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Deadly Melody

Summary: Warning! SPOILERS FOR TLG!!!!! (post TLG)

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Obsidia vaulted through the open window, shrouded in the magical mist. Beforehand, she had been wary of revealing another one of her powers to them, but eventually realized she had to. They had already had evidence of her existence, which left her two options; flee now and leave behind proof, of reveal both herself and her power, but erase the physical evidence. She chose the latter, hoping that the pair would be written off as insane. What she didn’t know, was that they had before, and it had a slim chance of working again.

The mist automatically shifted to allow her to see. Unfortunately, she spotted the box containing the damning evidence in the pale Mud Boy’s hand.

He took a half step back, eyeing her warily. He took a breath, about to call out to someone, but no sound was heard. He coughed and staggered as the mists’ anesthesia quickly pulled him to unconsciousness. He would be out for a few hours, and then wake up with a headache like murder.

He fell to the floor and Obsidia darted foreword, making a desperate grab for the box. Before she reached it, however, a sharp pain stabbed her shoulder from behind. The elf! She was probably trying to sedate her, but tranquilizers didn’t work on her. The only thing that worked was…

All of a sudden, she felt very woozy, her head clouding. Oh no. She reached behind her and ripped the dart out of her shoulder and read its label. Impossible.

“Holy water.” Said the elf in a low ominous tone, then shimmered into existence in front of her. Her helmet was on, preventing the magic from knocking her out. She was about to say something else, but then her visor buzzed up, revealing an oxygen mask and wide mismatched eyes. She looked over her, filing away her appearance.

She looked about fifteen or sixteen with hair like rich dark chocolate. She was dressed in all black, but not in a goth way, but more like someone who was trying to blend into the shadows. Her black combat boots had become worn and they had a thin layer of fresh mud on them. Her ruler-strait chocolate hair covered one eye, but the other was downcast.

The elf’s hand darted foreword, pulling her chin to see her eyes. She jerked away, but too late. The elf had seen them.

She gasped. “Y-Your eyes. They’re silver.”

The realization on her face could be read like a book.

“You’re a siren.”

“Damn strait.” hissed Obsidia before the darkness as the edges of her vision enveloped her completely.


Holly stared down in utter shock at the unconscious siren, the thick fog quickly dissipating as its masters’ control faded. Holly dropped to the ground next to the unconscious Artemis, slapping an adrenaline patch to his neck. After a few seconds he stirred, sitting up and rubbing his temples.

He glanced at the unconscious girl and picked up the dart she had dropped when she fell. He read its label and gave Holly a quizzical look.

“Holy water? I thought it was poison to fairies.” He said, handing the dart to her and walking, unsteadily, to his desk. He opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle of extra-strength aspirin.

“To most it is, because their magic isn’t strong enough to counteract it. Sirens, however, it will sedate for a few hours because their magic can overcome it.” answered Holly.

Artemis’ eyes cut to her sharply.”If holy water could even kill No1, exactly how powerful are sirens exactly?”

“They have more powers than any other race, we’re not even sure that what we are aware of is the full extent. The ones we do know about are hypnosis, through song, incredible strength and agility and an odd silver dust that comes out of their palms. That dust does a wide range of things. That’s where we don’t know everything it does. That’s what the little creature is, I’m sure. That fog was actually a mist that, if closely examined, is particles of raw magic. A good distraction and only the siren can control it to see through it. They can create almost anything with it and highly skilled sirens can control the objects with their mind, like telekinesis, except it only works on the object of their creation. They’re very dangerous. Their song holds more power than mesmer ever could, but it still requires eye contact.” Holly finished, still eyeing the slender girl that could kill them all.

Artemis looked at the girl again, finding it difficult to believe that such an innocent looking creature could bring about such destruction. “Is it possible to restrain her?” he asked softly, a silly precaution not to wake her up.

