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Summary: Name: Elizabeth Pairing: Artemis/OC/Holly Rating: ???? Uh K+? Background: well I wanted to do a story with Arty and Maximum […]

Chapters: 1 2

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Name: Elizabeth
Pairing: Artemis/OC/Holly
Rating: ???? Uh K+?
Background: well I wanted to do a story with Arty and Maximum Ride…but no one around here knows who Maximum Ride is!


Artemis Fowl came home from school one day when he was eighteen, ready to spend a relaxing holiday with his family. H opened the door, calling out, “Mother, father, I’m home!”
What he saw suprised him. His parents were standing in the foyer, but beside them was a young lady. No older than Artemis himself, she was very beautiful. Her eyelashes were almost half an inch long, her hair was waist-length and golden blonde, her sky-blue eyes sparkled and her skin glowed. 
But…who was she?
“Arty, darling,” his mother beamed. “This is Elizabeth Gardener, she just moved into the chateau next door.”
“Y-yes, mother,” Artemis stuttered, at a loss for words once again. He could seem to take his eyes off Elizabeth—she was just so beautiful. Once again, puberty strikes.


Chapters: 1 2

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  1. I know who Maximum Ride is! *Feels hurt* 😀

    PLEASE continue.

  2. No one knows MaxRide? AHHHH, but she’s my second-favorite birdkid, with my favorite sucky plot!!! And they almost got Rpatz to play her loverboy, Fang, in the movie!!! *discloses random MR info*

    Umm . . . I call difference. Max isn’t all that stunning. She’s cute, yeah, but she’s not “holyfrickingjeebusthischickhastobeamodel”. She IS half-bird. Let’s remember this.

    Umm, I have to agree with the “please continue”, ’cause absolutely nothing has happened yet, and I’m kinda curious.

    Will they FINALLY defeat Itex- or is Artemis Itex? *strokes imaginary beard* I must know.

  3. haha. Puberty strikes. Lol. Who is Maximum Ride?

  4. The bird chick. FANG ROCKS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH

  5. Oh, yeah, but Angel rocks more.

  6. Seriously? Iggy/Gasman/Total 4eva!!1!!! They’re too funny.

    “So, we’re tadpoles?”

    “I vill now eat da snicka bahs!”

    “I’ll take a cookie, I have no pride.

  7. I agree with all of TWS’ comments.
    Especially the bit baout stroking fake beard and
    UPDATE cos I’m curious.

  8. one word.ok maybe two words. UPDATE SOON!

  9. I wish I could’ve said it taht bluntly aswell lol.
    So what are you waiting for Ohan? Are you gonna upadte or am I going to have to hunt you down and force you to?

  10. Be scared, be very scared.
    Me and Princess Bubbles (our new hamster..dont ask my older sister named it) will be visiting very soon 😈

  11. oh dont worry Princess Bubbles is only eight weeks old and we only got her today so she’s still AWFULLY shy.
    It’s me you have to worry about most…maybe I should bring my best mate (You know the idiot who’s mind doesn’t register how I feel about him) maybe you can kock some sense into him.

  12. Happy to *brings out baseball bat*
    Can you knock some sense into MY idiot crush? I’d be very grateful 😈

  13. Yep.
    *draws katana and calls up my mates…who unlike me are very tall and intimidating*
    Ok so which one is he?
    *starts staring at random guys*

  14. The blonde one with the…bright…blue…eyes…*sigh*

  15. Ok well HE’S the one with the silky mahogany hair (that’s right it’s not brown and it’s not’s mahogny) and bright brown eyes….oh and the bright pink lips.
    They’re not red they’re just the most gorgeous shade of pink that stand out against hi skin….*sighs too*
    Please dont bruise his beautiful face or I might cry…a whack on teh head will do.

  16. *scans random boys*
    I see him! *whack*
    Random guy: HEY! Who are you?!?!
    Me: Opps wrong guy 😳

  17. *finds the right guy and gives him a whack*
    Did I do it?

