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Deadly Melody

Summary: Warning! SPOILERS FOR TLG!!!!! (post TLG)

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Nearing the huge stone structure that had loomed in the distance, Obsidia paused and blew a handful of the silver dust towards it. That should erase her from ant surveillance technology. She could enter unnoticed.

She came up to the massive gate and stood directly in the path of the first camera she saw, waving pointedly at it. Lesson one; always check to see if your spell took effect.

When nothing happened for several minutes, she began walking around the ten-foot cement wall, looking for a way to get over it, but found nothing.

“Alright, Plan B.” she murmured, picking up a rock slightly larger than her fist. She slammed it into the wall exactly three times before she dropped it. Gripping the edge of the new grove in it, she hoisted herself over the wall.

She dropped to the ground without a sound and began looking for an entrance. Eventually, she found a window that was cracked open about an inch. She peered through the small opening, seeing a little boy’s room. Curled up on the bed was the boy Obsidia assumed the room belonged to, who didn’t look much older than four or five.

She quietly pushed the window higher on the frame and slid into the room. After putting the window back in its original position, she scanned the room for anything that would make noise if stepped on, but only saw dirty clothes strewn around on the floor and a wooden sword leaning up in the corner.

She made her way towards the door slowly, just in case.

Once the door clicked shut, she stopped and concentrated, magically reaching out, trying to sense if her sentry was here. She felt it nearby, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly where. She sighed. It was beyond her power.

She moved quietly down the corridors, peeking doors she passed in search of the sentry. She saw several rooms, including the bedroom of another little boy, though this one spotless, but didn’t find the sentry.      Rounding the corner, she heard voices floating down the hall. She moved towards the sound until she was met with a huge set of oaken double doors. She paused outside them and listened to the voices.      “…not register it as any known metal. Human or fairy.”

Obsidia’s blood ran cold. A Mud Man found my sentry and knows of the People. This is a problem.     

Another voice spoke up.

“Can I see the specimen?”

Her sentry was in that room, under examination. She needed that sentry back now.

She slipped back out of the house and made her way to the study’s window.


“No! No way, not a chance in hell.” hissed Holly. Foaly had called her down to the Ops Booth, saying that it was extremely important.

Of course, Foaly also thought having someone check his tail for gray hairs was extremely important.

What Holly didn’t expect was for him to ask her to go to Fowl Manor after what had happened earlier that afternoon.

Foaly’s hands shot up to cover his face, expecting to be hit. “Whoa! Let me finish! It’s not what you think, just let me-“

“I don’t care! I don’t want to go see the Mud Whelp, just to have him spout that romantic nonsense again!” she interrupted.

“Holly! Just hear me out! I can’t force you to go, so it won’t kill you to look.” He brought up the video conversation between him and Artemis. She scowled, but watched their exchange. When the box containing the “specimen” appeared on the screen and Foaly hit the pause button, freezing the odd little creature onscreen.

“You know what this could mean, right?” asked Foaly, worry coloring his tone.

Holly nodded and walked toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Foaly called behind her.

“To clear a shuttle. I need to get to Fowl Manor.”


Obsidia peered carefully through the window of the study. She was relying on the darkness for cover as she spied on the Mud Man with her sentry.

The raven-haired human was studying the sentry trapped in the clear cube. He tapped gently on the top of the box, causing it to stir. Then, he stopped and began to fiddle with a rather ostentatious ring on his middle finger. He tapped the keyboard and the image of an auburn- haired elf with mismatched eyes appeared on the monitor. She didn’t look very happy.

Obsidia tilted her head to the side so she could hear what was being said.

The elf spoke first, “Foaly filled me in on the critter. I’m on my way up there to check it out.”

“Thank you. And about earlier, Holly, I’m sorry. That was out of line.” said the boy so softly she almost couldn’t hear.

“Yeah, Mud Boy, it was.” snapped the elf, Holly.

“I didn’t know what else to say. The polygraph-“

“Save it, Artemis.” interjected Holly, and then the feed cut off.

The boy, Artemis, sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

Obsidia slid away from the window, panic beginning to set in. if the elf recognized the sentry and her magic, she would know what she was. She also ran the risk of being caught by the elf while she was on the Manor’s grounds. She had to act and get that sentry back.

If she didn’t, her life was about to get a whole lot more complicated.


Holly set the shuttle down gently, just inside the front wall, and jumped out of the cockpit. She opened her wings and flew around to the window of Artemis’ study. It was on the first floor. But its ledge was barely short enough she could tap on it, much less climb through.

Floating at what would be a couple of inches taller than Artemis, Holly rapped sharply on the window. Behind her, she heard a twig snap and turned, while shielding, simultaneously. She scanned the area but saw nothing.

It was probably just a rabbit, thought Holly that is, assuming Mulch left any.     

The latch on the window quietly clicked open and Holly turned to it, switching off her shield.

Artemis held the window open and Holly flew inside, not looking at him.

“So where is this mysterious little creature?” she asked, still not looking at him.

“Right here.” said Artemis crossing to the mahogany desk. He picked up the Plexiglas cube and, hesitantly, held it out to her.

She eyed the box for a moment, and then glanced up to his face. She looked into his eyes, both now a vibrant blue, and saw a boy who was desperately trying to say he was sorry. She sighed at took the box.

Relief flashed in his eyes.

She studied the box a moment, her face becoming a shade paler.

“Artemis, this looks like a-“

Something made a sharp click against the window, like a small stone was thrown against it.

