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The Party

Summary: A few of my friends and myself get together the day before Artemis's birthday and plan a huge surprise party for him!

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Hello! This is my attempt at a chatroom fic. Let’s see how it turns out!
All usernames are exactly how you would find them on the forum, but these are my nicknames:
And Deamonlover (or Dea) is me.

Deamonlover logs in
Minerva logs in
Julyangel16 logs in
Domovoia logs in
Mira logs in

Deamonlover: Hello everyone!

Mira: Dea! Did you hear?

Deamonlover: No, what?

Mira: It’s Arty’s birthday tomorrow!

Minerva: Yay!

Domovoia: This is the biggest event of the season!

Julyangel16: This is the biggest event of the whole year!

Deamonlover: Yay! Everyone’s here! What’ll we do for the big day?

Minerva: I know! Let’s plan a huge surprise party for him!

Julyangel16: Definitely!

Mira: Yeah!

Domovoia: This is gonna be awesome!

Deamonlover: Okee, I’ll get the cake!

Kitty logs in

Kitty: What’s this I hear about a surprise party?

Deamonlover: Yay! Sparkle’s here!

Julyangel26: …Sparkle?

Domovoia: She has nicknames for all of us. XD

Mira: Anyway, Kitty, we were planning on a surprise party for Arty.

Kitty: Sounds fun! 😀

Minerva: So, Dea has cake…

Kitty: I’ve got balloons!

Minerva: Okay! Then we each bring a present.

Julyangel16: I made a guest list:

Domovoia: I can bring party favors!

Mira: I can bring a pinata shaped like a fairy!

Julyangel16: I can bring ice-cream, and utensils.

Minerva: I can get some fairy decorations, like streamers and a tablecloth.

Deamonlover: I made a list too! 😀
Rosie-party favors
Juju-ice-cream and utensils
Am I missing anyone?

WE logs in

WE: You’re missing me! Is this a party? I want in!

Deamonlover: Okay, but you have to bring something other then a present.

WE: Uh…I’ll do gift bags!

Mira: Okay, we’re all set!

Domovoia: Remember everyone! Be on tomorrow in the morning to make preparations!

Mira logs out
Domovoia logs out
logs out
Minerva logs out
Kitty logs out
WE logs out
Deamonlover logs out

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6 responses to “The Party.” Join in!

  1. Nice. There’s a lot of spelling problems, but i’ll let someone else do that. Other than that, love it! Its funny. Continue please!!! <3

  2. Hahah ^^ I feel so special.

    Contrary to Holly’s review, I didn’t find any spelling mistakes. *waves bright orange flag* You’re clear!

    One mistake as far as I’m concerned:

    When someone is speaking/addressing someone else and they say their name to confirm who their message is being delivered to, that person’s name — the receiver’s name – IS SURROUNDED BY COMMAS. It just is. I’m not quite sure why; it probably has to do with some complicated grammar rule or other about indirect or direct subjects or – blah! *throws hands up in air* I don’t know. Just follow it.

    “Hello, Bob!”

    “Say, Bob, do you think you can help me out with something later?”

    “Bob, is that you?”

    So it’d be “Hello, everyone!” at the very beginning ^^ Quite minor.

  3. Nice! I can’t wait to see what ends up happening with the party. XD No real concrit, except I thought it was.. eh, slightly boring. It sounded like standard procedure when setting up a surprise party. XP Other than that, no true mistakes. Update? ^?^


  4. chocolatetruffles1 April 17th, 2012 at 9:52 am 4

    LETS see arty’s face when he sees te party.

  5. Very well done, I approve. *applauds*
    I’d love to see how this turns out, so let’s see an update! Err, please?

  6. uhh… deamonlover? i get the strange feeling you read mysteria… pleeze update this so we can hear artys reaction to the party

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