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Star Jinin

Username: Star Jinin

Email Address:

What genres you’d like to beta (eg. Romance, action): I will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. However, I’m not a big fan of songfics or crossovers. I will do them if you need me to. What ‘ships you’d like to beta: I’m a ninja shipper! No pairing is beneath me! I’m a big fan of Artemis/Holly and –don’t freak out– Artemis/Opal X3 And YoungerArtemis/Minerva is my guilty pleasure. When I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. Boy/boy, girl/girl, incest, clonecest, shota…ANYTHING.

What lengths of stories you’d like to beta (eg. One-shots, drabbles, chaptered): Again, I have no preference on length. However, realize that if I’m beta reading a SUPER EPIC ARTYTACULAR 10,000 word fic, chances are that I’m probably not going to get back to you the very day you send it in. I try though, and I usually get through oneshots and drabbles in about an hour. Just PLEASE don’t send me a draft that’s in text talk. Don’t be lazy typing your fanfic please.

Your strengths as a beta: Characterization is my forte. Seriously. I’ve got like, two or three people coming to me to beta for them despite how lurker-tacular I am. I will be SUPER nit picky on that. I will point out OOCness as I see them, so if you’re easily offended, I’m probably not right for you. Don’t let that scare you off though. All my comments are only SUGGESTIONS and you don’t have to take them. I don’t change ANYTHING in your fic. I just put my notes on grammar/spelling/flow/etc. in bold and parenthesis so you can make the changes youreself. I believe a beta is only there to proofread an author’s story–I’m not going to write your story for you. There’s no point in doing that. Also, I am a grammar/spelling freak. I’m quite adaptable to British spellings so don’t worry about that–I’ve beta-ed that sort of thing before.

Your weaknesses as a beta: I tend to over-analyze things, but I only point out things that I think that it’s important for you to see. I may miss things now and then if I really get into reading a fic, but hey–I’m human. I will make mistakes sometimes, but for the most part I won’t. I have been absent from the Artemis Fowl fandom for a while so I may be a bit rusty, but for the most part I still love this fandom and is very eager to participate in it.

How often do you get online in order to beta?: I get online almost every day, save a few busy days every now and then. I’m usually SUPER BUSY though. If your fanfiction is under 1,000 word though, chances are that I’ll be able to finish it in less than two hours, give or take.

What days of the week do you most often have time to beta?: My weekends are pretty packed–try on weekdays. I always work on my own fanfictions and original fictions on the computer while keeping my email window open though, so I’m pretty flexible. Usually.

Link to a sample of your work (optional): Aw, geeze…well, my Artemis Fowl stuff if bound to be horrible seeing that I wrote them like, two years ago but here’s a sample of my Death Note fanfic Transcending. I’m warning you, it’s boy/boy love so be careful–it’s nothing explicit though.

Active/Inactive: VERY active–receiving stuff that is. If my workload is heavy, you might have to wait a day or two, or a week at most.