Holly whipped around, still holding the creature, and scanned the area outside the window. All she saw was the inky night.

Not speaking, Holly handed Artemis back the box and drew her Neutrino 1000. The 1000 was the only operational model, but Foaly was working on a brand new Neutrino 4000.

She opened her wings and shielded, the slight shimmer floating about seven feet off the ground. She moved toward the window as fast as she dared, not wanting the engine on her wings to get too loud.  Once she was in place, Artemis crossed to the window and opened it. He leaned out a bit before jerking back inside, realizing what a vulnerable target he made himself.  Then a silvery fog began to stream through the wide-open window and fill the room.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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  1. you maybe new,but you’re sort of good. i liked it,and i’ll be grateful if you keep it going. i just turned 11 last month and usually haaate too much romance but this was really good

  2. @shaadia- thanks. This is only the second fanfic I have written and the first AF. I’m glad you liked it

    When I updated it randomly added a third chapter, but its blank. I don’t know how that happened but I will try to fix it.

  3. Your new? Welcome to the sight! I myself just joined a little while back. I haven’t written any fan fics though.
    Nice story! I really liked it! Where did Holly go? Why was she so mad? I thought what Artemis said was kind of sweet.
    So far so good. :)Please update! I’m curious to see what happens next. ???

  4. hi silvergoddess i saw chapter two only now. Great job! And don’t worry about the third chapter being blank,that happens in a lot of stories,i guess. So far,i love this fic. i’m adding it to my favourites when you write more!

  5. Alright, I managed to get the chapters under control and I updated. Chapter 3 officially contains WORDS. I also have a new songfiction up called I Can’t Fix You.

  6. Glad u updated chappie 3 and its great. i read your songfic left a review now 2 be honest i am trying to come up with a theory why everyone’s better than me now IT IS BECAUSE YOURE OLDER AND THERE CANT BE ANY OTHER REASON COS IM BETTER THAN EVERYONE IN CLASS ahem,sorry. good story,keep writing,i will add 2 my favs *smilie face*

  7. Actually I’m not sure it has anything to do with me being older, but I do read a lot. I go through seven or eight 2 inch library books in a week NOT KIDDING. Its really helped with my spelling and vocabulary. I’m glad you like them! I like sad stories so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of them.

  8. Yeah maybe. but it has to be natural talent,because even i read books that are taller than me in diameter. well whatever. i’ll admit i actually am better than everyone in class and am trying ,not too hard,but trying,to maintain the status. silver,can i ask you a favour? PLEASE GIVE ME A BETTER TITLE FOR TIME PARADOX PART TWO, I’M FACING OCD AND GOING PARANOID PLUS MY ALTER EGO IS WORSE THAN ARTY’S!!!! pleasee continue your totally awesome story,honestly i log in daily to see what else you’ve added.

  9. I’m glad you like my stories. I’m going to update at lunch today and I’m also adding a new songfic and poem. I have no real life and i was up until midnight-ish typing it all.

    As for the time paradox thing…hmmm…not sure. Maybe something like Right Place Wrong Time or The Time Travaler’s Genius.

    I updated chapter four. I tried to make it longer too. Review!

  10. wow yeah,love 4th chappie. this is REAL intresting. write more silver,pls read my stories too,specially cos no one likes them:( i give u 5 stars though yours was awesome.

  11. Erm… chapter 5 is updated, but something weird happened and all of my paragraph spacing and indentations got screwed up. I’m going to leave it up for now, but I will fix it.

  12. chapter 5 is really good. also no spelling errors and stuff-spacing doesn’t actually matter to me if the story is good,which it is. keep it up!

  13. sexxicosmologist February 7th, 2013 at 2:55 am 13

    Hi I’m commenting!! 😀 I really do like your fic! I should have commented on it when I added it to my favorites but I was being lazy… so Sorry!



    No offence anybody else. I ADDED THIS 2 MY FAVS COS YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

    *invades comment* Ah actually, I didn’t mean to update! This was my work in progress and I must have updated by accident! FIXING NOW!!!

  15. yay update u have no idea how long i was waiting!

  16. was soo friggin awesome! so glad u updated! excuse me now,i have WWYD to look at!

  17. i am not ignoring that chapter. i still like the story and im totally pissed off that nobody else is commenting, silver deserves more. her writing is totally awesome and i start jumping about in excitement whenever shes posted something!

  18. YES!! update! *lollipop dance*
    I love those! Just so long as you update quickly…
    Thank you! You updated this awesome story just for me? Aww! That’s so nice of you!

  19. Woo-ooh, it’s been a while! Thank you so much for updating! Me love it all! (hey, the cliffhanger doesn’t count 😉 ) Keep it up, Sil!

  20. Yeah, really good work! And I’m glad to see somebody posting, and to see you back on, if only briefly. 🙂 I did see a few small mistakes, but I won’t bothe pointing them out cause of how small they are, they don’t make much difference. Still, really great work! I’ll watch for the updates! 😀

  21. wow. i always love your updates. they’re amazing.

  22. ThunderSpirit October 4th, 2013 at 9:59 pm 22

    Hello. This fix is amazing and your updates are great!????

  23. Oops. I tried placing a happy face. Anyway you are really good.

  24. Nah, it’s not as good as the Rise of the Guardians I have on It’s called Cold Insanity and has hit over 120 reviews last I checked. That’s my best story, and my favorite that I’ve written so far.

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