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Username: ShortRebel

Email Address: c

What genres you’d like to beta (eg. Romance, action):
Well, in general, I’ll beta almost anything, but I really tend to shy away from the following:  crossovers, poetry, and songfics. The reason why I REALLY don’t like to mess with song fics or poetry is because they are YOUR interpretations, and more of a creative, open genre

What ’ships you’d like to beta:

Oh, well, glad you asked! I would do anything, from an Artemis/Holly to a Mulch/Jayjay
But, I can safely say that I am a BIG A/H ‘er. I also have a soft spot for Holly/Trouble or Butler/Holly. By the way, I can also do gay ships or just what ever odd thing you’d like to throw at me. However, I despise Minerva in every way, so I would prefer to stay away from that girl.

What lengths of stories you’d like to beta (eg. One-shots, drabbles, chaptered):
I would PREFER shorter stories, but I would do chaptered too, but in sections.

Your strengths as a beta: I will be very pressing about:

1. Grammar, grammar, grammar.
2. Speling. (That was a joak.)
3. Making sure everone is in character. If, in the story, Artemis so much as thinks the word “funnest”, my head will explode.
4. Plot Holes. Seriously. (Although, it’s not as if Colfer hasn’t had some slip-ups in his day. I still love him though!)

Your weaknesses as a beta:
No guarantees on my accuracy in the areas of:

1. Human emotions. I try to avoid all of that.
2. Missing words. I often have a problem words. (That another Joke.)
3. I’m busy. ALOT!

How often do you get online in order to beta:
Pffffff….it changes on a weekly basis, depending on my schoolwork and things of that nature.

What days of the week do you most often have time to beta?:
Eh….all I can say for now is that I usually, check my e-mail everyday, or every other. So even if I’m not on Fanfic, I’m gonna get your story. So, for now, anytime is good until I get my track schedual, at which point I will never be on during the days I have meets for the most part.

Link to a sample of your work (optional):
Oh, sure. It’s terrible, but here goes!

“Later”    /fanfiction/general/later
“No Easy Way Out”  /fanfiction/general/artemis-fowl-the-to-be-named-ttp-replacer

Pretty active. I mean, I’m on quite a bit.