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Deadly Melody

Summary: Warning! SPOILERS FOR TLG!!!!! (post TLG)

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A/N: Okay, I know I haven’t updated this in , like, three weeks, but it’s spring break and I have nothing better to do, so here I am. I don’t know if you noticed, but I accidentally hit Publish when I was drafting chapter 6, so it posted half of the chapter. It is now officially complete, so anyone who actually reads this story might want to go read the second half. I will probably update this again this week, but no promises. I am hoping for this story to hit somewhere between 12-15 chapters, but I’ll only keep going if people stay interested. I hope y’all enjoy.

Artemis and Holly glanced at one another, hardly daring to believe what was right in front of them. Holly attempted to draw her Neutrino, but it wasn’t there.

“Looking for this?” she smirked, brandishing the gun. Unseen by them, Ismyra had taken the gun.

Hollys’ eyes widened in shock.

“Hmmm… you deserve a sporting chance. That’s more than you gave me, but I’m known for my kindness to traitors to their own kind.” she said, a cruel smile stretching  across her face.

Almost word for word what Opal Koboi had said when she trapped them in the exhibit.

The gun arced through the air and Holly snatched it, taking aim and firing before she even touched the ground. Time seemed to slow as the sirens’ lightning-fast reflexes took action. She waved her hand in front of the blast and it dissipated before it came within three feet of the girl.

“‘Hmmm… and here I thought with weapon you’d be a challenge.” she murmured, almost lazily. “Just give me what I came for and I’ll be on my merry way.”

“Not a chance.” hissed Holly. Artemis had been creeping back towards the control panel, Obsidia assumed, out of fear, but then he hit a button and a small panel slid out of the ceiling. Something shot of it, heading straight towards her.

“No!” shouted a voice from the shadows. A blond streak put itself between her and the missile, taking the hit for her. Collapsing on the floor in a fit of convulsions, was another siren, a male.

“Soren!” Obsidia shrieked. She dropped to her knees beside him and began checking his vital signs.

Artemis looked blankly at the boy on the floor, for all his smarts, not comprehending what had just happened.

Obsidia looked up at him, murderous rage seething in her eyes. “What the hell did you do to him?!” she yelled.

Artemis was only barely able to answer, stuttering for the second time that day.”I-It was a concentrated sedative mixed with holy water. It w-was engineered for you specifically. If his magic is even  less than half a percent weaker than yours, it could kill him” he looked at her, fear blooming in his eyes.

Her furious expression, if possible, grew more and more livid with every word. She said only two words, but they hung in the air like a guillotine over their heads, “Fix. Him.”

Holly slung the unconscious boy over her shoulder and turned to Artemis.

“Lead the way.”


The heart monitor beeped unevenly as Sorens’ heart struggled against the poison in his body. He glowed with a soft white aura that pulsed as his magic fought to counteract the drugs.

Obsidia gazed at his sculpted features, one hand clasping his, the other rubbing her temple.

“How long?” her voice low, but clear, over the machines.

“Given the magic saturation from his blood sample, I’d say about four days.” said Artemis in a detached voice, concealing his nervousness beneath a smooth, emotionless mask.

“If you don’t save him, I swear, I will kill you all.” she said in the same calm tone as before, making the vow all the more sinister.

Artemis swallowed hard, trying not to imaging all of the gruesome things she could do, and failing miserably.

“Do you even have a cure?” she asked.

He glanced at her nervously, but her gaze was still on the boys’ face. “Ah, well, theoretically, it is possible we could-”

“Just spit it out Mud Whelp!” she yelled, her tone revealing the desperation that lie just beneath her ruthless exterior.

“There is a chance you could save him if you used your power to heal him, but only after a drug is administered. The drug will counteract the natural repulsion sirens magic has to one another. But there is no guarantee the drugs’ effect will take hold. You may just end up killing him.” he said.

She stared at Soren for several minutes more before answering. “What choice do I have? If I don’t try, he will die anyway. How long will it take to make this drug?” she asked, still not looking at him.

“At least two days, possibly three.” he said.

“Get to work.”

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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  1. you maybe new,but you’re sort of good. i liked it,and i’ll be grateful if you keep it going. i just turned 11 last month and usually haaate too much romance but this was really good

  2. @shaadia- thanks. This is only the second fanfic I have written and the first AF. I’m glad you liked it

    When I updated it randomly added a third chapter, but its blank. I don’t know how that happened but I will try to fix it.

