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Hello my friends

Summary: Possible one-shot Anybody, you know you miss me

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Yo, how you doin?
Hahaha, I crack myself up! Which isn’t always good… But hey, I missed my old Friends, but who wants to be introduced to some new ones that you’re insanity drove me to eventually meet–yes, someone drove me insane, but not naming any names; Torry–

Luis, best friend in dah world! Awesome dude

Anna; FF friend, but still da best too
Belle, Annabelle; Anna’s inner demons reincarnated into a person
And last and best, Kaitlen… My girlfriend!

But anyway I have an idea for a one-shot if any one cares. here’s an excerpt:

“ARTEMIS!” I screamed, not even hearing myself, sobbing, great heaves, hurting my chest, I felt them pulling at me, trying to get me away from him; but I didn’t hear them. All I heard was the flatlining heart monitor, the cruel constant beep.
I was finally pulled away from him as Butler grabbed my shoulders and pulled me from his cold, paler than normal body.
I tried to break free, but he was to strong, “ARTEMIS!NO! PLEASE!” but no matter how much I screamed the insistent beeping remained. I felt a pinch on my arm and looked down to see a small syringe in the crook of my elbow, the clear liquid draining and the I saw Argon looking apologetic.
“I’m sorry, he’s gone; I had to sedate you,” I growled and with my last bit of strength I kicked out and broke the heart minutes, passing out with a smile to not have that denier of denials, reminding me no matter how much I thought otherwise he was gone.

And it hit me… He was really gone…

Forever. I let out a wail of despair, cut short by my body finally slowing down in response to the drug.

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  1. I care, and I like it, it’s a good start, please update if possible.

  2. Why thank you, Kristin, it’s nice to know that people care that I’m back*glares at people he was formerly sad about leaving*

  3. That sounds like it could be a great fic!
    Hey FM! good to see you, and I hope that you mean that someone else named Torry drove you to Insanity, and not moi. and I do NOT like being glared at,I was really sad when you left! now if only I could get AFcrazy15 back…

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