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Artificial Asian

Username: Artificial Asian
Email Address:, or I can give you my main email if I’m beta-ing your fic
What genres you’d like to beta (eg. Romance action): Anything but songfics, really
What ’ships you’d like to beta: Er… most ships, but I’d prefer to beta A/H, T/H, or A/M. Really, I’ll beta any ship that’s between two canon characters, though.
What lengths of stories you’d like to beta (eg One-shots, drabbles, chaptered): Anything’s good (big smile and two thumbs up).
Your strengths as a beta: I’m good at spotting rushing, lack of descriptions, OOCness, tense switching, and most spelling and grammar mistakes.

Your weaknesses as a beta:
Sometimes, I don’t notice plot holes… and I do sometimes let minor spelling mistakes slip. Also, I dunno if it’s a weakness, but I *hate* when people use modified quotes from the series.
How often do you get online in order to beta: You don’t have to worry about that one. My phone has the internet, so I carry the internet with me. I go online at least five times a day, so plenty often. Hah.
What days of the week do you most often have time to beta?: Most every day, but I have the most time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have time every day, though.
Link to a sample of your work (optional): The Valley of Fools
Active/Inactive: Active