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Deadly Melody

Summary: Warning! SPOILERS FOR TLG!!!!! (post TLG)

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A/N: Okay, I know I have gotten lazy about updating, but I couldn’t think of anything good to make for a whole chapter, but now I feel like a total slacker, so I am going to update anyway, but if it sucks, oh freaking well, I’ll do a better chapter later. *blows own unruly hair out of face and glares, irritated at screen and wonders why writers block only strikes after the action was posted*

     I also added an update to What Would YOU Do to see if I could get inspiration. I did for there, but not this. Here goes nothing…

     Holly walked into the surveillance room beside the prison-cell basement, seeing Artemis studying the screens intently. The siren was tugging vaguely on the cuffs, but made no attempt to break them. She tried to rub her fingers together and summon magic, but the residual holy water would suppress it few another few hours.

Artemis glanced up from the monitors, then turned completely around to face her. Before he said anything, Holly held up her hand to silence him. He looked like he wanted to press on anyway, but, wisely, decided against it.

” I know what you’re going to say, but hear me out first. It’s possible that I had overreacted a bit when you initially, well, you know. But you were in a complicated position. However,” she held up her hand again to Artemis’ bewildered expression, “I do want to know where such a reply came from.”

Artemis stood there in a stunned silence before composing himself to answer. “I’m not entirely sure where that came from, either, but I was unprepared for such a question and panicked. I knew one way or another you would be angry ay my answer, so I answered as honestly as I could without making a fool out of myself. Especially when I was in charge of my own actions.” he added with a wry smile.

“When, exactly, did this self- revelation occur? When was this epiphany?” asked Holly in a slightly more irritated tone.

“Ah, actually, when you were trying to land the solar plane on the driveway. All I could think was how I wished I could replay that moment in time. How fierce and beautiful you were in the heat of battle. Not shying away, but attacking the situation with a glowing vigor. How simply magical you are, how you have been all along.” he answered quietly. He looked up at her and everything she had been denying since Rathdown Park burst through her precariously built mental barriers and rushed out like a river whos dam had just broken. The tender care in his eyes that had been there all along was now increased tenfold, no, a hundredfold. When she could hold them no more, tears spilled from her wide mismatched eyes and slid down her cheeks in silvery streams.

Artemis saw the tears and strode to her quickly, kneeling to her height. “Holly! What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?” he asked, still quiet.

She rolled her misty eyes and threw her arms around his pale neck, surprising him quite a bit. “No, Mud Boy. You said everything exactly right.” she whispered, tears dripping onto his perfect Armani suit.

She pulled back, looking at his shocked features and scrubbing the heels of her palms over her eyes.

 “Oh, how sweet.” a cold voice crooned from the doorway.




Obsidia closed her eyes and concentrated. There were legends of spirit animals that helped you in your times of need and guided you through difficult times. It was thought, that through intense meditation and focus, one could contact and summon their spirit animal.

She focused all her energy on the pulsating orb at the center of her being. After what seemed like an eternity, something stirred within her and the orb seemed to expand.

She opened her eyes and a silvery gray wolf with stark white wings shimmered into view. It shook its voluminous coat and looked at her with gentle, but piercing, sapphire blue eyes. An unknown, but comforting, presence filled her mind and a musical voice echoed across her thoughts.

Hello, child. I am Ismyra, your spiritual guide.”

Obsidia started at her name.

“I-Ismyra? Just like…” her eyes slipped downward as tears gathered in their corners.

Like your best friend, who was killed in the rebellion against the humans four years ago.” her voice echoed softly in her mind.

Obsidias’ head turned back to the magnificent creature. “You know about that?” she asked softly, her voice barely above a whisper.

Not only do I know it, I lived it.” she replied. Ismyras’ memories flashed in her mind, revealing her words to be the truth.

Tears began to slide down Obsidias’ porcelain face. “Why did you leave me?” her piercing silver eyes twin doorways to her heartbroken soul. Black eyeliner began to streak down her face, only highlighting her sorrow with smeared trails leading to those Godforsaken eyes that brimmed with hurt. She swiped the runny makeup away, magically fixing what remained around her eyes.

I’m so sorry, I had to stay away! It would have aroused too much suspicion had I returned. I still watched over you, but no longer in a physical body. It was the was to keep you safe, my dear.” she said pleadingly.

“Can you help me now?” she whispered. She tugged vaguely at her bonds.

“Of course, child.” she strode gracefully to where Obsidia was bound. Ismyra touched each cuff with the tip of her muzzle, the chains dissolving on contact.

“What about the cameras?” she asked, sitting up and rubbing her wrists. She pulled the needle carefully from her arm, healing the fast-bleeding prick with a spark of opaque white magic.

I will appear to no one but you unless you wish otherwise. It will appear as though you freed yourself.”

Which also means I have a secret weapon. she thought.

Indeed.” said Ismyra.

Obsidia gave the celestial wolf a sideways glance, “Can you hear my thoughts, too?”

Even as you hear mine” she replied.

Obsidia grinned, Something tells me that will come in extremely useful. Will you stay with me? she asked.

Of course.”


