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Waltz of Shadows

Summary: WARNING SPOILERS dont read if you haven't read TLG.

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Hay guys long time no see. I suggest listening to this while reading makes it more dramatic. “”


As my eyes close

As my heart stops beating

As my life ends

All cares dissolve to nothing

All memories lost in 


My soul waltzes with





I become invisible 


So long I waited

For things I don’t recall

But my waltz 

Goes on  


I find the light that burns  

And I know my 

Loves await me

And so will I waltz with


Once more





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  1. Absent_Minded_Professor November 16th, 2012 at 12:41 am 1

    Love the word choice and theme. ‘Tis onimous, and wistful, and slightly morbid. Just a little. 😉

    However, I think the rhymn is disjointed in some places. Lines are too short in some places, in my opinion. In other places, that is good – for example, the “step” lines. It all flowed together well in all though. [KEEP IN MIND: only my opinion. Don’t go all beserk on me now. X) ]

    I believe I shall favorite this. Nice to see more poets around here, ‘ay? 😀

  2. Nice poetry…nothing to critic

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