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Sea Lee


Email Address:

What genres you’d like to beta (eg. Romance, action): any genres fine, I s’pose.

What ’ships you’d like to beta: anything. :]

What lengths of stories you’d like to beta (eg. One-shots, drabbles, chaptered):One-shots and drabbles, I can do chaptered, but it might take some time to get back at cha.

Your strengths as a beta: my grammar and vocab’s pretty good.

Your weaknesses as a beta: the fact that I don’t really check my email much. xD

How often do you get online in order to beta: as often as I can. :]

What days of the week do you most often have time to beta?: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Link to a sample of your work (optional):
Wider Than The Sea ,the first of Elementally Challenged

If I Lay Here

Active/Inactive:Kinda both, actually. :3 it’s an on/off thing. but you can always find me lurking around the main FG site. :p