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Summary: A little angstfic. It's new for me, and I've never tried this before. Go easy please.

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Strangely enough, I got this idea from my english book. It said, “Write a poem comparing envy and a wasp sting.” So here I am. It was, to me, very inspirational. This can be any ship you want, not including any names. R&R please.

I sit here, and watch them laughing. I feel as thouch I have been stung by a wasp. The pain is unbearable. I want to run away, but I’m forced to sit there, watching. Why can’t that be me? Shall I compare envy to a two-edged sword? There is always a goal, something to work for. But it always comes back. This is what I deserve. Why do I deserve it? Because I am me. So many things I feel. So many things, so overwhelming. I have to move, have to speak, have to do something. But I can’t. I’m too weak. I was always too weak for him. He never wanted me; he never will want me. Why did I ever think? Why did I have to be this way? Why can’t I be good enough for him? He knows I’m here now, I’m sure of it.

Hope, of course. That’s why. I feel only two things now; hope and envy. That persistent hope that never dies. Envy that has cursed me ever since I met him. Not even the sharpest blade, the strongest gun, the largest weapon can compare to what I feel now. The all consuming hurt that will never leave me.



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  1. It’s kind of confusing.

  2. Yes, a short angstfic, might be a drabble since I don’t really know what that is…can someone please tell me?

  3. i really enjoyed that it was meaninful to.

  4. i don’t really get it…

  5. Very meaningful, the parts aboutr the guns fits holly , the parts about ” envy since i met him” fits minerva but since none of them in my opianion feel thatway it fits neither all the smae it fits both , ackward but still amazingly written.

  6. it really fits envy from my point of view. nice job!

  7. Aaaaaw..thanks you guys….:)

  8. who’s it about? that confuzzled me, just a little. please explain!

  9. it could be eitheir shipper u want.

  10. it fits all of them,,,basiclly anyone

  11. Lovely.
    Constructed criticizing: Write in a more poetic format.

    That’s it. That is how good you are. Congrats.

  12. I reread it and understand it better good job!

  13. I get it now! vey cool.

  14. Demon_Obsession January 29th, 2008 at 8:02 am 14

    a bit confusing at first, but it’s versatile, it fits with anyone. Now you won’t be killed by people who strongly support some of the ships.

  15. ArtemisFowl III February 2nd, 2008 at 2:53 am 15

    I thought it was great.Incredibly sophisticated.I felt as if I was reading a poem by Robert Frost.Very good.

  16. I like it, to me it kda fits H/T, except that Troubles dating Lily and Holly’s envious.

  17. mahi101 AF Fan February 24th, 2008 at 2:58 am 17

    wow…. yeah that too.

  18. i probably sound nutso, but i think this works for 2 couples:
    artyholly, obviously.
    wait 4 it…..
    juliet n mulch.

    yeah, im nutso.

    good story!

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