  3. Your new? Welcome to the sight! I myself just joined a little while back. I haven’t written any fan fics though.
    Nice story! I really liked it! Where did Holly go? Why was she so mad? I thought what Artemis said was kind of sweet.
    So far so good. :)Please update! I’m curious to see what happens next. ???

  4. hi silvergoddess i saw chapter two only now. Great job! And don’t worry about the third chapter being blank,that happens in a lot of stories,i guess. So far,i love this fic. i’m adding it to my favourites when you write more!

  5. Alright, I managed to get the chapters under control and I updated. Chapter 3 officially contains WORDS. I also have a new songfiction up called I Can’t Fix You.

  6. Glad u updated chappie 3 and its great. i read your songfic left a review now 2 be honest i am trying to come up with a theory why everyone’s better than me now IT IS BECAUSE YOURE OLDER AND THERE CANT BE ANY OTHER REASON COS IM BETTER THAN EVERYONE IN CLASS ahem,sorry. good story,keep writing,i will add 2 my favs *smilie face*

  7. Actually I’m not sure it has anything to do with me being older, but I do read a lot. I go through seven or eight 2 inch library books in a week NOT KIDDING. Its really helped with my spelling and vocabulary. I’m glad you like them! I like sad stories so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of them.

  8. Yeah maybe. but it has to be natural talent,because even i read books that are taller than me in diameter. well whatever. i’ll admit i actually am better than everyone in class and am trying ,not too hard,but trying,to maintain the status. silver,can i ask you a favour? PLEASE GIVE ME A BETTER TITLE FOR TIME PARADOX PART TWO, I’M FACING OCD AND GOING PARANOID PLUS MY ALTER EGO IS WORSE THAN ARTY’S!!!! pleasee continue your totally awesome story,honestly i log in daily to see what else you’ve added.

  9. I’m glad you like my stories. I’m going to update at lunch today and I’m also adding a new songfic and poem. I have no real life and i was up until midnight-ish typing it all.

    As for the time paradox thing…hmmm…not sure. Maybe something like Right Place Wrong Time or The Time Travaler’s Genius.

    I updated chapter four. I tried to make it longer too. Review!

  10. wow yeah,love 4th chappie. this is REAL intresting. write more silver,pls read my stories too,specially cos no one likes them:( i give u 5 stars though yours was awesome.

  11. Erm… chapter 5 is updated, but something weird happened and all of my paragraph spacing and indentations got screwed up. I’m going to leave it up for now, but I will fix it.

  12. chapter 5 is really good. also no spelling errors and stuff-spacing doesn’t actually matter to me if the story is good,which it is. keep it up!

  13. sexxicosmologist February 7th, 2013 at 2:55 am 13

    Hi I’m commenting!! 😀 I really do like your fic! I should have commented on it when I added it to my favorites but I was being lazy… so Sorry!



    No offence anybody else. I ADDED THIS 2 MY FAVS COS YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

    *invades comment* Ah actually, I didn’t mean to update! This was my work in progress and I must have updated by accident! FIXING NOW!!!

  15. yay update u have no idea how long i was waiting!

  16. was soo friggin awesome! so glad u updated! excuse me now,i have WWYD to look at!

  17. i am not ignoring that chapter. i still like the story and im totally pissed off that nobody else is commenting, silver deserves more. her writing is totally awesome and i start jumping about in excitement whenever shes posted something!

  18. YES!! update! *lollipop dance*
    I love those! Just so long as you update quickly…
    Thank you! You updated this awesome story just for me? Aww! That’s so nice of you!

  19. Woo-ooh, it’s been a while! Thank you so much for updating! Me love it all! (hey, the cliffhanger doesn’t count 😉 ) Keep it up, Sil!

  20. Yeah, really good work! And I’m glad to see somebody posting, and to see you back on, if only briefly. 🙂 I did see a few small mistakes, but I won’t bothe pointing them out cause of how small they are, they don’t make much difference. Still, really great work! I’ll watch for the updates! 😀

  21. wow. i always love your updates. they’re amazing.

  22. ThunderSpirit October 4th, 2013 at 9:59 pm 22

    Hello. This fix is amazing and your updates are great!????

  23. Oops. I tried placing a happy face. Anyway you are really good.

  24. Nah, it’s not as good as the Rise of the Guardians I have on It’s called Cold Insanity and has hit over 120 reviews last I checked. That’s my best story, and my favorite that I’ve written so far.

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