Curiosity Killed the Cat

Summary: Describe Grub Kelp. Now, what if I told you you were completly and utterly wrong? Maaaaaaay (will) be OOC.

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PG-13 to T. People under 12 do not read. Even if your Artemis Fowl. And yes, I mean you. Staring at the screen there. Get your under-13 arse away from this story! *watches you still staring* I SAID NOW! (And I may be 12, but I can ignore this rule because I’m the author. Got it?)
Disclaimer: Roses are red and violets are blue, I don’t own AF and neither do you.

Grub slowly walked through the streets of Haven, completely wiped out. His mud brown eyes still shone with determination though. Tomorrow. He would prove he wasn’t completely useless tomorrow. At least that’s what he told himself.

He dug his hands deeper into his pockets as a shiver wracked his rather thin frame. Underground Haven may have been, but that didn’t mean the place didn’t get cold at night.

The elf checked his watch, vaguely surprised to find it was almost past midnight. Then again, it was just another double shift. What was loosing a few more hours of sleep? Not that he’d be able to sleep in thoes few hours had he had them.

His eyes twitched. “Damn insomnia to the fires of hell.” He muttered quietly. He picked up the pace a little bit, desperately wanting to reach his apartment as soon as physically possible. There were light footsteps behind him which he promptly ignored. Probably just some night owl taking a midnight stroll. It’s not like half the Haven citizens didn’t do it!

A near silent scoff escaped the elves lips. It was the dark alleyways that people always seemed to take their strolls in that showed up in the news as some murder or another. Dark alleyways and stupid people just didn’t mix. The sooner people acknowledged that, the better.

The footsteps were nearly right by him now and he quickened his pace again, now near jogging speed. The footsteps quickened as well. His eyes widened. I’m being followed. The horrible thought was enough to get him running as fast as he could. It was just a few more blocks(give or take)to his apartment now. He could surely make it that far without incident, right?

Apparently fate loved to prove him wrong.

The footsteps became faster once again. At this rate they were likely to get to him in a matter of seconds, which obviously wasn’t nearly long enough to get back to the apartment that was still a good two and a half block away.

He turned sharply into a dark alley, hoping to loose his pursuers. No such luck.

A burly dwarf suddenly appeared in front of him, stopping him dead in his tracks. He turned around, hoping for some other means of escape. Instead two more dwarves blocked the other side off as well. Grub was in a hole and he knew it.

“Now gentleman,” He began, his voice much more confident then he actually felt. “I’m sure we can work something out here…” He trailed off as one of the dwarves, the leader it seemed, cracked his knuckles menacingly, a wicked grin showing his tombstone teeth.

The dwarf came a step closer, the others following. “We don’ wanna ‘work somethin’ out’, pretty boy.” He drew his fist back, ready to punch. “We wanna enjoy ‘dis.” The first blow struck Grub right in the gut, making him double over in pain. The two lackeys laughed and one stepped forward, making a surprisingly well aimed leg sweep at the elves leg. It was a direct hit, causing him to crash into the hard pavement. He let out a quick, loud scream and the other lackey kicked him in the ribs.

One of them punched him in the face, causing the back of his head to crash into the cement. Normally magic would have healed what he now realised as a somewhat serious (though not bleeding, oddly enouggh) head wound, but it wasn’t as if he’d actually completed the ritual in over six months. If he had been able to register the thought through pain he probably would have slapped himself. Not that he did register the thought.

He cried out as one of them stepped on his wrist, most likely shattering the fragile bone. A few pain induced tears streaked down his pale cheeks. More came to his eyes but he quickly blinked them back. I’m fine. He told himself. Nothing Trouble couldn’t deal with, right? But it was a lie. Anyone could have been able to tell, but that didn’t stop him from telling himself that, his confidence going down another notch.

The leader of the group gave him a kick to the chest and he sure he heard something crack. He inhaled deeply after a second, trying to get air into his lungs. Before he could get the chance though someone kicked him in the back, winding him for the second time in so many seconds. He coughed, a little blood mixed in with the saliva.

And suddenly, they ran. Grub curled himself into the smallest form possible without causing pain in his ribs. Footsteps ran up to greet his pathetic form. Whoever it was touched his shoulder, causing him to flinch. “My God Kelp, is that you?” A concerned voice asked, her breath warm on his face.

He opened his eyes see an unexpected face. “Holly?” He asked blearily, though he didn’t know why. There was no other fairy on the planet with one hazel eyes and one blue. Not that he knew of anyway.

She nodded, reaching out for his hand to help him up. “You okay?” She asked, like a classmate who was helping one of their friends up after falling off the swing. He nodded climbing to his knees.

