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Newest Stories

  • Site CLOSED, in READ-ONLY Mode Now, Sorry!

    Summary: Closed to new users and registrations, sorry! Check out the forum instead now.

    Written on 20th Nov 2016, by . 7 Reviews.

  • Miles and the People

    Summary: I have no idea what I'm doing but anyways I found this in my drafts. Maybe I'll continue it! (Do you miss me? I miss you.)

    Written on 3rd Nov 2016, by . 2 Reviews.

  • A Last Goodbye

    Summary: An important announcement for those who remember SilverGoddess...

    Written on 29th Oct 2015, by . 5 Reviews.

  • A Beautiful Bittersweet

    Summary: A bittersweet victory, where the tears of war roll down past smiling lips. Drabble collection :3

    Written on 8th Sep 2015, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Deep Down Within (Updated)

    Summary: Think again, traitor. You don't know what you're dealing with. Horror & Supernatural.

    Written on 6th Aug 2015, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Undercover Disaster

    Summary: So I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that no one at all is probably going to […]

    Written on 27th Jul 2015, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Life After You

    Summary: Oookay… Wow, this place is deserted. If anyone is still alive here, you can read this. Since it’s against the […]

    Written on 8th Mar 2015, by . 3 Reviews.

  • Mission Ill

    Summary: A/N: Okay, so, this has been on FF for a while now, but I’m posting it on here too, mostly […]

    Written on 15th Dec 2014, by . 1 Review.

  • A Case of Cigars…

    Summary: A one-shot, literally off the top-of-my-head. No edits, no rough draft, just raw story-telling. Commander Trouble is a beneficiary...

    Written on 18th Nov 2014, by . 3 Reviews.

  • Hello Again Old Chums

    Summary: So I was wondering – who from the old crowd is still here? And who are the new guys? I’ve […]

    Written on 31st Aug 2014, by . 1 Review.