“I’m not sure. The records never said anything about how well restraining them worked. Supposedly, they all died off two and a half millennia ago. Not exactly top-notch records. They also disappeared before The Book was written, so they were never mentioned in it.” replied Holly.

“I assumed as much, because I hadn’t heard about them until now. Were you at war with them when they disappeared?” asked Artemis.

“Oh gods, no. With the power they hold? It would be suicide for any army that tried. They could wipe out the Earth if they wanted to. No, they were dying out because a different strain of Spelltropy had broken out. The test subjects died before a cure was found. We assumed they were all dead. Once again, writing people off as dead has come back to bite us.” answered Holly wryly.

“Hmmm… so it has.” Artemis rubbed his temples again. ”I suppose the mist has side effects. At least one, at any rate.”

“Headache.” said Holly.

“You don’t say.” droned Artemis, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Holly finally bent foreword and slung the unconscious siren over her shoulder. The limp girls’ hair, which came to her waist, dragged the ground as Holly made her way to the study doors.

“I suppose we’re about to find out how well restraining them works.” she said, pushing the door open with her foot.

“I suppose so.” murmured Artemis and he followed her out.


Obsidia blinked as the hazy lights slowly sharpened and she tried to sit up, but Plasticuffs kept her from raising more than a few inches. She cursed and settled back down onto the too-firm cot, preparing to break them with her considerable strength. She was about to yank free when a voice sounded from hidden speakers.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. The needle in your left arm will administer another, heavier, dose of holy water and you will wake up restrained again. It’s best not to struggle from the start.” said a cold, calculating voice, no doubt belonging to the pale youth.

She glanced at her left arm and saw that there was, in fact, a hypodermic needle in her forearm, nearly to the crease of her elbow.

She glanced at the camera the arrogant Mud Boy made no effort to hide and began to shout. ”Threatening now, are we? Threats are empty when they are hidden behind those speakers Mud Whelp! You cower behind them, knowing I could break you like a twig you arrogant son-of- a…”

She continued yelling obscenities at the camera until someone she hadn’t noticed before spoke from the corner. The elf, Holly.

“In the name of Frond, shut up! Yelling at a camera is clearly getting you nowhere and you’re not exactly in the best place to be making threats yourself.” said Holly. She leaned casually against the corner, her handgun twirling a complex dance around her fingers.

“Do you really think I can’t just break the handcuffs and pull out the needle? The people sure have lost their common sense over the millennia.” Obsidia sneered.

“Actually, if there weren’t tension sensors in the cuffs, that would immediately administer the holy water when snapped, you probably could. Not quite prepared for that, eh?” smirked Holly, flipping the Neutrino, as labeled on its side, into its holster, cowboy-style.

Obsidia mentally groaned and looked at the links on the cuffs. Sure enough, thin, delicate wires were threaded between them on both cuffs. “So what are you going to do? Keep me here and torture me? Hold me for ransom?” The elf smiled wryly at that one.

“Ransom has already been checked off on the blacklist. No, we have other things planned. You’ll find out soon enough.” and with that, the elf strode out o the chamber.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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  1. you maybe new,but you’re sort of good. i liked it,and i’ll be grateful if you keep it going. i just turned 11 last month and usually haaate too much romance but this was really good

  2. @shaadia- thanks. This is only the second fanfic I have written and the first AF. I’m glad you liked it

    When I updated it randomly added a third chapter, but its blank. I don’t know how that happened but I will try to fix it.

  3. Your new? Welcome to the sight! I myself just joined a little while back. I haven’t written any fan fics though.
    Nice story! I really liked it! Where did Holly go? Why was she so mad? I thought what Artemis said was kind of sweet.
    So far so good. :)Please update! I’m curious to see what happens next. ???

  4. hi silvergoddess i saw chapter two only now. Great job! And don’t worry about the third chapter being blank,that happens in a lot of stories,i guess. So far,i love this fic. i’m adding it to my favourites when you write more!

