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Heart and Tears

Summary: I wrote this as a story for HEARTLESS BOY. Injoy!  Anyone, even the stupidest being in the world, knows that the […]

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I wrote this as a story for HEARTLESS BOY. Injoy!
 Anyone, even the stupidest being in the world, knows that the Fowls have enemies. But do they know that even we have a heart? Do they know that we have feelings, too?No, they do not. Perhaps that is for the best… not to show your tears and fears to anyone. For if you do, it doesn’t end well.

Long ago, I would have thought I had no heart. I thought I was invincible. I thought having a heart was foolish… that thought was foolish.

Now, I know love and compassion for the ones I love. But, I wish sometimes, I could go back to the life where tears were not in my dictionary. I wish to go back into time so I would not feel the pain of love.

I blame myself for loving my family because if I had not… they would not have died.

I wish… I wish…. I was the one who died…

The pounding of the door continued. I raised my head up from my book. What waited behind the door was a mystery.

Butler stood up to answer it but blocked from the whines of my brothers.

Mother laughed happily, “I’ll get it.”

Father shook his head and kissed my mother on the cheeks. The twins groaned in disgust. I almost smiled. “Don’t bother, I’ll get it.” Mother looked up at him with happiness.

I watched him walk toward the door wondering who it was in this hour of night.

Before he took another step, the door was swung open. Men swarmed inside like ants… like spiders…

I quickly stood up. A second passed by as men fell down hit by Butler’s bullets… it was not enough. They surrounded us.

How many? My heart pounded. The sound of bullets rang in my ears. Everything was a blur.

I watched as the more men fell down. I watched as a man faced me with a gun. I watched… I watched without being able to move.

“Artemis!” I turned my head slowly as Mother ran in front of me being a shield. I caught Mother in my arms. Blood poured out of her mouth but she smiled anyways.

Mother whispered, “Arty…” I watched as her life walked out of her and into another path. A brighter path.

I gasped and a single tear fell from my right eye. “No…” I managed to say. Mother? Mother? Wake up, I thought. Wake up… Don’t play this game. I know you’re pretending. I know this isn’t real.

I almost expected her to open her eyes and laugh out loud. I almost expected to see her saying, “Of course I can’t fool my little genius, Arty.”

But.. that wasn’t real… That was fantasy. That doesn’t exist anymore.

I heard my father shout, “Butler, take the boys away!”

I heard Butler shout back, “What about you, Mr. Fowl!?”

“Take them away!”

I felt Butler taking my arm as I gazed up at Father. He stared back so sadly.

I wasn’t mind reader… but I was a genius. I could hear him so clearly… as if he was speaking right next to me. He apologized, his eyes full of hurt and regret.

I opened my mouth to scream, “NO! Don’t be sorry! Come with us!” But no sound came out.

Hug me, Father. Tell me you know that I love you. Tell me you know how much I love you. Tell me everything is all right. Tell me that gold is power. Anything…

I kept watching… I kept watching Father falling down so softly as if he weighted nothing. I watched as his soul joined my mother in Heaven. I watched my manor burning. I watched the murderers following us. I watched until they were out of sight.

Butler put us down in a small wood shack, “Wait here with the twins.”

Minutes passed by before the twins let out depressed cries. I didn’t watch the tears fall down. I didn’t watch them screaming for Mother and Father. I didn’t watch them hugging each other.

After few hours, they quieted down but still weeping.

“Artemis?” I turned to see Beckett staring up at me with those tear brimmed eyes. “Is mommy and daddy alive?” I didn’t answer

Then Myles frowned at Beckett, “You’re a fool. Didn’t you see them? Stop being so stupid.” He didn’t say it… He didn’t say that they were… dead.

“Myles, don’t say that. Everything’s going to be fine.” I didn’t believe myself thought. How could anything be fine if I were left to take care of my brother alone?

“Artemis?” Myles asked, “Why aren’t you crying?”

“Why aren’t you crying for Mommy?” Beckett added.

I shook my head, “Fowls don’t cry.” But they cried louder screaming that wasn’t true. I stared at them sadly, “I’m sorry.” I embraced them, “I’m sorry…”

They hugged me back while tears rushed out of me like a waterfall. A dark sad waterfall.

We cried all night. When morning came, no tears were left to shed.

The twins awkwardly got outside and I followed. Butler was running towards us all bloody and tired. Thank you, God…

His face was frowning but relieved we were still here, “Artemis…”

Without looking back, I walked away. I already knew what he was going to tell me… but I didn’t want to hear it.

The twins were crying again. Crying for the whole the world to see. There were camera and reporters.

I hate them. Some didn’t even wear black. They didn’t come here to grieve for the loss of a family. They came here for news.

I stood up slowly moving to the coffins that held lifeless bodies of my parents.

I didn’t touch them. They weren’t my parents anymore. They were just shells that held the love of my parents.

I didn’t shed a tear because I had no more to shed.

Mother looked so cold. I whispered, “Who’ll be there to take care of us, now…?”

I closed my eyes and walked towards Father. So pale with his eyes closed. “You look so peaceful, Father. Tell me, would I have peace in my life?” No answer from the lifeless lips.

I hesitated to turn back to my sit. But I lingered in front of the coffins with my uneven breath.

Why did you leave me? Why did you sacrifice yourself… for me? For the criminal? For the son that was never fully a son? Why? Tell me why?!

I returned to my sit. I felt eyes staring deeply into me. Lenses and lights pointed toward me.

I wanted to shout at them to get out. I didn’t even know them? Who did they think they were? My friends?

After the funeral, Minerva hurried toward me and gave me a tight embrace, “I’m sorry, Artemis.”

I gave no answer. My body was limp under her arms like the cold bodies entering the soil.

Minerva left and I was alone once more.

Someone whispered, “He’s heartless. He didn’t cry.”

“He’s tearless.”

“He’s heartless.”

“He is Artemis Fowl. The genius boy.”

More whispers… More whispers about me. Shut up… Shut up! SHUT UP!

The twins, Butler, and I went to a small house that we are staying until the Fowl Manor was built again.

How can I survive without you?



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  1. Well that was sad. But it was still amazing! It explained a bit about Heartless Boy and it was very, very good! It was all so sad, though…. 🙁

    (First reply dance!)

  2. Sadness!!! 🙁 But really good. You had some grammar errors though.

  3. *sobs* Wonderfull. It really fits with ‘Heartless Boy’. Brilliant!
    *3d comment dance*

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