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How To Write a Story

The Basics

  1. Register your free account, and login. Help is available here.
  2. Click the “Posts” button, from the bar along the left, and then click “Add New.”
  3. Enter the name of your story in the “Enter title here,” section.
  4. Type (Or copy and paste), your story into the large white box in the middle. You may use the formatting options, from the row of icons, to format your story, if you wish (NB – Be careful if copying and pasting from Word, as it puts in a lot of strange formatting. If you click the last icon in the row, a second row will appear, which has a special “Paste from Word” icon in the middle, which helps alleviate these issues).
  5. Click the Publish,” button. The story will be saved, but not shown on the site until an editor has approved it.

NB – If your story is finished, then click the “Complete,” from below the content area. If it is not complete, then leave it as it is. This helps your readers know the status of your story, before reading it.

Also, if you would like to stop people from reviewing your story, uncheck the two tick-boxes in the top right.

Important – Stories with adult content, abusive language or have no relation to Artemis Fowl will not be accepted.

Feel free to post your non-Artemis Fowl stories in our forums however.

Adding Chapters

It is possible to divide your story into chapters. To do so, simply type your story as normal, and when you want to add a chapter, click the The Chapters Icon icon, from the icons above the content area. An dotted line, with the label “Chapter,” will indicate where your new chapters have begun.

Story Summary

Every story is given a short extract in the Categories pages, but you can change this extract to a better, more interesting, summary of your story. To do this, simply write your description in the “Story Summary,” section.

Editing/Adding More to Another Story

Once a story has been posted, you can easily go back to it later, to add more to it. To do this, log into your Story Panel, and click the “Manage,” button, from the top bar.

Type into the searchbox, the name of the story you wish to edit (It must be one of your own. All stories will be listed, but you will be unable to edit anyone else’s stories). From the results of this search, click the “Edit,” button, corresponding to the story you wish to edit. You will be taken to the writing screen for that post, where you may continue as normal. Remember to save it again when you’re done!