FG and Minerva Proof Fairy Online Server

Summary:   Note from the author: The Artemis Fowl characters have to meet on a fairy server, not a human server,so […]

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Note from the author:

The Artemis Fowl characters have to meet on a fairy server, not a human server,so to make sure they can chat in peace.You know, without fangirls or Minerva.(I know alot of you like A/H and not A/M, but she’s not that bad, is she?) So Artemis and Foaly created an online server for them to meet up, it’s called” FG and Minerva Proof Fairy Online Server.” Now, presenting you with the list of usernames and their real identities:









Butlerlikeguns has logged on

PonyBoy has logged on

PureGenius has logged on

C.H.S. has logged on

JadePrincess has logged on

Doyouhavesomefood? has logged on

PureGenius: Is everybody here?

Butlerlikeguns: Yes Artemis, everybody is here. Foaly?

PonyBoy: Yes?

Butlerlikeguns: I thought you hated the name PonyBoy, so why is it your server name?

PonyBoy: Artemis hacked into my account and changed my name as a joke.

 JadePrincess: Hey guys I have to leave.


JadePrincess: The Championships for wrestling is on!

JadePrincess has logged off

Butlerlikeguns: Juliet, wait!…….Hmph.

Butlerlikeguns has logged off

PureGenius:Typical Juliet,so PonyBoy, C.H.S., how is the LEP going?

C.H.S.:We’re doing fine, it’s actually a pretty calm year.

PureGenius:Foaly, someone has hacked into our system. Is that even possible?

WreakingHavocNinja has logged on

PonyBoy:  I don’t think so,are you a fangirl?

WreakingHavocNinja: Look at mine name genius! Does it look like I am?! No, I am a genius that wreaks havoc, and I brought a friend. 😈

GirlGenius has logged on

GirlGenius: Arty!

PureGenius: Hellfire! Uhhh, I have to go, business calls.

C.H.S: We’re with you!

PureGenius has logged off

C.H.S. has logged off

PonyBoy has logged off

Doyouhavesomefood? has logged off

WreakingHavocNinja: Ahhhh….Revenge is so sweet.

GirlGenius: You used me for revenge! I’ll get you!

WreakingHavocNinja has logged off

GirlGenius: Evil ninja.

GirlGenius has logged off


PureGenius has logged on

GirlGenius has logged on

PureGenius: Minerva, I need to tell you something.

GirlGenius: Yes, Arty? Oh, please tell me.

PureGenius: Would you stop following us on this server?! I have to speak to the others later and I don’t need you snooping around, you frivolous girl!

GirlGenius: But Arty!…………….You love that elf, don’t you? Don’t you?!

PureGenius has logged off

GirlGenius has logged off

Five minutes later on the fairy server

C.H.S. has logged on

PureGenius has logged on

PonyBoy has logged on

Butlerlikeguns has logged on

JadePrincess has logged on

Doyouhavesomefood? has logged on

PureGenius: Is everyone here?

PonyBoy: Yes, why do keep asking that?

PureGenius: Since: Juliet logged off last time,  Butler went after her, and since we were so RUDELY interrupted by a so called “WreakingHavocNinja” I didn’t get to tell you guys my new plan.

Doyouhavesomefood? : Is it another one of your “Save The Environment” projects? Because your last one didn’t go so well, remember,” I’m the nut! I’m the nut!” That was so hilarious!

PonyBoy: That was, wasn’t it?

C.H.S.: We all know that Artemis wasn’t in his right state of mind, he had the Atlantis Complex then. So, Artemis, what is this plan of your’s?

PureGenius: It’s a plan to keep Opal in your fairy jails, it’s fool proof.

PonyBoy : Well, your going to have to tell it to us later, I just got a notice that says she’s escaped again.

Doyouhavesomefood?: Can we ever have a break form that maniac?!

Butlerlikeguns: No we can’t

JadePrincess: How am I even involve in this?

PureGenius: She tried to kill you last time, that’s why.

JadePrincess: Oh.

C.H.S.: He’s right, we don’t know who she could be after this time. We need to be prepared.

PonyBoy: Did you guys ever wonder who was the “WreakngHavocNinja”?

Butlerlikeguns: Are you saying that he/she could be Opal?

Doyouhavesomefood?: Well, I would have thought that her user name would be “SoonToBeEmpressOfTheWorld”.

PureGenius: She’s not that dumb.

Doyouhavesomefood?: How about we do some research on our own and report back tomorrow?

PonyBoy: We all know that when you say “research,” you mean go somewhere and eat.

C.H.S.: Mulch is right, we should all do some research and see if we find her location.

JadePrincess: Then it’s settled, we all do our own research.

JadePrincess has logged off

Doyouhavesomefood? has logged off

PonyBoy has logged off 

C.H.S. has logged off

Butlerlikeguns has logged off

PureGenius: That didn’t go according to plan.

PureGenius has logged off




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5 responses to “FG and Minerva Proof Fairy Online Server.” Join in!

  1. YAY!good job. i love chatroom fics. It is awesomely and epicallly made. I only gave it 4 stars though because it seemed so..simple. Didnt really have a direction. maybe it just needs to be continued. PLEASE DO!! lol 🙂

  2. Hmmm… I think you need to write some more, for us to see where this would lead to. 3 Tacos.

    For concrit:
    1. Some of the commas are in the wrong spot.
    Ex: PonyBoy: I don’t think so ,are you a fangirl?
    SB: PonyBoy: I don’t think so, are you a fangirl?

    2. I think you should have a thing at the top that tells us who’s nickname is who.
    Ex: WreakingHavocNinja
    SB: WreakingHavocNinja-(Their real name)
    I don’t have any ideas to who WHN is.

    3. Too short. I don’t know why they are there in the first place, even when I read the author’s note.

    4. In the Authors Note, you misspelled something very important.
    Ex: Note from the auther:
    SB: Note from the author:

    Overall, it’s a good Chatroom fic. Just minor mistakes and good job on having them all on character. 🙂

  3. funny…ROFL style!!!AWESOME!!!!

  4. Bookworm1998912 December 14th, 2011 at 4:25 pm 4

    Awesomeness!!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!

    Let me guess:

    WreakingHavokNinja is Opal….I think.

    Am i right?

    But anyway, love your chat room fic!!

  5. Alexandria Fowl February 15th, 2012 at 2:57 am 5

    LOL haha

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