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All You Ever Wanted

Summary: Companion piece to "Shadows" in which Myles drifts of into his own little Crazyland... Songfic to Beecake's "All You Ever Wanted".

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A companion piece to my Mynerva fic, Shadows. You probably won’t get this if you haven’t read it. Anyway, it’s a songfic. Alcohol references. Characters belong to Eoin Colfer, song belongs to Beecake.

She sits on the rooftop, he opens her wine
She’s drinking alone and it’s not the first time
He stares at her back and his eyes trace that sweet line

He sighs as she takes a quarter of the bottle at one time, letting the liquor feed the sickness. The treatment hasn’t worked. He curses himself, wishing for all he’s worth that he could ever be as competant as his brother. Artemis would be able to fix her. He knows it’s the best thing for her to ask Artemis. A shadow passes over his eyes, not from darkness of the world, but of the soul.

He feels the chill as it touches his heart
Is it the guilt, too much time apart
He calls her name but stops so it’s lost in the dark

If he asks Artemis, he knows, then Artemis will cure her. She will become sane again, and he will be able to look upon her face without guilt again. But if she is cured, then she will realize that this love, this marriage, everything he holds so dearly is a lie.

He sits and dwells on their time apart
Building an empire, breaking a heart
Searching for words and starting anew
If she’d just listen then she’d hear the truth

He knows she loves him. Some part of her knows the truth, and that part knows also that he is a better match for her than his brother. But with every whispered correction, every gentle reminder, she remains underwater, drowning in her alternate and ideal reality. He has tried to tell her, and in turn, she has tried not to listen.

She climbs the staircase where nothing is new
The darkness consumes her, the dreams that came true
He got it all but it came with a price
Who in here wouldn’t live their life twice

He comes behind her and winds his arms around her, burying his face in her beautiful, golden hair. He loves her more than he could ever hope to tell her, and he has the girl of his dreams in his grasp. Or rather, he holds her as another, keeping her in the darkness, feeding the fire that clouds her mind with smoke. But would he do anything differently? He has her, after all, whether she knows him or not… perhaps the blind eye to her madness is his cure even as it is her poison.

He sits and dwells on their time apart
Building an empire, breaking a heart
Searching for words and starting anew
If she’d just listen then she’d hear the truth

Her painted lips turn up in a seductive grin, and she kisses the back of his hand. His heart races. This is wrong. He is misleading her, tricking her into loving him all the while. A small voice inside him protests, urging him that he has done all he can. He has told her, or tried to tell her. She knows somehow.

He convinces himself to caress her cheek, overlooking the masks they both wear. He is the one for her anyway, not Artemis. He is her perfect match, not Artemis. Him. He is the one who cares for her more deeply than anything or anyone in the world.

All you ever wanted
All you ever needed
Was here in my arms

The guilt is pushed aside as their lips meet, him giving her everything, her giving his brother everything. For a moment, he forgets. This is his perfect world, in which she loves as well as he. His eyelids drift shut as their kiss grows stronger, running his hands through her soft hair. This is everything he ever could have wanted…

He closes his eyes and the song ends
But who shares the laughs when the replay begins?

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  1. Beautiful. Pure beauty, AA. A few punctuation issues, unless those were supposed to be there. 😀

  2. Why thank you 🙂
    Mind telling me where I screwed up the punctuation?

  3. Oh, never mind. It was part of the poem, so it was supposed to be like that. 😆 Sorry. 😀

  4. Ahaha 😛 Okay then. Thanks. 🙂

    On a completely unrelated note, I do believe I may have coined the ship. ^_^ I google searched it, and this and Shadows were all that came up. Sweet. Only my twisted imagination could come up with a thing like Mynerva…

  5. 😮 Whoa. That was… that was breathtaking. And that song just fit that perfectly! Oh my gosh. You… you’re amazing. You spin the beautiful webs of a story expertly, and it surprises me that you aren’t famous yet. But if you do, you must somehow let us know its you! 😀


  6. Kill the minerva!!! murder the girl.
    I agree with CC, why are you not famous yet? *pouts* that was great AA. Loved it

  7. Exactly how many times have we murdered Minnie? And WHY does she keep coming back to life?

    *pulls out knife and storms off* I think I’ll just take care of this once and for all. 😈

  8. Beautiful, but… the song sounds terrible in real life, just FYI.

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