She walked to the door and was easily able to snap the titanium reinforced lock. She pushed the door open and crept down the hall, listening for voices. Not five yards away, there was an open door with voices floating out. Walking up to it, she saw the elf and human locked in a tight embrace.

“Oh, how sweet.” she crooned coldly from the doorway.

The pair started, looking at her with nervous shock. The human glanced at the monitors, revealing that she was, in fact, free.

“I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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  1. you maybe new,but you’re sort of good. i liked it,and i’ll be grateful if you keep it going. i just turned 11 last month and usually haaate too much romance but this was really good

  2. @shaadia- thanks. This is only the second fanfic I have written and the first AF. I’m glad you liked it

    When I updated it randomly added a third chapter, but its blank. I don’t know how that happened but I will try to fix it.

  3. Your new? Welcome to the sight! I myself just joined a little while back. I haven’t written any fan fics though.
    Nice story! I really liked it! Where did Holly go? Why was she so mad? I thought what Artemis said was kind of sweet.
    So far so good. :)Please update! I’m curious to see what happens next. ???

  4. hi silvergoddess i saw chapter two only now. Great job! And don’t worry about the third chapter being blank,that happens in a lot of stories,i guess. So far,i love this fic. i’m adding it to my favourites when you write more!

  5. Alright, I managed to get the chapters under control and I updated. Chapter 3 officially contains WORDS. I also have a new songfiction up called I Can’t Fix You.

  6. Glad u updated chappie 3 and its great. i read your songfic left a review now 2 be honest i am trying to come up with a theory why everyone’s better than me now IT IS BECAUSE YOURE OLDER AND THERE CANT BE ANY OTHER REASON COS IM BETTER THAN EVERYONE IN CLASS ahem,sorry. good story,keep writing,i will add 2 my favs *smilie face*

  7. Actually I’m not sure it has anything to do with me being older, but I do read a lot. I go through seven or eight 2 inch library books in a week NOT KIDDING. Its really helped with my spelling and vocabulary. I’m glad you like them! I like sad stories so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of them.

  8. Yeah maybe. but it has to be natural talent,because even i read books that are taller than me in diameter. well whatever. i’ll admit i actually am better than everyone in class and am trying ,not too hard,but trying,to maintain the status. silver,can i ask you a favour? PLEASE GIVE ME A BETTER TITLE FOR TIME PARADOX PART TWO, I’M FACING OCD AND GOING PARANOID PLUS MY ALTER EGO IS WORSE THAN ARTY’S!!!! pleasee continue your totally awesome story,honestly i log in daily to see what else you’ve added.

  9. I’m glad you like my stories. I’m going to update at lunch today and I’m also adding a new songfic and poem. I have no real life and i was up until midnight-ish typing it all.

    As for the time paradox thing…hmmm…not sure. Maybe something like Right Place Wrong Time or The Time Travaler’s Genius.

    I updated chapter four. I tried to make it longer too. Review!

  10. wow yeah,love 4th chappie. this is REAL intresting. write more silver,pls read my stories too,specially cos no one likes them:( i give u 5 stars though yours was awesome.

  11. Erm… chapter 5 is updated, but something weird happened and all of my paragraph spacing and indentations got screwed up. I’m going to leave it up for now, but I will fix it.

  12. chapter 5 is really good. also no spelling errors and stuff-spacing doesn’t actually matter to me if the story is good,which it is. keep it up!

  13. sexxicosmologist February 7th, 2013 at 2:55 am 13

    Hi I’m commenting!! 😀 I really do like your fic! I should have commented on it when I added it to my favorites but I was being lazy… so Sorry!



    No offence anybody else. I ADDED THIS 2 MY FAVS COS YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

    *invades comment* Ah actually, I didn’t mean to update! This was my work in progress and I must have updated by accident! FIXING NOW!!!

  15. yay update u have no idea how long i was waiting!

  16. was soo friggin awesome! so glad u updated! excuse me now,i have WWYD to look at!

  17. i am not ignoring that chapter. i still like the story and im totally pissed off that nobody else is commenting, silver deserves more. her writing is totally awesome and i start jumping about in excitement whenever shes posted something!

  18. YES!! update! *lollipop dance*
    I love those! Just so long as you update quickly…
    Thank you! You updated this awesome story just for me? Aww! That’s so nice of you!

  19. Woo-ooh, it’s been a while! Thank you so much for updating! Me love it all! (hey, the cliffhanger doesn’t count 😉 ) Keep it up, Sil!

  20. Yeah, really good work! And I’m glad to see somebody posting, and to see you back on, if only briefly. 🙂 I did see a few small mistakes, but I won’t bothe pointing them out cause of how small they are, they don’t make much difference. Still, really great work! I’ll watch for the updates! 😀

  21. wow. i always love your updates. they’re amazing.

  22. ThunderSpirit October 4th, 2013 at 9:59 pm 22

    Hello. This fix is amazing and your updates are great!????

  23. Oops. I tried placing a happy face. Anyway you are really good.

  24. Nah, it’s not as good as the Rise of the Guardians I have on It’s called Cold Insanity and has hit over 120 reviews last I checked. That’s my best story, and my favorite that I’ve written so far.

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