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How To Categorize Your Story

One of the most important things to consider when posting a new piece of fanfiction is which category to put it in. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the best possible decision.

First, make sure you know what the categories actually are. Here’s a guide to the categories and what should be put into them:

Action – For stories that are full of adventure and action scenes. Stories that move quickly from place to place and have lots of fights would go here.

Angst – For emotional, dramatic stories. Angst stories usually focus on how a person feels and have little action.

Announcements – No stories go in this category. This is for news relating to fanfiction, such as contests, updates, or archive rule clarifications.

Crossovers – For stories that involve characters from other sources (books, movies, etc.) as well as from the world of Artemis Fowl.

Editor’s Choice – Only editors are allowed to place stories into this category. Stories that an editor finds particularly well done go in here.

Funny – For humorous stories designed to make the reader laugh.

General – For stories that are just basic Artemis Fowl stories. They don’t particularly stand out in any specific category.

Other – If a story is so original and unique that it doesn’t fit into any of the other categories, it goes here.

Romance – For stories that are all about how one or more character falls in love, or what happens once they do.

What if? – Stories involving characters in an alternate universe where something else happens that what is actually in the books. For example, a story about Cudgeon and Opal succeeding in The Arctic Incident would go here. Stories about Artemis meeting the author of the story would also go here.

Uncategorized – Nothing should ever be in here. Hopefully, authors will remember to put their story in a category and uncheck the ‘uncategorized’ button.

Now that you know what goes into each category, look over your story. What does it feature most prominently? What kind of person do you think would enjoy reading it? Consider these questions, choose a category, and you’re done.

Some common author misconceptions, and the correct way to deal with them:


“My story has a funny line, it should go in the funny category.”

“My character feels sad during my story, it should go in angst.”

This is not the proper way to approach categorization. The first story should only go in funny if the whole thing is funny, and the second should only go in angst if the whole thing is focused on the emotional elements of the story.


“My story has some of everything. I’ll put it in every category.”

A story that has some of everything should simply be put in ‘general’.


“More people will read my story if I put it in every category.”

Entering a story into every category is the worst thing you can do. It makes the whole concept of categorization useless. There are few things more frustrating to a reader than to open up an ‘angst’ story and find an action-packed crossover, or worse, a sappy love fic.

And anyway, it’s impossible to have one story fit every category. How can something be both ‘general’ and ‘other’? And an ‘announcement’? And ‘uncategorized’?


“But my story really IS a funny-action-angst-romance-crossover!”

Maybe it is. Most likely it isn’t. Some stories fit in two categories, and occasionally one comes along that fits in three. Never put your story in four or more categories- do your best to post your story under only one category.

If your story really does fit into many categories, just choose the one or two that fit best anyway, and leave the others out.

If an editor thinks that a story is in too many categories or is categorized incorrectly, he or she may change it without warning.


“I don’t know where to put my story…”

If, even after reading all this, you don’t know where to put your story, post it in ‘general’ and ask people to comment with suggestions as to where your story should go.

Categories should make the archive easier to navigate, and make it easy for a reader to find a story they’ll like. Hopefully this has helped you- enjoy the archive!