“I’m fine. No need to worry!” He smiled, almost convincing enough for someone to think he really was fine. Holly shook her head, turning around and crouching down. A puzzled expression came to rest on Grub’s face as he tilted his head to one side.

Holly rolled her eyes. “Get on my back.”

“Pardon?” He asked, not even attempting to keep the confusion out of his voice.

“Get on my back. There’s no way I’m letting you walk down to your apartment. You’re staying with me for the night.” Grub opened his mouth in protest, but something told him by her tone not to even bother. He got up onto her back and was slightly shocked to find she could lift him with ease. Then again it’s not like he was exactly normal weight…

Grub tried to mutter a protest, saying that he was actually just fine, but Holly read between the lines. The young Kelp was shivering and she doubted it was from cold there were fresh tear streaks on his cheeks. She was no doctor but she was also pretty sure that how limp his wrist was and that he was clutching it as his arms were around her neck that it was probably broken too. And who knows what other injuries he has! She thought angrily, promising herself that she’d inflict as much pain as physically possible on who did this.

As they neared the apartment Grub realised that it was actually the same building he was in. What an odd coincidence.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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  1. Ok, well the plot is good, and the writing itself is good, but there are definitely a fair amount of spelling/grammar issues. Overlooking those, it’s great, though. Nicely done. 🙂

  2. Mmmmmm…
    I smell nutmeg, the scent of something good about to happen. Yah like AA said a couple sentences were a little choppy but I still can’t wait for an update.

  3. partyonsoccerfan December 7th, 2009 at 12:40 am 3

    I like it…but you know, nobody listens to the PG-13 things… (remeber, I’m 11 😀 )

  4. I know, but I still have to put them up.

  5. Oh my god I love u so much you are the best!
    I didn’t really notice the typos. Too involved. A

  6. Oh my god I love u so much you are the best!
    I didn’t really notice the typos. Too involved. A

  7. jasmine….jasmine tea me likey… well, it’s pretty awesome. ^^

    () ()
    (0.0) pretty awesome indeed….

  8. @SeaBlue: Thank you! I don’t know why but I always thought Holly needed some sort of (non-violent) stress reliever. I picked candles! It’s my personal favorite and Holly always seemed like a candle person to me.
    @ss451: I have dark brown hair that comes to my shoulders(incredible curly), chocolate brown eyes or ‘doe-brown’, I have dark-ish skin from my dad being Native American, and I have a birthmark just below my right eye. This description enough?

  9. Me likes! I’m rather confused, however; do I see an update on the horizon? *squints at horizon*

    P.S. Heh, I had a dream where I somehow ended up in your closet. You had a cat named Moonstone (too much Pokemon for me). And you looked totally different than your description. O_

  10. shadowsnake451 December 9th, 2009 at 2:20 pm 10

    great. thanks. the fanfic won’t be written for a while though.

  11. Chapter three everyone! Mesa hopey you likey! (Jar-Jar!(if you know who that is you win a cookie!))

  12. JarJar is from Star Wars, I know it. From the new three.
    Anyways great update and I am like, dying for another one. I just used the word like?! Anyways great story.

  13. heh heh, Jar Jar Binks. 😀 well, other than that, I just wanted to say this (I don’t know why….) : Curiosity killed the cat, but the answer brought it back. 😀 random.

    () ()
    (0.0) but the answer brought it back.

    Hiya! AK here! I kinda edited your comment. -_-‘ Sorry. You said Banks, not Binks and it was nagging at me like it probably would have nagged at AF when he saw that on the first letter in ‘Fowl’ wasn’t capitalised for years. -_-‘ Sorry!

  14. *is very curious about why GRUB KELP is suddenly all stoic* D’ARVIT!!! *dies, even though I’m not a cat*

    I’m glad you updated!!! But you still left it with soooo many questions unanswered!!! TT.TT


  15. Tsk tsk. I like to give mysteries, not answers. *smiles all cat-like showing fangs* Mysteries are more fun, don’t you agree?

  16. Beckett Simple-toon December 17th, 2009 at 6:24 pm 16

    that’s not classed as a proper comment myles. i like the title alot by the way but i got bored. but dont take that personally because it was late yesterday night.

  17. I haven’t rated this yet but I have certainly been reading. This is a VERY VERY great story AK and I think you should finish it AS soon as possible. Your stories just want to keep me reading *sigh*

  18. PG-13 AK? Now, don’t do that. Not like you’re thirteen… or that anyone’s gonna listen.

    I want to kidnap you. If I kidnapped you we’d all be happier for the updates.