  18. Nope, he’s actually just textd saying he had fun at his cricket practise and he’s sorry he didn’t text earlier but he was at hsi mates.
    He says the movie last night was good. (Percy jackson)
    You didn’t get the right one.
    *Whacks random boy with hilt of the sword*
    Uh-oh sorry random boy!
    I cant find him Ohan! maybe he knows I’m after him…oh blonde boy with blue eyes where are you?

  19. Just look for a terrified screech or two 😉

  20. GET HIM
    *Hits guy with hilt of sword*
    Uh-oh so sorry Ohn don’t kill me.
    I kinda hit to low down and whacked him in the face.
    He has a nice red raw bruise across his cheek in the shape of my katana hilt.

  21. It’s ok. I won’t kill you. Just tell me, is he acting sensible now?

  22. No err..he actually seems slightly dizzy.

  23. *paramedics arive*
    Paramedic: I’m afraid he’s gone…sensible.
    Ohan: YES! I mean…how awful!

  24. Tou: *pats Ohan gentally on the hand* There there Ohan no need to get teary. *laughs on the inside*
    Ok so where’s our next victim? Txts HIM and asks him where he is…
    Oh no Ohan he’s at home watching telly with his two lil bro! DANG. any idea how we get him out of there?

  25. Lure him with the smell of spagetti. No one can resist…*evil laugh*

  26. True…now to find some spaghetti.
    I have to go, I’m meant to be making dinner..maybe we can get him tommorow?

  27. Sure, Toushi, tomorrow would be fine. Where I am, it’s only 1:30 🙂

  28. It’s half six but I’m making moo shoo chicken which takes awhile….
    He comes over to my house every morning at six to do kickboxing lessons with my bro…maybe I’ll tie him up afterwards.

  29. Give him one from me 😈

  30. Trust me, he’ll be just as sensible as J***** (real name classified) after you give him a good @ss whipping with Katana

  31. Ugh I cant hurt A****!
    It’ll be painful enough tying him up!!!
    Is it Justin? It’s the only name that fits!

  32. I know Max Ride! Please continue! 🙂

  33. I must read Max Ride… But don’t feel to bad. No one but Silver knows what Ranger’s Apprentice is. 🙁 😥 😥 😥 🙁



    I’d support any crossover if you did one! *chants ‘Iggy is awesome’ under breath so quietly the people around me aren’t even sure they heard anything*


  35. No, not Justin..there are other names.
    Justin is the only boy in my class who I HAVEN’T like at one point or another. And Joe. NOBODY likes Joe.

  36. UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!!! Who’s the author of Maximum Ride? I’ve decided to read it. =)=)

  37. I know….I go to an all girls school now but I went to a mixed primary school
    (for anyone who doesn’t know how the school years go In England Primary school is school between the years of 3-11.)
    and there was a boy called Joe…and Joel and yea nobody liked them and they hated each other so they didn’t have a preety good school life…
    How can you not know Maximum Ride? OMG! I’m going to faint….
    It’s by James Patterson…one of the most amazing writers ever!!

  38. myles smarty-pants February 17th, 2010 at 9:03 pm 41

    liked the end bit was very funny I know that ‘maximum ride’ is book by James Patterson my mum & nanna like his books but i haven’t read any myself

  39. I’ll read it. You guys kinda scare me. . .

  40. If I tell you the name of the guy, do you promise not to tell?

  41. If you search his name up on the Internet, it’ll come up with a pic that was in a newspaper. Want to know it>

  42. I’ve been planning to read Maximum Ride over the summer ever since I found out that Maximum was a girl(Cuz you can NEVER find GIRL main charecters, all the authors just GOTTA pick a boy… So annoying…) but my dad banned me from fiction until school starts. Today was my second day, but I’m so not used to it and it’ll take a while before I go to the library, so I haven’t gotten to it yet… But I will read it. Writer’s block?! WRITER’S BLOCK?! I’m having some myself XD.

  43. A "Fowl" Visitor September 11th, 2011 at 9:11 pm 46

    I agree with one of the many above comments; Max isn’t THAT good-looking. Actually, if I recall right, she’s actually rather plain? Anyways, this is interesting, so, update when you get over your writer’s block.

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