  5. Alright, I managed to get the chapters under control and I updated. Chapter 3 officially contains WORDS. I also have a new songfiction up called I Can’t Fix You.

  6. Glad u updated chappie 3 and its great. i read your songfic left a review now 2 be honest i am trying to come up with a theory why everyone’s better than me now IT IS BECAUSE YOURE OLDER AND THERE CANT BE ANY OTHER REASON COS IM BETTER THAN EVERYONE IN CLASS ahem,sorry. good story,keep writing,i will add 2 my favs *smilie face*

  7. Actually I’m not sure it has anything to do with me being older, but I do read a lot. I go through seven or eight 2 inch library books in a week NOT KIDDING. Its really helped with my spelling and vocabulary. I’m glad you like them! I like sad stories so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of them.

  8. Yeah maybe. but it has to be natural talent,because even i read books that are taller than me in diameter. well whatever. i’ll admit i actually am better than everyone in class and am trying ,not too hard,but trying,to maintain the status. silver,can i ask you a favour? PLEASE GIVE ME A BETTER TITLE FOR TIME PARADOX PART TWO, I’M FACING OCD AND GOING PARANOID PLUS MY ALTER EGO IS WORSE THAN ARTY’S!!!! pleasee continue your totally awesome story,honestly i log in daily to see what else you’ve added.

  9. I’m glad you like my stories. I’m going to update at lunch today and I’m also adding a new songfic and poem. I have no real life and i was up until midnight-ish typing it all.

    As for the time paradox thing…hmmm…not sure. Maybe something like Right Place Wrong Time or The Time Travaler’s Genius.

    I updated chapter four. I tried to make it longer too. Review!

  10. wow yeah,love 4th chappie. this is REAL intresting. write more silver,pls read my stories too,specially cos no one likes them:( i give u 5 stars though yours was awesome.

  11. Erm… chapter 5 is updated, but something weird happened and all of my paragraph spacing and indentations got screwed up. I’m going to leave it up for now, but I will fix it.

  12. chapter 5 is really good. also no spelling errors and stuff-spacing doesn’t actually matter to me if the story is good,which it is. keep it up!

  13. sexxicosmologist February 7th, 2013 at 2:55 am 13

    Hi I’m commenting!! 😀 I really do like your fic! I should have commented on it when I added it to my favorites but I was being lazy… so Sorry!



    No offence anybody else. I ADDED THIS 2 MY FAVS COS YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

    *invades comment* Ah actually, I didn’t mean to update! This was my work in progress and I must have updated by accident! FIXING NOW!!!

  15. yay update u have no idea how long i was waiting!

  16. was soo friggin awesome! so glad u updated! excuse me now,i have WWYD to look at!

  17. i am not ignoring that chapter. i still like the story and im totally pissed off that nobody else is commenting, silver deserves more. her writing is totally awesome and i start jumping about in excitement whenever shes posted something!

  18. YES!! update! *lollipop dance*
    I love those! Just so long as you update quickly…
    Thank you! You updated this awesome story just for me? Aww! That’s so nice of you!

  19. Woo-ooh, it’s been a while! Thank you so much for updating! Me love it all! (hey, the cliffhanger doesn’t count 😉 ) Keep it up, Sil!

  20. Yeah, really good work! And I’m glad to see somebody posting, and to see you back on, if only briefly. 🙂 I did see a few small mistakes, but I won’t bothe pointing them out cause of how small they are, they don’t make much difference. Still, really great work! I’ll watch for the updates! 😀

  21. wow. i always love your updates. they’re amazing.

  22. ThunderSpirit October 4th, 2013 at 9:59 pm 22

    Hello. This fix is amazing and your updates are great!????

  23. Oops. I tried placing a happy face. Anyway you are really good.

  24. Nah, it’s not as good as the Rise of the Guardians I have on It’s called Cold Insanity and has hit over 120 reviews last I checked. That’s my best story, and my favorite that I’ve written so far.

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