Dead to Me, revised.

Summary:  First: Dead to Me, unrevised. And enjoy. Artemis stared at the door knob for a long time. The thoughts of […]

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 First: Dead to Me, unrevised.

And enjoy.
Artemis stared at the door knob for a long time. The thoughts of her crashed into his mind like rogue waves. He winced in imaginary pain. He took a deep breath. It was now or never.

He turned the door knob and pushed the door open silently.

There she stood, looking out the open window, bathing in the pale moonlight, beautiful as ever. A white dress that held her petite body in a cold embrace, the skirt fluttering at the mercy of the cold night wind. Her porcelain skin as delicate as her person. She turned to Artemis, her yellow curls framing her thin face perfectly. Artemis avoided her stare, her once piercing electric blue eyes now a weak pale Alice blue… They seemed so hollow… So lifeless. It sent a chill down Artemis’ spine. Was it his fault?

“Hello Artemis. ” her voice was monotonous and emotionless.

“Skip the formalities, Minerva. ” Artemis closed the door behind him and took a step towards her. “What do you want?”

“You know what I want, Artemis. ” She turned around and slammed her hand on the large office desk. “You and I, we think alike, and not many people do. I know how you function, Artemis. I know what music you listen to when you’re working, when your stressed, I know everything about you, Artemis, I do. ”

Artemis raised an eyebrow.”Everything? That’s a bit disturbing, don’t you think?”

Minerva didn’t answer. She looked down at her feet. It was true. She knew everything there was to know about Artemis Fowl, she had worked out the math, when he ate, what time he woke up, everything. And it was pathetic how she didn’t know the first thing about herself.

“I’m tired of me, Minerva. ” Artemis continued. “People don’t even like being around me, so I doubt I’d like another me around to deal with, you know?

“I think this conversation ends here. It was a waste of my time. Goodbye, Minerva.” He turned on his heel and headed towards the door.

“Well, Artemis, I can only hope you’ll miss me when I’m gone, can’t I?” Minerva said in between uncontrollable sobs, tears staining her pretty face.

Artemis turned around, yet again, when he heard a soft ‘click’. Minerva held a gun to her head. The ghost of a smile playing on her lips. “I can only hope that no one will ever understand you the way I do, so you’ll know what it’s like.”

His lips curled into a small smile, a slight grin, as he walked closer to Minerva. He grabbed her wrist, she shuddered at his touch.

“Pull it.” He dared her to. Her eyes widened. He hated her. This was only further proof that God was nonexistent. Or sadistic, at the very least.

“You heard me, Minerva. Pull. The. Trigger.” He said it slowly and sternly, his face only inches away from hers. Her heart raced so fast. He hated her. He hated her.

“I-I…” She staggered, her legs wanted to give way. Only his tight grip on her wrist kept her standing, kept her from falling apart.

He smirked. “As expected from you. ” He let go of her, flinging her easily into the desk.
She fell, as did her heart, as she hung on to the desk for dear life. She looked at her hand, a red band around her wrist. Marks, he leaves so many. She slid down the table and to the floor, staring at nothing.

“Minerva,” He knelt down and held up her chin with his two fingers, forcing her to look at him. “Look, you don’t need to kill yourself. Especially not to prove such an absurd point. ” He said in a gentle voice. A suspiciously gentle voice.

She watched him as he stood up and walked away. “Because no matter what, Minerva, you’re already dead to me.”

She rests her tired head against the foot of the desk, staring at him with her soulless eyes. Walking away. Walking away. Walking away…

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  1. *First Comment Pinapple*

    I read the first one and when I saw that it was revised, I had to read it in all of it’s rewritten glory. I think it’s just as good as the first one, although it feels to me that the specifying made it have less of a quick paced, dramatic feeling.
    I personally like Minerva but I like the idea and the concept non the less.
    Keep it up!
    Go! (song by BIGBANG)

  2. That was sooo good!! Artemis was really IC. I loved the line:”Everything? That’s a bit disturbing, don’t you think?”
    But the line that ended with ‘you know?’ was OOC. I can’t imagine Artemis saying that.
    Are you going to delete the original, now that you have this one?? Or keep both??

  3. I liked the first one better, no offence. It was more dramatic and all that jazz. Nonetheless, it is still amazing, and I expect nothing less from Sea.(pressure XD)

  4. I like the last line of the first one. I like them equally, and they are bolth very, very good.

  5. Great job, Sea. 🙂 I love the re-written version, as I loved the original. Very IC. 😀 Your brilliance still holds strong, mah friend. 😉 Keep writing!


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