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Writing a Good Review

Now, in fanfiction, there is one aspect that is like food to the writers; the Review. FFers crave it, they long for it, and it is their reward at the end of the day. Well, occasionally they come home to find a short, pointless review telling them to update soon, or a flame review, not telling them what they did wrong. We should remedy this, for the writers who work hard to bring us adventures outside of the canon experience.

Well, let’s first clear one thing up. For our purpose we are going to use the common fanfiction term Flame. A flame is a review that simply tells a person that their story is bad, but gives no real reason, for example:

Ur story sux, i hated it so much! Minerva is dumb and should not be written about ever again, i hate her and she should die hard.

Or, there is also a review, which for simplicity reasons we are going to call a Freeze because it is easier to type out. This tells a person either that their story is good, or telling them to add a new chapter, but giving no real input, such as:

Good story! Update soon!

That kind of review is definitely more acceptable than a flame, and is appreciated by authors, but after getting several people demanding you to hurry up with writing, it is a bit frustrating.

Writing Criticism

Instead of a flame, perhaps try to make a more helpful, and interesting review, such as:

I did not like your story. I feel that Minerva would not act like that. The writing was sloppy and hard to follow. Your grammar and spelling could also use some work.
These reviews may be taken into consideration. You may want to close with a compliment if you want them to take your advice. Proper, or at least decent, spelling and grammar is definitely necessary when criticizing a review. Somebody will not listen to your qualms about their story if you are that much worse at writing then they are. Instead of saying U, say You. You come off better.
Lastly, it is completely inappropriate to tell somebody that their fic is bad because of pairing, characters used, or the ***ual preference of anybody in the story. If you do not like what they are writing about, flaming them about it will not help. Don’t read a story you are so against.

Writing Compliments

While receiving comments that just say “Love it, update fast!” can be nice, a freeze isn’t very helpful. Maybe reword your review to sound a little bit more like this:

I enjoyed your story very much. The writing style was intriguing, and Artemis was very in character, which is rare in a romance fic.

Maybe even adding a few criticisms in there could help. Though this site definitely does not object to freezing, if you want to help an author, which is the way.

So this concludes the article on writing a good review, if you have anything you would like to add, please contact us.

Written by BlackOpal