    Grammar mistakes, typos, and using some phrases too much. Like the ‘speaking of which’…

    I think I know the plot now. (How ironic, that a person who has never finished a plot in her life should be so quick at figuring out plots)

  19. Thanks for the crit. I knew i was using a lot of phrases too much, and kick myself for it metally every time I see anothe rphrase used over three times, aka, a lot.

    And yes, PG-13 for violence and ppossible mentions of… stuff that I’m not quite sure will be there. And I’m 12! I can see a PG-13 movie now! Talk to TWS why doncha? On she has an M rated fic! She’s fourteen! I think I’m excused for making a PG-13 fic at 12.

    And I’m sorry about the lack of updates. Writes block is a witch-with-a-b.

  20. lol, bad example TWS baaaaaaaadd… Ah well, never mind, if you write it well, it doesn’t matter.

    if TWS is 14 and can write ‘M’s then, what an I qualified for? o.O

    () ()
    (0.0) teehee!

  21. shadowsnake451 December 31st, 2009 at 3:46 pm 21

    I’m crying. I get emotional when elves look after each other.
    *slaps self* shut up, D’arvit you! sorry, that was just my fluffy gooey side breaking through. Anyway. Those dream sequences (especially the first one) are brilliant.
    And with Holly and Grub-will this go anywhere? As in-go anywhere,go anywhere? *waggles eyebrows*

  22. Nope. No G/H. Friendship, yes. Romance, sorry, check a different story. 😉

  23. i only read chapters 1 2 3 & 7 But i wanted G/H!!!
    luv abra

  24. shadowsnake451 January 12th, 2010 at 12:10 pm 24

    update this already

  25. Give me some time. The site’s being weird to where I can’t update here at my grandma’s so just wait a day or two.

  26. AK, the site’s being weird for me and Shadow-chan too. I get a blank page whenever I try to update or write a new story. And have you noticed how there are not any brand-new stories up? I was away for four days and there wasn’t a single story up that I hadn’t read.

    I think we’ve either angered the god of Fanfiction, or some glitch hates us. 😉


  27. Probably some glich. Do you think we should email the mods about it?

  28. There’s definitely some spelling/grammar issues, but overall, it’s good. Nice so far.
    And MichaelM knows about the glitch. He’s just really busy.

  29. Partyonsoccerfan, musical extrordanaire! January 13th, 2010 at 1:01 am 29

    Sweet job AK! Love the story. Some typos, but great job!

  30. shadowsnake451 January 13th, 2010 at 9:59 am 30

    The site is okay now. You have no excuse not to update.

  31. Doing it now! In the middle writing chapter eight! *gets devious look in eye* Unless… You don’t want the update? Damn shame. It was gonna be my best one yet. *sighs* Aw well.

  32. AK you should learn to write your updates in the middle of the night and then type them later. Trust me it works.
    Anyways, this is one of your best stories besides the short chapters. All an all, I can’t wait for the update.

  33. I need an update or I might die(Or you might. . .)

  34. Partyonsoccerfan, musical extrordanaire! January 13th, 2010 at 10:54 pm 34

    Sweet, an update, a small one, but an update. 😀

  35. shadowsnake451 January 29th, 2010 at 12:04 pm 35

    now? Now? Now? NOW?????!!


    Shadowsnake! If this isn’t spam, nothing is! and its nagging and not funny. Do not let me catch you doing this again!

    -K12, the slightly MIM mod

  36. Thank you, K12. I was just about to delete all of thoes actually… *goes off to do that*

  37. shadowsnake451 January 30th, 2010 at 3:22 pm 37

    *looks guilty* sorry, but this is the MOST AMAZING STORY EVER! AND I MEAN EVER! I have to know how it ends. I’m sorry I nagged you so much, Ally, but I really ADORE your stories. But, honestly, I didn’t mean to get on your nerves.

  38. shadowsnake451 February 1st, 2010 at 12:11 pm 38

    YAY!!! thank you, Ally!

  39. It’s still not complete though…

  40. shadowsnake451 February 2nd, 2010 at 10:11 am 40

    yeah but still, the update rocks

  41. Now, lets get this straight. I am not trying to spam you. Honestly, I don’t mean to be irritating, but I LOVE this story, so please, perhaps, would you consider updating?

  42. shadowsnake451 February 25th, 2010 at 2:23 pm 42

    sorry, I’m being annoying again aren’t I?

    :¬) ..
    * *

  43. First off, sorry I can’t rate. My d’arviting computer Logs me out when I try to return to the archive. Five stars, though! Please update! I love how Grub is so different than how he’s made out! Please continue, if you don’t, bad things will happen… *pulls out ninja star threateningly* thank you, now UPDATE!!!!

    🙂 good job. Have a lollipop. Or a cupcake. Or both. Your choice. 😉

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