tell me, should I add more of a story to this in my spare time? 


When people think of Artemis’s death, they think of something dramatic; something clever. No. It wasn’t like that.

His cold body, cleaned of bloodstain, lay stone silent in the casket. He was dressed in a fine suit- like always. He almost could have been sleeping. But the real Artemis wouldn’t be so careless.

I approched him, thinking. He was careless enough to die. He could weasel his way past the best security in the world, invent anything imaginable -kidnap a very certain elf- and yet he strolled into death’s hands. The worst part was, he knew where he was going. Artemis knew he was going to die.

I will never forget what I saw when I looked at him for the last time. It scarred me, no pun intended. Dead, not-Artemis, was holding the last thing live Artemis ever held: a knife. The knife he used to kill himself.



I twirled the knife between my fingers. It was rusted with tears and stained with blood. My tears, and my blood. Holly’s words hung in the air, and rang in my ears. Here they came again: I don’t care, Artemis, go live with Minerva! I. Don’t. Care! And then I thought about Holly. I wonder if she will miss me. Goodbye world…



Artemis, there’s a reason I didn’t care then. My tears fell, and were absorbed instantly by his thirsty, dead skin. Your plans… they are so evil… I would have looked into his eyes, but he no longer had eyes to look into. Whatever I said then, I don’t mean it now.

A happy note. That’s what I need. Achevements…?

Kidnaping an elf.

Holding the People to ransom.

Stealing magic. 

Giving his own mother a rare, fatal farie disease.

Artemis, your heart is cold, just like your body. I love you, but what kind of monster have I fallen for?


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  1. That’s… Very angst. Good, though, even though you everly so constantly deny it. FCD!

  2. ooh… very angsty and clever. I never would have thought…
    very cool story. I wish you would keep it going! 😀

  3. Holly’s part was much better then Artemis’. Make his part longer, more detail.
    Holly’s parts were long enough, and very IC. I loved the first line, but maybe make a prolouge. It seemed like something a fan would say, not Holly.

  4. Beckett Simpleton October 5th, 2010 at 5:29 pm 4

    Wow. This /is/ depressing! V. angst-y though. You did a good job!

  5. Ooooh angsty. Whilst I prefer Holly’s, I do think that Arty’s part should be just a tad bit longer. I really wish people would do sequels to one-shots *sigh* you know what else I miss, shared fics. 🙁

    Oh btw there are just a couple of spelling errors e.g.achievements not achevements and fairies or faeries.

    Also, could you explain why Artemis appears to be nonchalantly twirling a knife while he is dying I just personally don’t think I’d be doing that. I’d prefer if he sort of stared at the blade on the floor when he drops it and contemplating what he has just done. But that’s just me and this has been a very long comment so I shall stop.

    Have a marshmellow since I haven’t given them out recently 😉

  6. I thought it was good and that you should add more. It is more like real life that anything else and that is what caught my attention

  7. For some reason, I love fanfics were Artemis commits [or tries to commit] suicide, and this is one of the best on the site. I couldn’t find any major mistakes at all. Keep up your excellent writing. :D:D:D:D:D

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